Return to Egypt.
Author: Titak


This is a two-part level, although you play the first part two times. The first level reminded me of Nevada (TRIII) and I like it. Lara gets the first HAND OF SIRIUS there. In the second level you have to go to underground to get the second HAND OF SIRIUS. In the first level you will collect the CARTOUCHE PIECE #1 while the CARTOUCHE PIECE #2 awaits Lara in the second part. You have to get two EYE PIECES from underground. The underground was a bit depressing for me 'cause I don't like dark places. The enemies aren't so dangerous: bedouins, crocs, scorpions, ninjas and mummies. During the second play I didn't need any medpacks in spite of I used pistols right through. It's true once I used the gateway between the 2 levels. :-) The textures fit well with the level but unfortunately there are no added sounds. I like the alteration followed by the earthquake. Unfortunately I found only 5 secrets - 3 in the first and 2 in the second level - so these will be in my walkthrough too. I found 2 Crossbows, 2 Shotguns and 1 Uzi. I didn't manage to find the Grenadegun, I suppose it would had been collected from one of the secrets.


1. The Oasis

Go to the right, jump to the opposite side, sidle to the left on the edge and then jump to the opposite side again to the big medipack. Climb on and jump to the left. Go to the left and go into the room after two Tuaregs. Push the opposite column to the left onto the sign and now you can go in for the shotgun. You'll arrive to the other side by hanging on the ceiling to an area. Don't go to the opposite, that'll be the levels' end, but above the entrance is the #1 secret, if you'll hang up. Go to the right and totally back, then enter into the precipice with the wall climbing and climb up on the other side.

Meanwhile, look in everywhere, because there are a lot of pickups. You'll get to an area again, and if your life stripe is small, go to the right and you can go across to the next level in the second small lake, and your energy will be full by turning back to the first level at once. Look in every building. From the left, in the first you値l find the revolver. Go on and you'll find a small corridor between two buildings, to the left from the big gate, which leads to a new small area. Go totally back to the right, and go down the ladder in the building. Pull the lever at the back, then a grid will open opposite to the small area's entrance, pull the lever there, too. Thus The Hand of Sirius will be yours in one of the storehouses. Go back to another area. In a storehouse, behind the boxes you'll find the #2 secret by pushing a box.

Now go towards the pool and on the other side pull the wall lever in the building. Jump into the water, of course after you killed the crocodile. Draw out the others, and kill them, too. Now you can swim peacefully, and go out, climb up the pole, jump from the rope and pull the lever which opens the big door outside. Go in and the first half of the Cartouche Piece will be yours. Now go to the second small lake and swim down, there you'll span to the second level to the right. Of course look for some ammo and Medipack in the water.

2. Orion's Caves

In the water try to find another cave, and there'll be the second Cartouche Piece. Match it and use outdoors. The door opened. Go down and swim to the end of the hall in the water. Get out and you'll arrive into a big hall, but temporarily the upper door is closed, where you need to go. Jump down into the water and climb the ladder in one of the corners on the shore. Above, on the other side of the hall you'll arrive to another hall surrounded by invisible wall. Climb down; find the crawlspace on the other side of the lava lake and you'll find the Grenade Gun in the #3 Secret.

Climb up the other ladder and now you have to hurry. Pull the rope then step onto the bigger platform and run to the second place; do the same until the big door opens. Go in and pull off the wall lever to the right, thus you are able to pick up an Eye Piece. Go back to the big pool, climb up to upstairs and go down the stairs through the opened grid. Downstairs notice where the big medipack is, because that is the #4 Secret. Make a running jump to the slope, jump while you're sliding, and press the right cursor in the air.

If you picked up the item, slide down the slope, jump, grab the opposite cracking, swing to the left and pull the lever in the hall, but jump back at once. Go back and now swing to the right, then bounce over the slopes and you'll arrive to a new door. You can pick up the flares, but jump back there, too, or you'll be flat. Also hurry after that, because another spiky ball will come from the left-side slope. Go up, go to the right and you'll arrive to a new hall. Pull all the four levers, thus a door will open. Inside, jump to the left and pull the opposite lever, then a new door will open in the main hall. There jump to the opposite, too, and climb the ladder, jump across again, and where you jumped, in the wall rift you'll find the Crossbow in the #5 Secret.

Pull the lever there, and then a newer door will open in the main hall. Go in and the second Eye Piece is yours. Go totally back to the crossroads and now go to the other direction. Climb up the pole and waft through the ropes carefully. On the other side there will be an earthquake, and it'll transform the watery room, but get to the other side of it, there climb up and you'll find a crawlspace. On the other side pull the columns onto the signs and go in the opened grid and the Revolver in the #6 Secret will be yours. It is guarded by two mummies. Go back to the lava room, bounce to the other direction, and at last you can use your combinate key.

Go in and pull the two columns onto the signs then behind the opened door the second Hand of Sirius will be yours. Climb up the pole and you'll fall into the level's beginning. Swim back to the first level.

The Oasis (second time)

Go back to the level's beginning, to the area where you didn't go into the other duct. Now go in, and climb down the ladder into the big hall, kill the Bedouins, and place your keys. Climb back the ladder then make a running jump to the right, grab the edge and swing to the right. Keep jumping on, to the opposite rift, there crawl in and pull the lever.

Backwards after the rift jump to the left, slide down back, grab the edge, and sidle to the right until it's possible. Raise yourself, slide, and pull the left cursor while you're in the air and the big medipack will be yours over the gate. Climb up the ladder once more, jump over again, and the fresh Crossbow will be yours in the last (7) Secret. Go in the open gate and finish the level.

Walkthrough by OBig
Translated by Clau