Setback 1 & 2 by Thierry Stoorne
Written by Litepulsar and originally posted at
Lara's Home where you can get the savegame downloads if you require those.

Setback 1 - Encore Un Chateau

Six secrets found in all, since I didn't have the sound on for the second time round, I've mentioned a few of them, maybe have included them but also not mentioned they were a secret!

Go forward and climb up into the crawlspace, follow it round til you can stand up, then jump backwards off the ledge and shimmy left along the crack in the wall, til you drop down into another alcove. You might like to save here because this next bit is a little tricky. Facing the way you came from, take a few sidesteps left, then do a right flip onto the slope below, time your jump so that you land on the ledge directly ahead of you without having to pull up. Then make your way up the ladder til you can backflip onto a ledge behind you. Climb the ledge and crawl til you come into a room with a trapdoor, this will automatically open after you pick up the gem. Drop down through the now-opened trapdoor and you'll be right back where the level started. Instead of going straight ahead again, turn round and jump backwards of the ledge, then release/grab to get to the crawlspace directly below (or you can drop down, turn round then jump up, whichever you prefer). Follow the crawlspace round til you come to a shootable gate.

Once in the new room, don't jump into the water else you'll get spiked. Facing the opposite end, rotate Lara til she's facing the right-hand slope, then do a jump onto the slopes. Do sliding jumps back and forth over the water, turning Lara left in mid-air, til you can land safely in the alcove where you place the gem, then make your way back in the same manner. I found I could land safely once Lara is right up against the wall, then with one more midair left turn she'd make it. Go back through the crawlspace, then drop down through the newly-opened trapdoor into the water. Climb out and head up the stairs.

When you reach the ladder and climb up, don't pull up else you'll be squished by a boulder. Instead, backflip onto the ground, shoot the barriers you see ahead and turn left to find a ledge that you can climb up onto. Follow it a little round to the left til you're facing the door way and boulder again, then do a running jump whilst pressing action in midair, you should get through the doorway safely and the boulder will fall behind you. Don't do what I did and walk immediately into the pit in front of you, it's another boulder trap, there are a couple in this area so be warned LOL. Jump safely over it. Shoot the barriers ahead, but don't go that way just yet. Go to right and climb the ladder, shooting the gates and picking up some shotgun shells on your way. Do a running jump (yes the bit that looks slippery isn't hehe that had me fooled!) to the lowest bit of the ledge without pressing action in midair, then run round the ledge to pick up the shotgun. Drop down near where you found the shotgun, and go pick up the medipak carefully behind the boulder trap.

Now go through where you shot the other gates, go to your right, shoot another gate and you'll be ambushed by two skeletons. Either avoid them, or try using the shotgun to shot them into the pit ahead of you. Climb down the ladder into the pit (where did those pesky skeletons get too?!) and grab the crowbar, climb back out and facing the way you came from, head to the gate in the topleft corner, use the crowbar on it and go pick up the keys. (Climb up onto one of the ramparts along here, you can get some flares on one of the high ledges you may have spotted earlier). Run back to the gate entrance and go straight ahead to the other gate opposite, use your crowbar on this one too, then the keys on the second gate.

As you come into the new area, you'll be ambushed by three little piggies (hehehe), get rid of them and have a pork sandwich, then forge on ahead til you notice a high wall, run up to it and turn left (Lara will now be facing North by her compass), you'll spot a dirt ledge running round the left side of a huge wall, and two more sets of walls/ledges ahead of you, the middle set being the smallest of the walls, head towards it on it's right side and you'll spot a small ledge you can jump up onto. Take a peek direct ahead, you'll see a shootable gate, don't worry about that for now, do a running jump straight ahead onto the sloping ledge, you'll slide down to where the gates are, climb up onto the smaller, darker coloured ledges that surround the spike pit and shoot them out, go to the end and slide down to pick up the revolver, do a standing jump to the ledge at the left side of the slope to get back out. Pull up and run left til you can climb up higher onto a sandstone ledge, turn left and do a running jump/grab to the ledge opposite (Lara's north again, if that helps!).

Follow the pathway round til you come to the entrance to two very dark rooms, with a pool in each. Go in the first pool to pick up the lasersight, climb out then make your way round it and go to the second one, two baskets will come alight (not that they help much LOL), prise the star off the wall and go back to the first room, place the star in it's receptacle, try and shoot some of the skeletons into the pool if you wish, but I preferred to avoid them, since there were four rushing me all at once. The newly-opened grate will reveal a crawlspace, go through this, shoot the gates to get out onto the street. Take the left first, as you follow this round you'll see another shootable gate, shoot this but don't go through, behind you in the narrowest part of the alleway is a climbable ledge (opposite to the gate, if that helps), climb up onto this and face where the gate was, you'll spot a dark coloured ledge high up with a coin on it, and right in front of you, another sloping roof. Do a running jump to the opposite side of the tiled sloping roof ahead of you, as you land on this immediately jump, arc left in mid-air so Lara will land on the ledge where the coin is. Watch out for the skeleton popping up, he's a bugger for pushing you onto the spikes so take care of him with the shotgun, then do a running jump back to safety. Now take the right-fork from where you originally started in this area, use the lasersight and revolver to take out the gate high up, then the coin to activate the climbable rope.

Once you've gone up the rope and backflipped into the room, I recommend you save your game here too, because the next bit is a little tricky. Drop down into the dark corridor and use your binoculars to look down it, the alcoves on either side are spike traps, apart from the last alcove on the right, which is a spike-free zone, you can either head to this and wait til the boulder passes, then make your way safely over the spikes to the gem, or for a little extra spice, run immediately left of the exit of the tunnel, there's a safe spot there. Once you've done a running jump to the gem from one of the higher ledges, immediately get off there, else the little f****** skeletons will push you off onto the spikes. Shoot the gate and head up into a watery corridor, then jump into the pool at the end and follow it all the way round til you come to a gate, this should automatically open. You'll also have a crocodile on your heels, head up quickly for some air (you'll find yourself in the second pool again) then go down through the newly-opened trapdoor. As you swim along, take the first turning on your right and follow it all the way round til you can pull up into a little alcove and get some keys. Jump back in the water and head back up out of the trapdoor, into the first pool room and go through the crawlspace back to the street again, to where you found the coin. (You can also follow the underwater corridor back to the first pool room, via another newly opened trapdoor, but I see no point in this). Jump across the sloping rooftops to the exact same spot where the coin was picked up, then drop down safely behind the spikes to use the keys and go through the newly opened gate.

Go through the now-opened trapdoor and follow the dark corridor til you spot another shootable gate, nab the star, hop back and pull up to the ledge directly above, heading left. Position Lara so she's facing up, and against, the slope in the middle, then turn her left til she's facing outwards, take one step back then two sidesteps left. Do a slide flip right onto the sloping ramp, then immediately jump to grab the ledge opposite. Pull up and you should be facing a large room with spike traps. It's at this point I have to use a cheat to give me more medipaks, because Lara uses a LOT of health, whichever way you cross, and in my opinion, there is not enough medipaks, flares or ammo in this game to my satisfaction, this is one of my biggest gripes about these set of levels.

From the first row in front of you, take the grey square on the left, now from Lara's angle (not the fixed camera's) rotate her to her right (walk diagonally right) to the next square, then the next. To orientate yourself better, press the "look" button each time you're on a new square, and save often once you proceed!

Then diagonally left for one.
Diagonally right one square, then the next.
Then, diagonally left for the next three (on the third, you can place the jewel). Now position Lara so she can do a standing jump into the corridor behind the now-opened gate. Walk up to the waist-high ledge in front of you, then take two steps back (no hop, else the spikes will get you, and bet you've had enough of them for now LOL). Unfortunately, you can't jump to either side of where you are now....yep you guessed it, more spike traps. Instead, do a standing jump onto the sliding slope, then immediately jump to your left (or right) to avoid the boulder crashing down right in front of you. Once that's safely come to a halt, go up to where the boulder came from and face the way you came in, backflip onto the ramp behind you, immediately jumping to grab the higher ledge, pulling up into the crawlspace.

I've added a savegame at this point in the walkthrough, just in case all the above is too much of a pain in the arse You can find it at the end of this walkthrough, as savegame.1, with unlimited medipaks and flares. The saves are pretty high, because I replayed the game and overwrote my original save.

Once in the crawlspace, head left first to pick up some shotgun shells, then the other direction to shoot the gate and place the star. Now head back down to the boulder room and you'll find a newly opened trapdoor. Go through the crawl space, but don't step out into the room. Hop back til you're against the crawlspace exit, then do a standing jump to grab the ramp ahead. Pull up, slide a little, then jump to grab the roof overhead. Monkeyswing til you're a few handgrabs from the end, let Lara drop and she should fall onto a sliding ramp, whereupon you immediately jump to land on the ledge ahead and exit the room. Make your way round to the trapdoor which opens automatically, avoid the skeleton (or shoot him, if you wish ) and drop down into a small set of sandstone corridors. Follow this round, shoot the gate and drop down into the water. Follow the corridor round til you can pull up into a little room with a gemstone receptacle, climb up into the higher room where you can also place a star, and follow the stairs up to another pool room.

From the entrance and looking down, there's three openings, one dead ahead, one of your left and one on your right. Head down into the right one, turning immediately right again to discover a gem. Go back the way you came in to place the gem in its receptacle, now head back upstairs, and take the underwater entrance dead ahead of you. Swim straight ahead through this, and not down in that sneaky little alcove on the left, look to your right once through this entrance and you'll see a gate that the gem opened. Go through this, pick up the star and go place it back down the bottom of the stairs, this opens the final gate which is the last opening on your left.

Go through here, into a long underwater corridor, watch out for the croc! Swim all the way to the end, ignoring the turnings left and right, go for the one at the bottom. You'll come up for air in a narrow watery walkway with a gate at the end, light a flare so you can see the higher ledge that's climbable into the room above (psst it's near the gate end ) Follow the crawlspaces til you can drop down into a room with a few high ledges and a trap door, pick up the gem, avoid the skeletons and drop down into the water, watch out for that annoying croc too. You'll come out of a short corridor, facing the right turning you passed earlier (doesn't take a genius to work out you come from the left turning LOL). Head down this and turn left, there's a small alcove above you can surface for air, then dive down again, ignore the first left-turning and take the second.

Ignore the three left-turnings, and take the first right, then the first right again, picking up some shotgun shells and a small gap to grab some more air. Come back out, take a first right again, then a first left, head down the long corridor then take another first left. Take a right, then a right again and you should swim up into a small room where you can place the gem. Follow the same route to get back (but in reverse order, if you know what I mean) to get back to the VERY first main corridor, and head to the bottom to the gate room (this should be a right turning, by the way), which now should be open.

Climb up to the outside and shoot the two little piggies that charge you, now head to the right of this area where you see some sloping rocks, run round the right of them and step near the medipak to trigger a boulder, this will open a trapdoor very close by. Immediately backflip and go back round the edge of the rocks til you can see a place where you can do a standing jump through a small gap, and down through the newly opened trapdoor to pick up one of the two gems you will need (this one is for the secret) and some shotgun shells. Find the climbable wall and backflip into the main area again, this time heading into the water. Swim underneath the bridge, and upwards to the first gem receptacle on your right. Place this and carry on ahead beneath the underwater columns, taking a right, swimming through the gate for the second gem and another secret. Lure the croc out and kill him first if he's being too much of a nuisance.

Place the other gem, go back through the columns and take the gate on the left. Immediately swim up into the alcove above you, pull up and take care of the skeletons by shooting them with the shotgun into the level below. Save your game if you wish, and follow the ledge round to go into another corridor, but you'll have to shift your butt and immediately do a jump left or right as you're running, either a boulder will squish you as it comes down. A little tricky, but not too difficult Head up and down into the water through a trapdoor to end the first level.

Setback 2 - Dead City Avenue

Please note, some people have mentioned that the crowbar disappears in the inventory during the second level, why this happens I do not know. Also, a few doors don't work properly if you come at them from the wrong angle, you just have to run straight through them. The Savegame.2 is barely into the second level, and definitely has the crowbar, so download that if you're having disappearing inventory items. The lasersight and revolver you should already have, but they ARE available in this level too.

Swim out of the pool and go through the door dead ahead, then an immediate left to take out a gate and pick up some flares. Now go right, past the unopened door and follow the street round til you come to a small, narrow alleway on your left with an ornate wall concealing the entrance. Go down this and through the door on your immediate left, light a flare and climb up to the next level. Move around the ledge you came through, looking up til you spot the ramp, stand Lara so she faces this ledge, then turn her back on it. Backflip onto this, then immediately jump to grab the higher ledge. Pull up, turn around and take care of the bat, then do a running jump across the gap. Follow the corridor round til you come to an acid pool, as with the spike pool in the beginning of the level, do continuous jumps, arcing Lara left (or right, depending on which way she's facing) til it's safe enough for her to land. As you're doing the jumps, a guard will appear to harrass you, when you land safely, do a standing jump into the corridor he's firing from, take care of him and safely drop down into the bike room, making sure you pull the jump switch during that drop, else you'll be well and truly stuck. Now ride the bike out and left, past the ornate fence and little alleway, round the streets for a short journey, when you spot the shootable barriers across the street, immediately stop the bike. Download Savegame.2 if you DID get stuck by that switch it'll be at the end of this part of the walkthrough).

Before the street's first set of barriers and a big hole that spans the street, take stock of the immediate area in front of you. This is what I call the first automatic gun area. To your left is a door, to your right is a dead guy on fire with two guns, to the right of the guns is a jump switch. Our objective is to take out one of the guns so we can get to that switch. Outrun the gunfire to the first door on the left, head up the stairs, kill the guard and pick up the medipak, then carry on downwards til you come out through another door just on the other side of the barriers. From where you're standing, in an alcove on the right, beside the door, is a gun, IF you're very lucky, for some reason when running from the door directly ahead to the opposite side of the street, the gun won't detect you. Make the mad dash, and take the opportunity to blow it up with the revolver and lasersight. If you don't have the revolver and lasersight yet, just outrun it. Now you need to safely make your way down into the pit.

Do a running jump from where you shot up the gun, over the sloping ramp and the pit to the other side. You're now in the second automatic gun area. Important: take note of the three ledges that you see on the other side, remember where they are, so you know where to land when you ride your bike over it later. You'll see directly ahead more ornate walls and a trapdoor, then to the left more barriers, but ignore these for now, take the first door you see on your left prior to this new area, go in and drag the guard to reveal the lasersight on the left, at the back of the room in the middle in the ground is a trapdoor and to your right a pullable trapdoor in the roof, open this and pull up, behind you is a way to another jump switch and another task, but the door is closed. Light a flare and follow the dark corridors round til you spot a jumpswitch high up on the wall, pull this and make your way back down to the other trapdoor. Head on down into the pit, go to the centre of the room and climb the block, facing two sloping blocks with a dead guy in between. Do a running jump to the block on the left, slide and do a back flip to land into another corridor. Climb up and up, taking care of a pesky bat, til you come to a room with a lamp...and the revolver

Head on up the stairs, don't rush out when you open the door, you'll be fried as well as shot Notice the dead guy ahead of you? You're back near where you left the bike, before the pit and that elusive switch You can only take out the gun on your left, so take two steps right and two steps left, using the look button to see when the barrel becomes available to shot. Once you've achieved this, make your way back to the bike again, via the way you came, through the pit, up the stairs, OVER the pit etc etc. Now you've taken that gun out, you can get to that switch without getting fried, just having to dodge the one gun. Now take the bike and go back across the pit, dismount and go into the room where you moved that dead bloke for the lasersight, pull up into the room above and the door behind you should now be open (If you're having trouble getting over the pit, download Savegame.3 below). Go through the crawlspace to the end, pull out your revolver and blow up the helicopter, this takes care of a few more automatic guns. Now turn and drop off out of the crawl space, below you is another jump switch, so make sure you pull that on your way down. Now head back out to the bike, drive it past the ornate walls, through the barriers, and take the right side of the next high jumps, over a small ramp and down to a gate. There's another trapdoor between the two high walls you've just passed, you CAN go over this with the bike, but you'll fall and lose some health, if this happens, just carry on over the small ramp mentioned earlier.

Dismount from the bike and run back down til the end of the street where that trapdoor is, behind those ornate walls. Climb down this, follow the corridor round til you come to an acid pool, and DEFINITELY save your game, the next series of jumps are very difficult, so save often as you progress.

Position Lara so she's standing dead centre of the acid pool, facing outwards, and take two sidesteps right, using the binoculars, you'll see a pillar on her left, you need to jump round this to a platform behind it, nudge Lara left by increments so she's facing it, and do a running jump, if she doesn't quite make it, try arcing her left whilst she's in midair. Once on this platform, face towards the acid pool again, turn left and walk forward, then right, as far as you can. Use the binoculars again to spot the safe platform on the other side. Position Lara so she's once again facing the very edge of this block, do a running jump without pressing the action button to slow her fall, and she should land safely. Take care of the bat, then face the pool again, turn right and walk forward/left til you can go no further. Use the binoculars yet again, position Lara as you did with the previous jump, and don't press action in midair so she lands ok.

Run into the little corridor and throw the switch. Going back is a wee bit more trickier. Head back out towards the acid pool, then turn right. Walk Lara til she can go no further forward, then do a running jump to a ramp, whereupon she should slide down, then do a jump grab to the safe platform opposite (Lara MUST be facing outwards for her to grab, if she isn't do a midair roll). On the next platform, walk Lara to the top/dead centre of the block and use your binoculars to make sure you're lined up for the next block like in the picture shown at the end of this walkthrough. Come out of that, and take a step right, then do a running jump, arcing right in midair so Lara grabs the block and pulls up. This is an EXTREMELY difficult jump, so download Savegame.4 if it's getting on your nerves too much. It did mine, and took several reloads before I made it! Then do another running jump to where you first came in, climb back up and out and run on towards the trapdoor between the two high walls (near where the gate and bike is parked). Go down below, through another watery tunnel, light a flare as you go, taking note of the ceiling trapdoor above you before you leave the water and into another tunnel. Go forward down this tunnel, at the end there's some shotgun shells on your left, then throw the switch on the right. Then head back to that ceiling trapdoor.

As you climb out into this new area, you'll be ambushed by three guards, behind them is a large gate. After taking care of them, head towards the gate, then take a turn into the left corner. Up high on the wall is a jump switch, backflip onto the ramp in front of it then immediately do a jump/grab to activate it. Voila! The gates open up to reveal your parked bike and the two high walls Drive the bike through the gates, over the mound and up the stairs. As soon as you reach the top you'll be ambushed by three wraiths, disembark from the bike and drop into the pool in the centre of the room. After the wraiths are dead, orient yourself in the pool by finding the one wall underwater where there isn't any entrances, then face Lara away from it. From this position, the left entrance and the one ahead is one long tunnel, with only a medipak in a depression, so just take the left entrance for now, swim right down to the end where the depression is, pick it up, do a roll underwater and head back out. Go straight across to the right entrance. Take the right first, and follow the corridor to a room where you can push a switch, a cutscene will show some large gates opening (above the pool room). Swim back down, don't turn left at the junction and carry on uphill, till you find a place to pull up out of the water. Go down the narrow corridor, take care of the three guards and throw the switch to open the gates behind you. You'll end up around the bottom of the pool, take a left from the gates, passing the first buttress of the pool, and climb up on the second, doing a standing jump from its middle to the ledge of the ramp that leads into the pool.

Head back to the bike, and drive it round the ledges, then through the newly opened gates. Stop almost immediately once you're through, at the junction take the left turning, you'll come into a large acid pool room with a safe water area at it's centre. Take care of the three guards before running round the pool's edges to pick up the goodies (could have done with this BEFORE all the damn guards jumped me, methinks!) then dive down into the central pool hole. Follow the corridor round til you can pull up to a new outside area, climb up onto the block, then onto the roof. Use the "look" button to look down and right, if you haven't triggered them, take out the guards using your revolver and lasersight, otherwise jump down and tackle them head on. From where the rooftops are, pick up the medipak and nitrous oxide canister, then go on ahead to activate the jump switch in front of you. Now head back to the roofs, on the left hand side there's a block that let's you access them easily, but go to the door of the building on the right, and head on inside for some shotgun shells and take care of another guard. Then climb back up and make your way back to where you left the bike, the door on the right hand side of the junction should now be open.

Save your game. You'll come into a fairly large acid pool room, drive the bike veeeeery slowly and carefully round the corners til you come up to a very large gap that calls for the nitrous oxide canister and a long jump. Back up the bike to the wall so far that it hits the wall ONCE and nudges left, then drive forward a little so the bike's sidecar hangs off the edge slightly, Lara will do a little shifty dance but it will give Lara enough room to get off. You might want to save again at this point too Attach the canister quickly before Lara slides away, Lara will get back on and hold down whatever button you've assigned the sprint key too for a few seconds, then still holding down the sprint key, drive the bike over the gap. It should have built up enough speed to make it, if not, reload where you last saved and hold down the sprint key awhile longer before driving forward then jumping over the gap. Once over, you have to make a speedy halt else Lara may career off into the acid! Download Savegame.5 if you wish to skip this.

Drive the bike carefully round the other ledges, (you can walk from here if you wish, you don't really need the bike now), then make your way down the corridor, follow it all the way round til you come out above the rooftops and area where you found the nitroux oxide canister, then carry on ahead round the ledges to the door opposite, being careful to mind the gap halfway across. Go down another short dark corridor and you'll come out onto a bit of land with barriers on either side, take care of the soldier on the left after shooting them down. Then jump into the water on the right side and swim up to your top right, past another bit of land with a gun on it, to a place where you can pull up. Immediately take care of the soldier who's firing on you, then take out the automatic machine gun on your right with the revolver. Beneath the gun and underwater is a closed trapdoor, to open it go back to where you pulled up out of the water, go onto the higher block and look on the side of the wall where the newly-revealed stairs are, there's a jumpswitch. This is the last secret, then head on up the stairs to prise open a door with your crowbar and to finish the level.

Here's another walkthrough for these two levels, written by Dutchy...

Setback 1: Another Castle

Level: Thierry Stoorne.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

1st Gem.

Drop into the hole in front and climb up into the CS on the other side, follow to a deep room, drop/grab back from the edge and shimmy all the way L, drop in the alcove and run down L onto the slope below, so you slide forward, jmp/run straight into he passage in the end to avoid the Boulder. Climb up R, backflip from the top of the ladder and follow the passage to a room with a Gem, go around the trapdoor and get the Gem, stand on the trapdoor and fall through, back into the start passage, drop into the pit again, but now climb into the CS opposite the first one, shoot a fence and runjmp to the R hand sloped side in the next room, keep jmping L to the other side of the room and into the opening, place the Gem to open the trapdoor in the pit at the start passage, so head back there and drop into a pool, get out and up the stairs.

The Boulders.

Climb a ladder and backflip from the top to avoid a Boulder landing on your head, go L and around the sloped wall, climb up the wall and go to where you stand over the ladder you came up from, runjmp/grabbing into the exit under the Boulder and stop at once, standjmp over the pit and another Boulder crashes into that pit. Explore the place and jmp over a pit in the SW to get a MP. Go to the E side and climb a ladder, shoot some fences, grab some Ammo and runjmp over the gap to the sloped surface on the W side, go around to the SW to get Secret #1, the Shotgun. Drop down and shoot the fences N, go NE and shoot the fence to go into the corner there, climb down the hole, get the Crowbar and get back up, shoot the Skeletons into the pit and go open the E gate in the S side of this place, go to the end of the roof to find the Gate Keys and return, go to the W side to open the gate there, L is the gate you can open with the Key.


When you go S, 3 Warthogs come out to play, get up the S hill so you stand safe to shoot them with the Pistols. Go E and into the next area, get up onto an L shaped wall in the centre of that area and from the lower part, jmp around the N wall. There’s a pit with the Revolver on a lower ledge, slide down to get it and standjmp/grab back to the edge next to the slope, climb the L ledge on E wall and runjmp/grab to the N passage, follow to a dark blue room.

The Blue Room.

Get into the pool and get the Lasersight from the bottom, climb out, go W and L of the pool is a Golden Star to pry off the wall, head back E, 4 Skeletons make life hard, but if you just jmp over the pools, you have some time to place the Star on E wall. (You can shoot them in the pool, but I soon went out of Ammo, so I just avoided them.) climb up into the CS R of where you placed the Star.

Go up to where you have to shoot more fences and L into town (if you’re out of Shotgun Ammo better get some R first), climb a low roof L and turn around, see the Coin on some dark crates do a runjmp over the roof W from standing on the N side of the low roof. Immediately jmp with a L curve to get onto that stack of crates. Run to the Coin, roll and shoot the Skeleton off the stack, grab the Coin and runjmp back, go to the S side of town and use the coin to get a rope up to a CS, stand back and shoot the fence first before you go up.

Drop down in a dark passage, sloped down. Look up and spot the Boulder, sprint down and run sharp R into the room. Climb the W ledge around the room and runjmp to the centre pillar with the Gem after you shot the fence in front of the exit on opposite side, grab the Gem, stand back on the pillar and wait for the Skeletons to clear the area in front, so you can runjmp to the exit and get out fast.

Swim through the tunnel, meet the Croc and swim back to shoot the Croc in the room you came from, then swim to the end of the tunnel, through a slow opening gate and up into the pool in the Blue room. Get a breath of air and dive down into the open trapdoor, go R and follow the tunnel to a Gate Key, go back, R at the crossing and up in the pool near the CS to town, go L into town, shoot a fence and runjmp over the Spikes to the gate, open it and follow the passage down a trapdoor to a room where you can find a second Golden Star behind the fence in the far wall. Get it and climb the ledge above, there's a hole in the ceiling, stand next to one of the slopes, facing the opposite one, take one step back from the edge and 3 sidesteps away from the slope, sidejmp to it and jmp/grab up to the higher floor.

Spike Room.

What I did was sidejmps over the corners of the Spiketiles, exactly over the corners and you will hardly get harmed, place the Gem to open the gate and sidejmp in, again without any harm. Well that was easier than I expected. Now jmp over the sloped floor in front and immediately run R around a pillar, go backwards up the slope the Boulder came from and backflip onto the sloped part of it, grab the CS and get in, go L for Secret #2, Ammo and R to place the Star after shooting a fence. The trapdoor in the Boulder room opens, go back and down into the CS, follow to a room with a burning floor.

Grab the sloped block and pull up, slide a bit and jmp/grab the ceiling MS, go over the next sloped block, to the part that’s sloped towards the exit, slide to the end of it and jmp into the exit, open the gate and draw the Shotgun, blast the Skeleton onto the trapdoor and walk up to it, he will disappear, go down and follow the alleys to a water hole, swim to a room with a Gem receptacle, climb up and there’s a Star receptacle, go up the stairs as we have neither yet.

The Labyrinth.

Dive in and go into the E tunnel, R inside and pick up the Gem in the pit, go back out and place the Gem to open a gate in the Labyrinth, go back up the stairs and dive into the same tunnel, go L this time and find the open gate in the NE corner, go in and up in the room with the Star. Get that and go place it to open a gate in the SW hole in the Labyrinth. Swim in and into the upper tunnel, R and follow the long sandy tunnel all the way to the end, past a Croc, lure the Croc with you, so you can shoot it in the Sewer room L in the end of the tunnel.

Look for a hole up in the ceiling of this room and jmp/grab up into the CS, follow to a room where you can see 2 Skeletons and a Gem on a ledge, drop hang from the hole and drop in front of the Gem, get up quick and grab it, the trapdoor below will open, swim out to the long sandy tunnel and L/R/2nd L and up in airpocket. Swim on and R at first possibility, to end of tunnel for Secret #3, Ammo, get some air and swim back, R/L at crossings and into long tunnel, L and R, up into a small room to place the Gem. Swim back and L/R/long tunnel/R and straight into the L side for the 1st airpocket, then around the corner, 2nd R and up into the Sewer room again.


Go for the open gate and climb up into a desert area with a ruins in a lake, run into the water and take out the Warthogs from there, go NE and find a ˝ MP, but be careful, a Boulder will come down, so stand in front and run to it, grab and hold backflip to get out of the way in time. The boulder triggered a trapdoor to open between the rock in this corner of the area, go around and runjmp into the gap and grab the E side of the hole, climb down, get a Gem and some Ammo and climb back up, backflip out and go into the Lake. Swim under the grey wall and R up at the low part of the 2 walls, place your Gem and see the other receptacle on the other wall, swim W and into the tunnel under the building, R at the crossing (see the room where you can get out in front) and into the open gate, swim back as soon as you meet the Croc and go take it out to the room you saw at the crossing, shoot the Beast and go back into the tunnel it came from. Get Secret #4, a MP and the 2nd Gem around the corner. Go back to the ruins to place the Gem and swim back to the crossing, a gate on the L side opened now. Swim up inn a shaft and climb out, shoot 2 Skeletons into the room below and go into NW passage, light a Flare and run up the stairs, jmp into L or R alcove to avoid the Boulder and go up where a trapdoor will open for you. Drop in and swim to the end of level 1.

Setback 2: Dead City Avenue.

Level: Thierry Stoorne.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

The Bike.

Kick in the door in front and go L, get the Flares and head E, just around the R hand corner is an alley L, go in and in the alcove L is another door, climb the hole to 1st floor and stand on S side, back to the hole and backflip/jmp/grab the upper passage, follow to a deadly pool, runjmp to one of the sloped sides and keep jmping to the other side, shoot the Guard that was shooting you. Drop backwards from the shaft, to grab the Jmpswitch, which will open the door of the Bike. Drive it E and past the alley, and leave the Bike just before you go onto a square with Sentry-guns.

The Sentry-guns.

Race the Bike over the square with the Sentry-guns, through the fences and up the ramp on R side, to jmp over the pit. Stop at once and look N for a door, go in, drag (by the hair) the dead Body from the Lasersight and open the ceiling hatch in the opposite corner, go up to find the Jmpswitch for the trapdoor back in the lower room and notice the door just over the hole, when you drop back down. Go into the trapdoor in the lower room and follow to the Pit, there’s a dead Body on the other side, climb the sloped block L of it and pull up against the wall, backflip into the gap behind the pointy pillar and follow the passage up to a room with the Revolver. Up the stairs is a door leading to the street, open it and try to see if the Gun L is pointing the other way, if so, take it out. Return to the pit. Up to the street and jmp over the pit on the side you jmped it with the Bike and R up the Ramp. Spot the other blue door next to the Gun on the N side and run in (I didn’t have to open it, I don’t know if it is supposed to be that way) go upstairs and get the MP R, shoot the Guard behind you, when you go down the stairs to the other side, go out on the street and quickly shoot the Gun L of you. Then run past the last gun to the pit, jmp over and go to the room where you got the Revolver, if you did it right, the R hand gun aims at the pit, so you can shoot it.

Now you can go out and L, to use the Jmpswitch on S wall, it will open the door over the ceiling hatch in the Lasersight room, so jmp back over the pit and enter, climb up and into the CS to the door N, get the Ammo and go into the CS to an area overlooking another Sentry-gun site. Shoot the Fuel can at the Chopper to blow up all 4 Guns and drop out, grab the Jmpswitch, and head SE, drop into an open trapdoor and

Sprint past them over the fence And up the slope, a bit on R side, jmp over the pit behind it and open a door L, pull the dead Guard aside (by the hair) and get the Lasersight in case you didn’t have it yet. Open the ceiling hatch and climb into the hole, follow to a Jmpswitch, go back down to the room to find the trapdoor open, follow the passage to the Pit and go to the opposite side, face the block in L corner, near the dead Guard and pull up at the wall. Backflip behind the pointy pillar and follow this passage up to grab the Revolver in the next room, follow to the Poison pool.

The Poison pool.

Runjmp to a ledge behind the L hand pillar and from there a long runjmp with a L curve to the S end of the slope next to the ledge, slide off, grab the edge and shimmy R to another ledge, pull up/backflip/roll/grab the other side, go L a bit and do the same to get over to a lever. This will open a trapdoor where you shot the Chopper. Now you know how to tackle the Poison pool, head back to the Bike after you checked out the route. You have to get the Bike over a small ramp along the R hand wall to a Big Gate in the S. Let’s open the gate first. Drop into the trapdoor opened below where the Chopper was and follow to a lever in the end, Get some Ammo and get back to the water, go up the trapdoor opened in the ceiling, follow to the area behind the Big Gate and shoot 3 Guards, open the Gate with a Jmpswitch L. (backflip/jmp/grab from the sloped block) Go out the Gate and head back to the Bike.

The Wraith room.

Drive it through the Big Gate and up the stairs, stop as soon as you come inside the Wraith room there and dismount, dive into the pool in the centre to get rid of the Wraiths and swim into the W tunnel, get a MP in the end and swim back, go straight into the E tunnel, R and up in a room to throw a lever. (Gate in wraith room opens) Swim back and straight at the crossing, shoot 3 Guards after climbing out and throw the lever to open the gate to the Wraith room. Use one of the sloped sides of the pool to backflip/jmp/grab back up to the ledge with the Bike and drive it to the other side and through the gate. Follow the passage to another Poison pool room, 3 Guards on duty here, just run ‘em over, but don’t drive into the centre pit, go get the Uzis and Ammo around the room and dive in the centre pit, swim to the roof of a house on a square with 4 Guards and a Jmpswitch on S wall, which will open a door in the passage where you just came out of with the Bike. Pick up the ˝ MP and Nitrous Oxide Feeder from between the fences. Open the house and shoot the Guard to get some Ammo and head back up the roofs to go to your Bike.

Go out and into the open door to an outside area, leave the Bike here for now and go over the narrow ledge through the poison pools, go check out the route, so you’ll know where to speed up for the long jmp. Fit the Nitro feeder to the Bike and go slow over the ledges to where you can hit the “sprint” key to make the long jmp, follow the long passage to the top of the outside area where you got the Nitro and jmp the gap in the ledge go on to an outside area with fences and a Sentry-gun.

Shoot a Guard L and jmp over the fence R, swim to the far R side and climb out on a low ledge, shoot the Guard up on the block above quick and then take a shot at the Sentry-gun, climb the block the Guard was on and runjmp to the Jmpswitch SE, to open that UW trapdoor, swim down into it and get Secret # 5, Ammo. Swim back and go over to the ledge the gun was on and to the crowbar door S, open it to go to the next level…