Level by Andreas Lindstroem

Walkthrough written for Laraís Home by Moonpooka

Warning! There are no med packs in this level and many enemies. Health is limited, so save in different slots and reload if you waste health or you will not finish the level. I also had a problem leaving the level. Using esc and ctrl was the only way I found to come out of the game.[Note from akci: The load bug just mentioned can be avoided if you use the original script.dat file of TRLE. Then, of course, when starting a new game, you have to choose the City of the Dead level.]

Lara arrives in the square of the little city and is immediately being fired at by a guard up on a balcony to the west. Run to the east for cover, and then make your way along the east wall until you can take a right turn into a hallway. A guard attacks but leaves you some UZI AMMO, so take it and go back out to the square.

There are three gazebos ahead and you can pull up on the left one then back flip to the one behind. Be careful now as you need to take a running jump over to the west gazebo and will be in range of that guard. Shoot him as soon as you get the chance, and then jump over to the balcony where he was. He has left you some SHOTGUN AMMO, take it and use action to open the door nearby.

Enter the passage ahead and you will see a door to the north, but donít bother with it, it has a med pack inside but you burn if you take it. Open the south door and stop as soon as you enter. Thereís a passage leading round to the left, but also a sentry gun is placed to the right, so you will need to sprint past the gun to make it to the far end of the passage in one piece.

Quickly draw guns as a guard attacks from the stairs to the right, he leaves you some SHOTGUN AMMO, take it but donít bother going down the stairs as thereís nothing down there. Now open the door nearby and go through the passage ahead. Go round to the left at the end and open the next door. You will now find yourself out on another balcony above the square.

Go right and run/jump to the next balcony and then walk to the end. You now have to take a diagonal standing jump from the balcony to the south roof, it's a wee bit tricky but when you have made it simply shimmy left round the roofs until you can see another balcony with a door below you, but donít drop off yet, thereís a secret to get first so keep a firm grip on that roof and continue on left until you can drop off onto the next balcony. Now take a running jump and grab the roof of the north building, shimmy left until you are near to the next balcony, then you will see the roof texture change a little. This is where the roof is flat and Lara can pull up, but beware as she does because locusts are about to attack.

From the roof, face SW and do a running jump down to the lower balcony, then open the door and go through for 1st SECRET Ė SHOTGUN & SHOTGUN AMMO. Now return to the balcony and jump ahead to land back down on the gazebo in the square. Now itís just a case of making your way back to the west balcony and doing that diagonal jump to the roof again.

Shimmy left, and continue on round the roof until you can drop off onto the first balcony, then open the door and head through into a new room.

There are three swinging balls to shoot in this room, blast them with your pistols until they smash, and then head into the south passage. Thereís a hatch in the ceiling ahead that needs to be opened and you have already taken out three of the triggers, the fourth one is at the end of the passage to the right, but thereís a guard down there, so take care and gun him down, take his UZI AMMO, then shoot that final ball to open the hatch.

Climb up into the hatch and slide down the tunnel, then jump up the slope and a door opens ahead. A guard is shooting at you from the high wall ahead, so immediately run ahead to the safety of the wall and keep close to it as you make your way west. You will now see a small water hole in the ground to drop into, and the current will take Lara to a new room, but if you want to get the next secret, save before entering the pool as you will have to be quick, itís tricky, and itís unlikely you will make it the first time. When you dive in, about half way down the tunnel, there is a hidden wall to the right, as I never got my Lara to go through I canít say specifically which wall tile it is, but I am assured itís there, you will just have to use a lot of patience up and hope for the best. If you do manage to go through the wall, you will be met by a guard, but will then be rewarded with the 2nd SECRET Ė UZIS.

Note from akci:You can identify the piece of wall in question by continously swimming towards it while the current takes you, and where Lara gets stuck, that's the one. Getting inside is a bit tricky, drop in the water backwards and swim against the current to move backwards as slowly as possible. Keep Lara in the middle of the tunnel, and when her waist reaches that wall piece a hard left turn will let you in. It might take a couple of tries though.

Now continue up the water passage and climb out at the end. Be cautious on climbing out as a guard is waiting to attack. He will leave you some REVOLVER AMMO, so grab it and head to the west door which will open for you.

Now thereís big trouble!! As you enter the large square, not only is there a guard attacking, but locusts too, so you need to be quick and maybe reload to conserve health. If you save and reload the locusts will disappear, itís a cheat and up to you if you use it or not, but Iím sure by now your health is diminishing rapidly!

In the NW corner of the square is an active sentry gun, so steer clear and run to the SE corner of the square. Thereís an inactive sentry gun here. Keep heading round the outside of the square until you can enter the south alleyway, and as you enter the alley, locusts will attack. Run into the alley to the left, and at the end gun down the guard and take his REVOLVER. Now return to the square and take the east alleyway which will take you into a small yard. Go left and kill the guard in the NW corner, and take his LASER SIGHT before opening the east wall door. Enter the passage, and to the right you will find a floor lever, use it and watch the cut scene of a door opening elsewhere, then return outside killing another guard on the way. Also in this area is a central water pool, but you need to open a door in the tunnel down there first.

Head back out to the square and run into the SW corner, then from here you can use the revolver and laser sight to take out that sentry gun. Now see a door in the north wall near to where the sentry gun was, and thatís your next destination. Open the door and head up the stairs. Go left at the top and round to the right, killing a guard who shows up to greet you. Take a right turn into the tight passage, then go left at the end and kill another guard in the bathroom. Above him is a ceiling hatch, open it and pull up into the tunnel, then make your way through to the next room.

Use the hang lever on the east wall and watch the door open in the water tunnel back where you used the floor lever earlier. Also the door is now open to your left to take you back out into the square, so go through and re-enter the east yard.

Drop into the pool and swim through the east crawl space, you will soon come to the newly opened under water door to your right, but ignore it for now and swim on to the end of the tunnel. You can swim up now and climb out into another small yard, but two guards are waiting for you so be quick and pick them off. Take a round of SHOTGUN AMMO from the guard on the ground, and then enter the open gate in the NE corner. Another guard is here and leaves you some more SHOTGUN AMMO, tuck it away and use the lever in the corner to open a hatch in the pool beyond the underwater door you passed earlier. You can now swim back there and enter the watery maze.

Swim ahead, and then go left Ė right Ė right Ė and right again Ė then swim up and out of the hatch into a swimming pool. Quickly climb out as two guards are blasting away at you, then notice a closed black gate to the south that needs opening. Take the east hall into the shower room and kill the guard that shows up. He leaves you some SHOTGUN AMMO, so take it and make your way through the east passage to a floor lever. This opens the black gates, so head there and carefully enter a new yard.

Three sentry guns guard this yard, and you need to make it to the two doors at the west wall.

Note from akci:But first, dash to the leftmost opening, inside get behind the crawlspace for the 3rd secret, two packs of revolver ammo. Go back outside, run to the left.

Open the left door first and head through to use a lever inside. You will see a shot of a door opening back at the previous yard, and then as you leave here thereís another guard to gun down. Now enter the right door and beware as you head through the passage as a guard attacks from behind. At the end, the door will open and you are back in a familiar place.

Shoot the waiting guard and head to the newly opened door in the south wall (SW corner). Go down the stairs and enter the basement, then kill the next waiting guard.

You can see a hole in the ceiling to the south, and dynamite markings on the floor. Find the stairs in the NW corner and head up to the small rooms above. Head on up the passage and round to the left until you come to a floor lever, and then use it to cause an explosion back down in the basement. Return to the basement now, but beware as more guards will hinder your way.

Back at the basement you can see the explosion has caused the floor to rise, enabling you to jump into the ceiling hole, but as you do, another guard just has to take a shot at poor Lara, I wonder how your health is doing? He he!

Up in the ceiling hole you can simply head on and find the bike at the end of the passages. YAY!

Ride the bike through the open door and round to the left. You can mow down four guards in the yard now and get easy revenge before driving through the barrier in the north wall, and then through the breakable wall beyond. You arrive in a small yard with three more guards to run down, and then as you drive ahead the level will end.

Thanks to Yoav for his help with the secrets, there may be one more somewhere though that we couldnít find.[Note from Moderator:Thanks to akci for finding the third secret and providing the additional information set forth above.]