The Lost Dimension




Walkthrough by Moonpooka for


Note: I found no secrets in this level.



The level begins in a large room with palm trees and various sloped structures scattered about the place. There are also two white pyramids and two pools which we will be visiting, and your first journey is to the pool at the SE corner of the room.


1st Pool


First take out the shark thatís dithering about in the pool, and then drop in for LMP ~ 2 x Arrows. Pull out from the pool and head west until a Harpy attacks, and then bring down the enemy. Continue on SW until you come to the first of the two white pyramids.


1st White Pyramid


Now be careful on the pyramid because itís laden with spike traps. Make your way to the top and use the lever there to open a hatch in the second pool, and then drop down carefully to the north.


Note: If you drop down to the east and then head SE for a short way, another Harpy will attack, but I found no reason to even go there so just avoid this place if you wish.


Make your way north and you will come to the second white pyramid.


2nd White Pyramid


Carefully go to the top of the pyramid (again avoiding the spike traps) and take the 2 x Arrows from the top. Now notice a key hole down on the east side of the pyramid; we will be back here in a while with the key but for now, drop down carefully to the north and make your way through the sloped structures until a Harpy and a Dog attack. Gun down the enemy, and then make your way to the east side of the room where you will find the second pool.


2nd Pool


Drop into the pool and collect a SMP from the pool floor, and then swim down the open hatch in the middle of the pool and grab the Gold Key from its watery bed. Now return up top and make your way SW to the second white pyramid where the key hole is. Use the Gold Key on the lock at the east side of the pyramid to open a hatch near the first pool, and then make your way SE and return to the first pool.


Stand at the east side of the pool and turn around so that the pool is behind Lara. Walk west a short way and find the newly opened hatch in the ground between the plants. Drop down the hole and grab your guns to shoot down a waiting Demi God, and also beware of the darts pinging out of the walls. When the Demi God is dead, proceed west and stand on the right side of the active wall blades. Do not try to run past on the left side because the floor is spike trapped!!! Keeping right, judge the first blades and sprint past them; stopping before the next set of blades. Do this again twice until you are past all three sets of blades, and then stop at the top of the slope that you now see ahead.


You can see from here that the slope is littered with spike traps, but there is also something else in store for Lara, so carefully walk a couple of steps onto the spike trapped slope and three boulders will fall ahead of Lara. (They will miss her as long as you donít go steaming down the slope) Now run down the slope winding between the spike traps until you reach the bottom, and then jump the pit at the bottom of the slope to safety.


Now jump through the circular blade to the north to enter the next room, and then whip out your guns and take down the large Scorpion that attacks. You can now simply head through to the north room to end the level.


The End