Waiting for Godot

Level by LePerk

Walkthrough by DJ Full

"Nothing to be done..." - we can read from the statement popping up in the beginning of the level. We gonna check it. This is the first live relation walkthru I'm attempting to write, so let's GO FOR IT!!!

Stony plain, some kind of unknown space again. Where are those ladders the author has mentioned? Oh, there's a palm behind me... Tried to push it. Don't know, why. Checking the compass and going E. Fallen through the unmarked pit, heard the secret sound (005) and killed myself. I managed to notice a ladder behind me... so, they're underground... Reloading... caused the game to crash (what the .pak???). Launching .exe... Again in front of the pit, holding Shift, as I don't remember where the place is... Here! One square to the S of the middle of the slope. Jumped over it triggers the secret sound as well... If there's more pits like this, doing some unintended jumps will help me find them. Grabbed the ladder, descended down... Oooh, a huuuge picture of Lara. AOD, if I remember right... Another secret sound when you get closer to it. Hah, I know why, when you turn around you see the whole room painted with naked Laras. What now? Trying to get across any of the pictures... nothing. Am I supposed to pull the lever breast or what? I've seen many weird things in many levels, so I won't be surprised if it's necessary... and invisible. Checking... and nothing happened. Can it be the end of the level? I'm gonna reload it and try another pit... Arrh, accidentally saved the game on the same slot. Getting to main menu... another crash... Man, it's annoying... Launching .exe... oh, yet another crash! ...reloaded. Going N. Checked every single accessible part of the floor on the N, W, S, E, sprinting around... found nothing there, but accidentally fell into the pit I already know and increased my stupid death count. I can't remember how many times I died this or similar way in my life... wait... "how many times I died in my life"? Does this phrase make any sense anyway? Whatever. Found nothing more. Actually, I paused the game during the last pitfall, so I'm quitting it to save Lara's life for this time. Nothing more, it seems. Nothing more. Exiting to title... Whoah, the fourth crash! What a surprise! Deleting the game... May the wastepaper basket be a finish trigger for this level!