Hell (L'enfer)

Level by Laurence Beaudoin (June, 2003)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

forward and you arrive at a deep room filled with many columns. Run and jump to the west to a lower column. Then jump south to another column and climb the south wall. At the top, face west and stay left of the center. Then just walk west and slide down the slopes to the ground floor. Just follow around the columns and get to the north wall and see a climbable wall in the north-east corner. Climb the blocks to the south and then to the west. Jump to a lower column to the west. Then jump to the far column in the south direction. Jump and pull up onto a ledge at the south wall. Go west and climb another wall. Pull up onto a ledge and pick up the grenade gun. Face north and see a long slope with gaps. Slide and jump the gaps until you land on a flat ledge. Slide again and grab a climbable wall at the end. Climb down to the ground floor.


Go south and find a gap in the west wall. You see a huge lava lake and some platforms. Run west and some balls fall. Jump over the large scorpion and go west to climb a block. From there you can kill the scorpion. If you jump to the north ledge, you catch file. Jump west to another column in the lava. Then to a north column and then east to the ledge. Run east and jump to another north ledge, as balls drop behind you. Climb to a higher ledge and push the globe to the west end and into a tile with a beetle picture. You see a door open at the top of the climbable west wall.


Climb the wall and pull up onto a slope. Slip down and jump to grab a climbable wall. Climb up as a ball falls behind you. Shimmy to the left and climb into a short tunnel. Go to the end and climb the wall. Pull up into a large room with stairs and closed doors. One closed door has a beetle tile in front of it. Go down the stairs and when you hear a rolling ball, hang off the edge until it passes you. Continue down the stairs and pass another closed door. Then go to the bottom of the room. Save the game for a double timed run before you step on the beetle tile. Step on the beetle tile near the lava and just ignore the bat. Then run up the stairs to the timed open door by the beetle tile. Try to cut corners as you go up the stairs. Enter the room and ignore the Uzi ammo. Roll and run and jump back onto the stairs to enter the other timed door.


Once inside you face swinging chains on stairs. Carefully go up the stairs and save again at the top. Run down the slope into a room as balls fall behind you. Run to the south-west corner of the room and then turn to the east and run into a tunnel. If you stay in the room, the balls roll around and will get you. At a junction, the north tunnel ends in a fire trap. Go south and follow the tunnel to a large graveyard. Go to the north-east corner for secret #1 and flares. Then run to the large opening in the west wall. Enter the area and turn around to destroy four skeletons that followed you.


Turn north and see a large corridor with holes in the floor. Go north and keep to the east wall. Run and jump over a large gap to pull up onto a column. Run north and near the end, jump over another gap and enter the large corridor. You could do the same route on the west side, but you awaken a skeleton. Continue north and be careful of floor blade traps. Get pass the swinging chains and continue. As you pass under a blue ceiling, blade ball traps drop from the ceiling. Continue north and see a closed corridor in the north-west corner.


Turn east and follow the corridor to a large throne room with two closed doors. Run behind the throne to see a Guardian Key behind a fence. Go back to the throne room and the north door is open. Follow the ramp down to the north-west corner. Pick up the revolver and when you step on the beetle tile, the large door in the south-east corner opens. Enter the door and it closes behind you. Run forward and see four horsemen. Try to lure them to you one at a time. You do not want to fight all four together. The first one will drop a Golden Vraeus. The others drop nothing. Go to the south-west corner to the receptacle. Go south into an alcove for secret #2 and flares. Exit and use the Golden Vraeus and two blocks rise. Step on the ledge and go north for the Guardian Key. Then go south and kill two horsemen.


Enter a room with closed doors and lava around a large platform. Go to the middle and see four floor levers. Use the north-east floor lever and hop back to avoid a falling ball. Use the south-east floor lever and the east door opens. Kill the large scorpion that emerges from the open doorway. Enter the east room and pull down a jump switch on the west wall. Exit and kill a large scorpion. Notice a block has risen at the north wall.


Use the south-west floor lever and the south door opens. Kill the four ninjas and enter the south room. Pull down the jump switch on the north wall. Exit and notice another block has risen at the north wall. Use the north-west floor lever and the west door opens. Two bulls emerge from the room. Run inside the west room and turn left. Pull down the jump switch on the east wall. Exit the room and evade the bulls as you run to the north wall and climb the blocks to the top. Pull down the jump switch and hear a door open. You also hear fire from a Seth.


Get down from the blocks and go to the open door in the north-west corner back into the throne room. Seth is there shooting green fire at you. Go west and hop onto a block to pull down the jump switch. Roll and immediately go north to the next block and pull down the jump switch. If Seth is a bad shot with the fire, the bulls can follow you here and climb the block as well. Exit by the south door back to the platform. Run back to the north-east area where you got the Guardian Key. Get to the ground floor and run in a north-east direction but look to the north-west to see an open gate among some columns. Go there and step on a beetle tile. Get off the tile and exit the room back to the platform. Go to the north-west back to the throne room.


Go west and back into the entrance corridor. The block in the north-west corner is gone. Run into that tunnel and go north. Pull up onto a block and Seth gives up chasing you. Jump the blocks north, east, and north again. Jump east and climb the climbable wall. Run and jump to a lower south ledge. There are many unmovable globes. Run and jump east to grab a climbable wall. Climb to the top and go north. You see a beetle tile in front of you. There is a second beetle tile at east wall. There is a third beetle tile under the globe at the west wall. Step on all three tiles and go back to the first ledge. Two blocks have risen on the first ledge. Before you jump back, there is still work to do on this ledge. Go to the globe at the east wall and push it north onto the beetle tile. This raises a block in the hole beside it. Take the north globe and pull it back to the center beetle tile. This opens the trap door back on the first ledge.


Go back to the first ledge and climb the block to the higher level. Go south and pull up through the open trap door into another lava room. Kill two bats and go south. Use the floor lever to raise a block to the north. Get on the block and run, jump, and grab the block by the north wall. Pick up a large medipack and climb the blocks. Pull up into a room with many tall columns. Go east and kill two ninjas. Go north or south around the end of the east wall. Go down an east tunnel and continue until you enter an area where a wall rises up behind you.


Go down the south corridor and at a junction, turn west and look up on the wall. Pull down the jump switch. Turn and go down the east corridor. At a junction look up to the north-east corner. Pull down the jump switch. Go down the north corridor. At a junction look up to the north-east corner. Pull down the jump switch. Look east to see an open door and columns in a lava trench. Go down the north corridor. At a junction look up to the south-east corner. Pull down the jump switch. Go down the west corridor. At a junction look up to the south-west corner. Pull down the jump switch. Go down the south corridor. At a junction look up to north-west corner. Pull down the jump switch. Turn and go east to get back to the open door.


Jump over the seven columns in the lava trench and enter the east opening. Run up the stairs and Seth is there again. Go to the end and climb down into a graveyard. Run west and six skeletons attack. Seth fell into a hole at the north wall and did not get out. At the west wall, drop into the hole to the right of the wall torch. Use the floor lever and climb back out. Go to the north-east corner. Enter the open door and use the Guardian Key. There is a large earthquake. Go to the south-west corner and drop into a hole. Enter the open gate and run south up the stairs. As you near the beetle picture the level ends.