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I - Excavation Site
by Driber

Gun down the three scorpions and when you are in a small underground area, you'll see a crawlspace at the bottom on the right. Hop from platform to platform to avoid the spikes and grab the Left Tablet Piece. That opens the door to the next area. Head back and beware of the baddy that awaits you. Go through the door opening and do some artistic jumping. After the last jump you can see a opening in the sand dunes. Grab the ledge, let go and almost immediately grab again and pull up to enter the final area of the level. Shoot down the fence and keep your guns up for the baddy. Jump into the hole and prepare for the next level.


There's a platform located just before the opening in the sand dune that leads to the final area. On this platform you need to turn around, jump to the left on a sloped sand dune, shimmy to the left and pull up. Here you will notice a hole on the sand dune. Climb down to find the secret shotgun and big medi-pack.