Back from Ninive
By Miguel

This is an authorised walkthrough by Monika Pietsch.
This walkthrough is meant as a guideline to get you to the end of the level, even so there might be other ways too.

There are 3 Secrets

Virtual-Creatures Lab

The level starts with a flyby.
Look into the dark corner and pick up the Broken Sunglases and Part of Sunglases.
Use Part of Sunglases as a key to open the door.
On the left side behind cobwebs are flares. Climb up in the middle and kill 2 thugs.
One of them will leave the Electric Door Key 1. Pushing the switch will raise a block.
Climb up and turn to the south (entrance). Shoot a grate on the left. Use the climbable wall over the entrance and transverse to the left to climb into the crawlspace.
Crawl along the duct till you reach another grate. Shoot it.
Drop down and you enter a room with blocks and blue glass tubes. Go to the right side. There you find the
Electric Door Key 2. Leave this area through an opening on the west side.
On your way to the pool with lethal liquid pick up some Normal Rockets (arrows).
Use the climbable wall to go to the other side of the pool. Pull a switch on the right side and enter the opening. Go down the stairs. You see 2 keyholes. Use the 2 Electric Door Keys. They will lower 2 blocks. Enter.
Go down and up some stairs. You come to a room with monkeys in cages. Kill a thug.
Climb onto the table next to the first cage. Turn and look for a blue fuse. Pistols and jumping will shatter it.
In the wardrobe is a small medi-pack. Go through the door and along the corridor.
In the next room you can enter there is a switch to be pushed. This will start a laser beam, which will pin down the queen bee (my interpretation). Go into the room with the beehives. In the far right corner push a switch. This opens a door with a beetle behind it. You canít take it yet, because you have no crowbar. When you enter there anyway locusts and a thug appear. Kill the thug and take the Entrance Disk he leaves behind.
Use the Disk. Behind the next door you have to get rid of another thug.
In the sanitary niche you find the Desert Eagle. In the next room with partly turquoise
walls, you find a Fuse on the right side. Take it.
The door at the end of the room opens automatically. You come to a pool, which is divided by a glass wall. Insert the Fuse to put on the spotlights in the pool. Swim to the other side and go to the bucket and take the Crowbar there. Swim back. On the left side is an underwater ceiling switch. Pull it. Swim over to the other side and in the opening you find the Lasersight. Look up and pull another underwater ceiling switch. Leave in a hurry, because 3 sharks come along.
Climb out of the pool and kill them from safety.
You can go back to the beehive room and collect the Virtualcreature DNS-CHIP from the wall.
Run back to the pool, swim to the other side and go through the open door.
You see an empty pool with a skeleton on the floor. There are blocks with fire on them.
The question is how you can go over to the other side.
Go to the edge of the pool and stand next to the wall on the left side. Combine Desert Eagle and Lasersight. Look over and to the right and you will see a blue fuse. Shoot it and now your way is ready to take you to the other side. Jump over the ledges. Climb onto the block on the left side and open a trapdoor. Use some climbable surface to go up.
In that room you find some Rockets (arrows). Turn the wheel there and you will flood the pool. Go back down. In the pool you will find a small medi-pack.
Open the underwater door.
Swim in and you will meet a crocodile. There will be another one or two coming from the pool. Get rid of them. Look up and shoot a grate. Climb up to the crawlspace.
At the end of the crawlspace shoot another grate. As you drop into the room you will see a pool filled with lethal liquid. There is a closed door. You climb up the ladder. In the upper room you have to kill a thug. On the right wall you can open a door with the Crowbar. Behind it you will find a Secret and the Crossbow. Go over to the switches. One is broken. Use the Crowbar instead. This opens the door in the room below.
Now go up the stairs and turn the wheel. This will change in the pool below the lethal liquid into water. Go down and jump into the pool and find an underwater switch. Pull it and the door next to the wheel and the door to the T-Rex room opens.
Go to the door next to the wheel and along the rusty corridor. Drop down, swim through the pool with the spotlights and go through the open door. Pick up some Desert Eagle Ammo. The transparent door opens. Watch the flyby. Go through and it closes again. Now you have to face the T-Rex. In the cage is a switch you have to push. You can just run and try and push the switch before the T-Rex catches you or you can draw your Desert Eagle and run to the middle of the cage onto the blue tile. From there one shot into the stomach or so will finish the T-Rex off. Push the switch. Go outside and find a niche with a Virtualcreature DNS-CHIP. Use the Crowbar to get it. On one of the back columns is a ladder. Climb up. Go on and pick up a small medi-pack. You have to kill a thug. Go on and up the stairs till you reach a closed blue window. Going up there also opens the exit from the T-Rex room again. Go back through the 2 pools and so on till you are back in the room again where you changed the lethal liquid into water. Now go through the open door.
You enter a room with lethal liquid. Go over the walkway. You have to pass a laser barrier. Just wait for the right moment to run through. Go to the left side and jump over the gap. Use the monkey bar to swing over the fire floor. At the end collect the
Virtualcreature DNS-CHIP. Return the way you came and go to the left side.
When you are past the door there, it will close. Pick up the Entrance Disk and several doors will open. You have to deal with 6 tigers all at once (e.g. using explosive Rockets). After having killed them go to the last opening on the left side. Inside is a movable block. Push it. You will find a Virtualcreature DNS-CHIP. Take it and then go on. In a niche on the left side you find some Rockets. Use the Entrance Disk and straight after the flyby you have to cope with a thug. You enter a room with a high ceiling and a central column. There are 4 openings including the entrance.
Go to the north opening. Use a pole to go down and back flip. You have to cross a fire floor. Use the grey tube to shimmy to the other side. In the room with the 2 big rotor blades you find flares and a switch to pull. Return the way you came.
Go to the east side. When you pull the switch you can see virtual soldiers behind a glass wall. Go down the stairs and in a very dark room is a receptacle for 4 Virtualcreature DNS-CHIPS. Use them and collect the Power Room Key.
Leave this room and pass a laser barrier. In front of you is an open door. Before entering you can shoot a grate. You canít use the crawlspace (it will be an exit later on).
Behind the door you will find 2 wardrobes. There is nothing in them. You enter a room with 2 aliens in container. I found nothing there to do. When you leave this room there is a movable block in front of you. Push it and you will find a Secret and an Alien DNS-CHIP (blue).
Go back and go left before the laser barrier. Look for a blue fuse on the west wall. Shoot it and a container moves and opens a hole in the floor.
Go down. You will see a dead soldier on a table. Pull him and pick up a small medi-pack. From this table jump to the east wall and climb up, back flip and climb down the other side. You are now in the room you could see from the other side.
Kill a thug in the corridor. Go along and get weapons ready. You have to deal with 4 soldiers shooting at you. Donít hesitate killing them. After this is done you can have a look around. You see 4 squares with electric rays and a crawlspace blocked by laser.
High on the east wall is a blue fuse. Shoot it. A hole opens up just underneath there.
Go down and get a Secret and an Alien DNS-CHIP.
Pull a movable block on the north side onto a blue tile. This will stop the electric rays and the laser barrier.
Now crawl into the crawlspace. At the end you have to pull a switch. This will open the middle glass cage. Go back and jump into the cage. Shoot a grate and climb up.
Pull the switch right there. You will see a picture of the now open blue window.
Leave through a triangle opening.
Go back to the T-Rex room and climb up the back column again. Walk till you reach the blue window. Jump over to the floating walkway. On the other side a thug has to be dealt with. After that use the Power Room Key and collect the Senaqueribs Crown and the game is over.