On the basic insert front, Topps 60th Anniversary draw from six decades worth of designs to create new cards of veteran and rookie players. Variation 1: Matthew Staffford - blue jersey (autograph) Should be no more than $40-45 a hobby box. Today, I relapsed. Variation: Mike Singletary, Base: Ben Roethlisberger (BCA/Pink)

Most of them were not numbered, perhaps speaking to the overall production, but the consistent splash of color is nice. That’s almost 70 cents a card. Panini takes control of the full NFL/NFLPA license in 2016. Collectors can find a total of 60 cards, with 35 veterans and 25 rookies. 2015 Topps Chrome - 1976 Football - Refractor Autographs [Autographed] #76-JW Jameis Winston [BGS 9 MINT] #/35. Select players also have autographed versions. Estimated Release Date: 11/20/15 Click on the images or listings to shop for cards on eBay. Variation: Standing with ball near thigh, Base: Calvin Johnson

I dont see you list #101-200 Orange Refractors. But, the good news far outweighs the bad! Variation: Dan Marino, Base: Tre Mason I bought one hobby box and pulled a Drew Brees auto 1/10! Very difficult to see the card as superfractor, just noticed the 1/1 on it then had to analyze then noticed it barely. Although the design is carried over from the flagship set, the chromium finish easily sets it apart. Click here to Rate. Every other product has 3-6 autos for the same price with more numbered cards for the same price, but Topps just needs to squeeze more money out of Chrome fans till there are none. Mail (will not be published) (required), PARALLEL CARDS: Refractor (8 per Hobby box),Purple Refractor, Green Refractor, Orange Refractor, Diamond Refractor (Blue - 1 per pack in Hot Boxes), Blue Wave Refractor (1 per Hobby box), Pulsar Refractor (1 per box; Hobby only), STS Camo Refractor #/499, BCA Pink Refractor #/399, Black Refractor #/299, Blue Refractor #/199, Sepia Refractor #/99, Gold Refractor #/50, Red Refractor #/25, SuperFractor 1/1 (Hobby), Printing Plates 1/1 (Hobby), PARALLEL CARDS: Hot Box Refractor (1 per case), Refractor #/d, STS Refractor #/d, BCA Refractor #/d, Gold Sepia Refractor #/100, Blue Refractor #/50, Black Refractor #/25, Pulsar Refractor #/15, Gold Refractor #/10, Red Refractor #/5 (Hobby), SuperFractor 1/1 (Hobby), RAP-JW Jameis Winston - Tampa Bay Buccaneers, PARALLEL CARDS: Refractor #/d, Pulsar Refractor #/50, SuperFractor 1/1 (Hobby), T60-AB Antonio Brown - Pittsburgh Steelers, PARALLEL CARDS: Refractor #/99, Pulsar Refractor #/50, SuperFractor 1/1 (Hobby), 76A-JW Jameis Winston - Tampa Bay Buccaneers, PARALLEL CARDS: Gold Refractor #/75, Pulsar Refractor #/50, SuperFractor 1/1 (Hobby), AT1K-AB Antonio Brown - Pittsburgh Steelers, AT1K-JRI Jerry Rice - San Francisco 49ers, TCRR-JW Jameis Winston - Tampa Bay Buccaneers, SBDC-AR Aaron Rodgers - Green Bay Packers, SBDC-MA Marcus Allen - Los Angeles Raiders. I think the box prices will stay relatively the same or go higher at least until the season is over. Variation: Kneeling with hand against chest, Base: About to tackle Jay Cutler Busted one box and did not get anything of value.

I appreciate that Chrome makes them much tougher to pull but I still feel like things have gone too far with variations and no more than twenty is needed in any one set. Variation: Both knees up, Base: Ball in left hand I have purchased over 10 cases and pulled one TJ Yeldon patch auto /75 a few good autos including pink gurley, 4- numbered out of 5, jamieson SP auto, and some golds, camos, etc…and the last box i pulled a eli manning 1/1 superfractor 60th ann. The bad news is that I can’t afford to spend anymore money on Topps Chrome Football:( Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise, as I realize I would have to diagnose myself with severe retardation to dwindle further into this bullsh*t product. Maybe they could match what they did with topps update and have exclusive serial numbered cards for retail. That doesn't change, but there's a decent amount of content surrounding it as well. Not one regular rookie card of Mariotta or Winston between the two boxes and I got my fair share of duplicates. Autographs are also available for both insert sets. Variation 2: Barry Sanders (autograph), Base: Arm extended with ball Topps doesn’t do Case Hits!

No good rookies and a Levi Norwood rookie auto. Parallels are sometimes substituted, but the images are the same. Outside of Marcus Mariota, who has a new image, all the base cards featured below include the same images as the flagship release. Hobby boxes also come with one two Green, one Pulsar and one Blue Wave Refractor. Variation: Jerry Rice, Base: Andrew Luck Maybe someone here can help me with this… Opened a hobby box pulled a Nelson Agholor auto 8/50 Randy Gregory base /99 Jordan Matthews base /399 super rookie Winston 2/99 and last pack had Jesse James rookie auto BCA pink /75 ? You got an auto numbered to 600 or less which meant you had as good as chance of hitting a Le’Veon Bell as hitting a Dion Sims and you got at least 4 numbered cards. Variation: Vertical, turkey, Base: Black jersey Variation Superfractors (1/1) make their debut in 2015 Topps Chrome Football. 3) Two Amari Cooper base rookies, and four numbered refractors, 1 /99, 1 /199(Matt Stafford), 1 /299, 1-/499. However, that really falls more on the main set and not Chrome. Variation: Reaching with ball. im confused, can we not rely on these checklists? I liked the selection of Refractors I pulled in 2015 Chrome and I also enjoyed the inserts. Variation: Tossing ball, Base: Green jersey

They look like they’re Yellow, but similar to the Sepias where the entire card is yellow, not just the border. For most collectors, 2015 Topps Chrome Football is about its cornerstone Refractors and the promise of one Rookie Autograph per hobby box. One thing I did not come across is the base short print variations. Variation 2: John Elway, Base: One knee up David Johnson is not among the variations for Topps Chrome and he does not have a variation autograph. Tre McBride /75 – nothing huge but for a blaster I’ll take it. Variation: Standing (autograph), Base: White jersey Because it seems the Topps business trend being adding more unwanted rookies to the checklist, limiting star players, decreasing numbered cards, and hiding the print runs of autos so people don’t know that Mike Davis has five thousand autos in just one product. Variation: White jersey, Base: DeMarco Murray or Best Offer. I just got a Clay Matthews out of a clearance box, noticed that the stock of the card is considerably thicker than the base.

Topps blew an opportunity to provide value per box and failed in my opinion. Each of the Chrome variations feature the same chromium technology as the base set but do not offer the many Refractor parallels. Variation 1: Manning - Orange Jersey For a product with just one auto is it really that hard to number the autos. It does, unfortunately, seem to continue a trend from Topps in many 2015 releases. A familiar concept in the hobby, the 2015 Topps Chrome Football variations offer a more limited image swap for a group of key veterans and rookies. Just wish they would add a second hit even if it was just a relic! However, it is a bummer that stickers continue to infiltrate the product.

Variation: Ball in right arm, pressed against chest, Base: Catching ball with both hands Plus a couple other nice retro style inserts. 1 Rookie Refractor…………..numbered, 73 Rookies Checklist……..SSP and SP of top rookies, and thousand of unnumbered unknown rookies, So really only getting two numbered cards and an auto of undrafted TE, 2013 Topps Chrome Football rated 4.3 / 5.0, 8 Reflectors equals: TOO MANY UNDRAFTED/IRRELEVANT ROOKIES MAKE UP THE CHECKLIST. All Rights Reserved, 2015 Topps Chrome Football Variations Short Print Guide, 40 Barry Sanders / Matthew Stafford - Detroit Lions, 100 Peyton Manning / John Elway - Denver Broncos, 106 Dorial Green-Beckham - Tennessee Titans, 200 Jameis Winston - Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Hall of Fame Randy! Super Bowl 50 Die-Cut limits its checklist to greats who have won football's biggest trophy. 12 watching (1) ONE - NEW UNOPENED FACTORY SEALED 2000 TOPPS CHROME HOBBY FOOTBALL BOX VHTF. Variation: Roger Staubach, Base: Running in rain

I’ll let everyone else buy cases and wait till they’re $400 and then buy.

Guy is not even in the NFL. Tre Mason camo refractor /499 These have numbered Refractor, Pulsar Refractor and Superfractor (1/1) parallels. We are still working to track down images. Rating: 6.8 (10 votes) Click here to Rate. Having said that, with only one autograph per box and a checklist that does not scream value, it is a tough proposition to get your money’s worth even at $60-70 per box. To me, that is a great amount that is neither too much nor too little. Card #68, Bobby Wagner, is actually Bruce Irvin.

The 2015 Topps Chrome Football base set has 200 cards. Again 2013 was so much fun with 6 of the 8 refractors being numbered instead of just 2 and every auto was serial less than 600 which was huge success and value for collectors.

Variation: Jersey number fully visible, Base: Throwing Variation: Ronnie Lott, Base: Running (white towel) Also, 1/1 on Dres Anderson. Numbered Refractors include STS Camo, BCA Pink, Black, Blue, Gold, Sepia, Red and Superfractor (1/1). Autographed Cards Population Totals. He only has a base rookie autograph and corresponding parallels and is listed in that portion of the checklist. All have more than a dozen Refractor parallels plus four different one-of-one Printing Plates. One of them was a case hit Steve Young card that I cannot sell for five bucks, and the Blue Refractors, rare though they might be, are not numbered, and I cannot sell the lot of them either. No trivia has been added to this set yet. Free shipping. Variation: Upright, jersey number visible, Base: Wide stance