SO THE TINY AMOUNT SAVED YOU LOOSE ON POSTAGE IF YOU NEED THE ITEM SOON.I SENT AN ITEM FROM OREGON 2 WEEKS AGO AND IT HAS NOT ARRIVED AT PLANETS EXPRESS' PARTNER YET. Edited review:I am adding an edit to my review (original below) to update it in line with the service I have recently received from the company. Many thanks ! They don't answer email, I'm 2 months trying to place my order and I'm ignored.has no respect for the customer.don't do business with them. $9.99. I never write reviews but i was so impressed how fast my package came from the USA to The Netherlands i just had to! Increíble servicio y con opciones de envío para todos los bolsillos. Downeast Cider was founded by two graduates. Looking forward to getting my first (but not the last) package with Planet Express :).

They should actually change their name to, "Planet Mess". Transparent pricing structure2. If I could invite you for lunch or coffee or whatever, I would do so right away!!! . It's well worth paying the extra to ship with Shipito and other companies that actually care about their customers. I love all things pineapple and this cider did not disappoint. , موقع جميل ورخيص انصح في التعمل معه اتمنى ان يكون في المستقبل شحن بحري Abdal Majeed Shaheen.

If you are a business looking for international shipment reseller services, have a deeper look at your search. Been using them for about a year because I live in Vietnam and haven’t been disappointed yet. Atleast they could tell me a company name which deliver by sea way, Great service, speed of shipping, well organized website and kind customer service staff. Great service with great prices. This shipping company is one of the best on the market i tried their service 1 times and believe me i was amazed of how low their prices are and how fast they were, so i recommend them to anyone who needs to ship at a reasonable prices with a fast shipping carriers ! Jako obrovskou výhodu Planet Express považuji jejich kalkulačku, kde si před tím různě zadávám rozměry, váhu a zemi doručení - abych věděla, jak se pošta bude pohybovat. Chuggable, would be great on a hot summer day. I was worried at firstNow it is indispensable.Reliable service! It takes one week for PlanetExpress to send out your order once you have made paymentMy package sat in the PlanetExpress warehouse for a total of 3 weeks before it was sent out, unpacked. This cider has a good flavor, but it's very sweet. Where to buy:, out of all the USA package forwarders, hands down you guys are the best.Love the several shipping options and planet's economial and express (with tracking). We have been waiting for a package for nineteen days and we don't know if it will be delivered. So, if you have a vivid imagination, it is quite possible that you will be able to imagine the taste – even before you taste their ciders. Policies & plans.

Thanks! They were very communicative and answered each of my queries before I went ahead and used their services.