Algae are a collection of species that are one of the most primitive forms of life. [7] Adequate amounts of omega-3 fats in the diet of pregnant women are essential in healthy infant vision development. The intake of the supplements for 6-8 weeks increases the immunity level, improves mood, memory, ability to concentrate, neurotransmission and promotes insulin sensitivity and the work of the central nervous system. Check with your doctor or nutritional advisor as a matter of course. One of the algae species has been turned into a health fad, spurning a massive industry around it. The minimum that we should be getting per day is around 350 mg. And we can easily go higher for obtaining more visible, concrete results that show. Algal oil contains DHA and EPA. With more research on this condition, we should be able to find out how effective algae oil turns out for psoriasis. 2010 Nov 3; 304(17): 1903–1911. It has a high smoke point and the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 is favorable. The study did not report any negative effects due to the supplementation. Cold water algae prefer colder temperatures. Vericel E. et al, J Thromb Haemost. For example, hippocampus controls memory, the frontal cortex governs thinking tasks, cerebellum maintains balance and fine tasks like artwork, and so on. A 2013 study reveals possible omega-3 supplements side effects can include decreased blood clotting in healthy adults taking 640 milligrams of fish oil daily. Algae Based DHA Supplements for Pregnancy, Benefits of Taking a Micro Algae Supplement, Algae Based Omegas for Cardiovascular Health. Wu, J Nutr.

The Japanese cuisine, inspired by traditional Chinese customs, too makes use of many sea-based algae products in their diet.

Algal oil provides many health benefits, including improved heart and eye health, better memory, reduced inflammation, lower depression, and healthy development of the fetus. Many of you might be knowing that algae derived DHA is now being used in food products for infants and lactating mothers. I’m about to answer some very key questions including: Possible side effects of omega-3 can include both negative and positive side effects. Algal oil is also beneficial in treating postpartum depression in nursing mothers. One of them is kainic acid, which can be found in some dwarf varieties of Palmaria palmata but not in the regular variety.

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It is primarily composed of DHA, along with EPA and ALA. People consuming a lot of omega-6 fats, for example, corn oil, vegetable oil and, Vegetarians. Another study from Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, The Netherlands, also showed that omega-3 supplementation improved cognitive function better in rats, compared to mice and males, better than females (4). 2009 Aug-Sep;81(2-3):199-204.

There have no reported side effects on the plant-based oil as yet.

A 2008 study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association evaluated the effects of algal oil capsules and the oil from nutrient-packed salmon; researchers were looking to understand if the two types of algal oil would DHA to both plasma and erythrocytes equivalently. Omega-3 fays also help in the proper drainage of intraocular fluid from the eye, which decreases the risk of high eye pressure and glaucoma. Lovaza is a brand name of omega-3-acid ethyl esters. Due to the involvement of solvents during extraction process, it is essential that people buy from reputed sellers.

These include sources like walnuts, flaxseed, chia, perilla etc. Algal oil contains DHA and EPA, which provide several benefits for heart health, improve brain function, and lower inflammation.

[3] This article may contain affiliate links. But that is not the complete picture. Studies have shown that higher DHA intake can improve cognitive function.