This is a ceremony that reflects who you are as a family, what you believe and feel.

May love be all you know from this day forward. May sunshine and moonbeams dance over you head. It is important to provide not only food and clothing to a child but also time and love and respect. We gather here because it is our wish that Seong-Jin grow to be a man who truly loves his life. Because we recognize you as a miracle and a precious gift…. May soft whispers of love surround you like a blanket as you celebrate the addition of your beloved baby girl. They are the sons and daughters of life’s longing for itself. We pray for the care and protection of Sean in body and soul. They share a book, the Hebrew Bible, which most Christians call the Old Testament. ‘In every birth, blessed is the wonder. that you are an essential part of a circle of family and friends. Traditional aspects of baptisms and baby namings are celebrated in a universal context. Choose between 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns, set the background color, widget divider color, activate transparency, a top border or fully disable it on desktop and mobile. The role played by grandparents is a very important one, and it is a great blessing when they can have a significant part in their grandchildren’s lives. (Father takes the child, holds him, and answers): ____ ____ ____(baby full name). I pray over this new life and ask that Your goodness and mercy will surround this child all the days of their life. Finally, this ceremony is our chance to formally welcome __________(baby) into this world, and into our lives…..________(baby), you are a child created in love, living in love in this moment….and it is the intention of every person here that you know love as your way of life for as long as you are here on this earth. To love God with all our hearts, and to love others as we would have others love us.”, “JP and Luisa, will you teach Sean the truth that from this moment he may realize his unity with God and of Christian doctrine, the gospel ministry and of the salvation by grace through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? Although all of you here will help fulfill that role for Seong-Jin, Lauren and Colin have chosen two very special people to aid them. Once the cup has returned, touch a drop of liquid to the baby’s lips.

With those good intentions still in mind will Seong-Jin’s grandparents come up and place the Rose of Sharon in the ground?

And your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow.”, “The Hebrew word for joy, simcha, is also the Hebrew word for party. So…..Because we believe and know in our hearts that ______(baby) made his way onto this earth as a pure, innocent, and perfect soul, this ceremony is not intended to cleanse him from sin—It is instead to signify our intentions to nourish his heart, his mind, his body, and his spirit…. We gather here because it is our wish that Chloe Kristine grow to be a woman who truly loves her life. To set a good example for you— To be honest about your triumphs and as well as your missteps so that Madelyn will have the With this in mind I now ask you…, Will you as best as you can, help take care of Madelyn? Stephanie is the owner of Stephanie Adele Photography… So, she sees may ceremonies and I was truly honored to join their family again and bless their perfect little boy! You most of all will be his guide on this journey. Finally, this ceremony is our chance to formally welcome __________(baby) into this world, and into our lives…..________(baby), you are a child created in love, living in love in this moment….and it is the intention of every person here that you know love as your way of life for as long as you are here on this earth. Today they will bless their son, Marcus James, with both Godparents and a Hebrew name.”, “Jewish children living outside of Israel are traditionally given a Hebrew name for use in religious rituals, and a secular name for purposes of civil birth records and daily use. It is already clear that they have a special bond that will grow as they grow. Grandparents cone forward pause for a moment to reflect on the soil and then begin the planting process and return to their seats, As the Rose of Sharon has been an important part of Korean Culture for centuries, it was the natural choice for Colin and Lauren when they wanted to show their gratitude for the past, for their integrated family and for the promise of the future.”. May God bless and keep you. _______’s (baby) parents have brought him here to be blessed and received into the family of God and of mankind. And May the hopes and dreams of your parents—and the well-wishes of all those gathered here—come true for you, that your life may be filled with friendship, laughter, and peace………..  May God be with you always….. As a child, Sean was given the Hebrew name Daniel by his parents. For those who are unable to attend because of distance, may their distance be only physical, and may their love for this child bridge the miles between them….. For those no longer sharing this world with us—Our tribute to those we loved is that we do not forget. It is their hope that he always remains true to himself and to others and that he accomplishes all that he sets out to do.

Celebrate the Birth of Your Baby in a Special Non-Traditional Way We wanted to do something special for our daughter, but a traditional baptism did not seem appealing.

The gift whose name is Brooke Moon. “In Christian worship traditionally, the lighting of candles has many spiritual meanings. Our baptismal prayer for you is that the love that surrounds you today will wash over you like rain every day of your life, just as this water rains on you now…. itself and for all the passions you find there in.”, Kim: “May you know blessings in your life, that your Because of this, _______ & _______ (parents) asked me to take this opportunity of expressing their deep gratitude to you—-________ & ________ (God Parents)—-for the involvement you choose to have and the love and guidance you give in the life of their child. If a child lives with praise, she learns to appreciate. That your home shall be a place in which kindness, honesty, mutual respect, and love prevail, where communication is encouraged and no is ever subject unspeakable?

To give her a wide variety of experiences that she may find the things in life that make her heart sing?”, “Many cultures believe that it takes a whole community to raise a child with a balanced perspective. so the Archer also loves the bow that is stable.”, ~ Closing Words An “Irish Baby Blessing.” ~, “May all the blessing of our Lord touch your life today. As each person drinks, they should say: Once the cup has made the rounds, touch a drop of the liquid to the baby’s lips. Although the gods of the household have probably been aware of the imminent new arrival, it’s a good idea to perform a more formal presentation. Both are of Love. As Chloe Kristine’s parents Kristine and Michael, have the responsibility to safeguard her future. We can’t thank you enough for delivering a truly remarkable blessings ceremony for Leonardo. On behalf of ____, _____, & _____, (parents, baby) I would like to thank you all for being here to share in this momentous occasion. To protect you and teach you, In fact he writes a letter of blessing to the child once he becomes aware of the child’s birth. and ever pure, with the wonders of childhood’s innocence forever your companion.”, Vidya begins showering Brooke with yellow petals, “May the petals of the yellow rose foreshadow the friends and the friendships, steadfast and and difficult things that the years will bring. In a powerful scene in the landmark miniseries "Roots", his jubilant father holds the infant Kunta Kinte up to the sky, and says, “Behold, the only thing greater than yourself.” In the same miniseries, many years later, the adult Kunta Kinte does the same thing with his own child, despite the fact that they are thousands of miles from his homeland. May life bestow upon you wholeness of mind, body, and spirit. ( Log Out /  Marcus James was very lucky in that the family he came to included Jaden, his brother. We humbly ask you to enfold in your protection this little one. Godparents are not typically part of this tradition, but some churches encourage older Christians to sponsor the Lord and Lady, descend and shine upon us, As you quietly slumber in your bed. Aiden will you join us? I pray over this new life and ask that Your goodness and mercy will surround this child all the days of their life. Yet the desire to bless and protect them as they set out on their path is universal. may go swift and far. Which is why these bears will be left out throughout the rest of this gathering for all of you to hold. She will know which path is hers and shall travel it with joy. For believers to collectively light a candle, represents the sharing and fellowship of faith; and traditionally represents the unity of the individual believers with Christ and the body of believers of Christianity, both in this world and in heaven. Amen.

His birthmother put aside her own feelings and desire to raise her baby boy in the hopes that he could have a better life than she could provide. “Names are an important part of one’s identity. In every existence, blessed are the possibilities. In every existence, blessed are the possibilities. Michael Scarlett. The promise is one of a physical presence in her life as someone who she knows will always be standing quietly behind her, encouraging her to make good choices, and sharing with her the lessons they themselves have learned along the way.