I brought.

(alien giant Ashur with his king, attentively receiving his instructions directly from god). Obelisk in Biblical Archaeology

The second register from the top includes the earliest surviving picture of an Israelite: the Biblical Jehu, king of Israel, brought or sent his tribute in around 841 BC. I received the tribute of the kings of the country of. I ascended mount Amanus; 3, 31. Logs of cedar I cut, (city of Assur with Ashur‘s mud brick-built ziggurat-house way above), 141. The caption above the scene, written in Assyrian cuneiform, can be translated ], 49:1 [Probably the same as Qurkhi “opposite the land of the Hittites.” See Records of the Past, new series, ii. As far as the mountain of Bahli-rahsi (Baal-rosh at the mouth of the Dog River), which (is) a headland of the sea, I marched: an image of my majesty I set up upon it. British Museum London, United Kingdom. There are five scenes of tribute, each of which occupies four panels round the face of the obelisk and is identified by a line of cuneiform script above the panel. 2 The tribute of Datana, 162. the Khubushkian I received. 45:1 See Josh.

", Detailed Description of the I marched after him. 2—In the 19th year of my reign for the eighteenth time I crossed the Euphrates. I carried away.—In the 21st year of my reign for the21st time I crossed the, 105. I captured their cities. I crossed the Euphrates in its flood; towards the sea of the setting sun, 28. Into the country of, I have received the tribute of Sûa of the country of, I have received the tribute of the country of, I have received the tribute of Merodach-abil-utsur of the country of the, I have received the tribute of Garparunda of the country of the, have taken (it) again”; the name given by. Ancient Israel Saniru (the Biblical Shenir, Deut. 5, No. Against the city of, 140. 149. Nowadays, I’m equipped with a Nikon D750 full-frame camera and incredible lenses. Could this artifact contain the only known depiction of an Israelite king? Why am I?” You are a mystery. They had slain Giammu their governor. Can the existence of God be scientifically proved? 106. kings of Tubal I received gifts. Standing just under 2 meters (6 ½ feet) tall and made of black limestone, this stele was erected in 825 b.c.e. As far as the mountains of the Hauran I marched. wasn't long ago when many scholars were questioning the actual existence The inscription identifies Jehu as the king who is bowing down and paying tribute, and it identifies Jehu as a successor of Omri, the father of the northern kingdom of Israel (1 Kings 16; 2 Kings 9-10). From there, Israel appears to have disappeared from history.

52:3 [Rather “female elephants.” Perhaps the next word baziati is an adjective in agreement. Shalmaneser III at ancient Calah, near Nineveh. the 1830 records the Assyrian king Sennacherib's 8th campaign, which The Shuhites extended along the western bank of the Euphrates from the Khabour to the Belikh. This perfectly preserved monument commemorates 31 years of Assyrian King Shalmaneser iii’s military conquests. I purified my weapons in the sea. 89. ranged themselves side by side; I overthrew them.—In the 12th year of my reign for the tenth time I crossed the Euphrates. on Assur (Ashur) (and) Hadad (Adad). 40:4 For Alzi, at the sources of the Sebbeneh Su, see Records of the Past, new series, i. p. 94, note 4. 38. . 122. Height: 197.85 cm (77.8937008 inches) Illustrated I threw down, dug up (and) burned with fire. Then Dadda-Idri 5, 60. the king of the country of Emerishu, 6 Irkhulina 7 of the country of the Hamathites, together with the kings, 61. of the country of the Hittites and of the coast of the Sea, to their allied forces, 62. trusted, and to offer combat and battle, (Marduk‘s son Ashur in his winged sky-disc, instructing his king to continue on). 136. Jehu managed to pay off the Assyrians, as did his successor Jehoash and many other Israelite kings, but that only delayed the inevitable. He ruled from 858-824 BC.

], 41:2 [Or perhaps, Ilu-Khitti, see Records of the Past, new series, ii. The men of the country of the Patinians before the splendour of my powerful weapons (alien high-tech weaponry).

Coming to understand about the nature and character of this powerful institution tells you as much about the future as it does about the past. 10. of the Igigi (space truckers on mars) and the Anunnaki, the god all-powerful; Nergal. growing database of images and sketches of the ancient world. His plantations I cut down. The submission of the latter is shown on the “Black Obelisk” (from Nimrūd, now in the British Museum) where “Jehu, son of Omri” bows before Shalmaneser. I marched against Akhuni the son of Adini; the country of Shitamrat, 49. his horses, his sons, his daughters, (and) his army I carried away and to my city of, 50. The tribute of Artasari, 172. the Shurdirian I received.

discoveries in Biblical Archaeology because one of the panels depicts the Biblical Archaeology The time frame lines up perfectly with the biblical account. 29-36). Uncovering the Bible’s Buried Civilizations: The Assyrians. When you see how people reacted to it, you can understand why we have no real peace in this evil world. It is very interesting that the Jasper Seal, found at Tel Megiddo I descended into the cities of Katê of the country of the Qauians. He 134. of the glory of Assur my lord overwhelmed him and they came forth, they took my feet.

At the beginning of my reign, when on the throne, 23. of the kingdom I had seated myself in state, my chariots, 24. Layard had a desire to travel to the Middle East and dig around some of These people are completely unaware of the legacy which Adolf Hitler drew upon in creating his Nazi war machine. this emphatically. (and) their war material. a sceptre for the king, and spear-shafts, I have received. He was looking for any It would have occupied the southern shore of Lake Urumiyeh.—Ed. 5 The Euphrates, 34. The cities of Bushtu, 4 Shala-Khamanu, (and) Kinikhamanu, strongholds, together with 22 cities. I carried away their spoil. with, 99. his camp I took from him. 94. Germany’s Secret Strategy to Destroy Iran. I restored him to his country. 28. I captured.—In the first year of my reign, 27. Gifts (and) tribute, horses trained, 171. to the yoke I imposed upon him. I pursued after him. Now, you can understand!

I made. Soldiers of Sennacherib, Taylor Prism (Sennacherib Hexagonal Prism), Amenophis II (Also Known as Thutmose-III). By the command of Assur (Ashur) the great lord, my lord. Aridu (Eridu, Enki‘s patron city), the strong city, 26. of Ninni (Ninki?) In the second year of my reign I approached the city of. Northern Kingdom of Israel would boast with a symbol of their enemy. (and) burned with fire. I captured Til-Abnê his stronghold and the cities dependent on it. I made a very lofty image of my majesty; I placed (it) in, 157. year of my reign my armies (and) train I dispatched, I sent. III, Assyrian Royal Guard 125. in the country of Kharkhâra I set up. It is critical that you know the identity of this prophesied power! In that same year I crossed mount Kullar; to the country of Zamua, 51. of Bitani 8 I descended. Dabigu, a fortress of the land of the Hittites, 6, 35. together with the cities that were dependent upon it I captured.—In the third year of my reign Akhuni. I purified my weapons in the sea.