I want to play not just the brand I’m buying, but that exact instrument. It sounds great. But playing it changed my mind instantly. However, each Breedlove guitar from these more affordable series still exhibit the proprietary designs of their USA made siblings. Without having a direct model-to-model comparison, it’s hard for me to judge how much of the Concert Solo’s sound comes from the wood choice and how much from its design.

©2015 – 2020 Breedlove Guitars – All Rights Reserved. Beginners love the fact that string changes are much easier without having to wrestle a traditional pin bridge. The guitar sports a companion body shape constructed with mahogany back and sides and Solid Sitka Mahogany top. They are the best choice for anyone who needs a guitar they can move around with. This provides a balanced and stable product resulting in a resonant tone with notable sustain. At first I was not super impressed with the appearance of the cedar top, but as time passes it has grown on me. I knew what I wanted (cutaway, acoustic-electric, good plugged-in sound, durable, easy to fingerpick), I set a budget ($2000, which I didn’t end up coming close to), and I set out. #mc_embed_signup{background:#fff; clear:left; font:14px Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; width:100%;} To answer these questions and more, let’s first learn a bit about the history of Breedlove guitars and the product lines of the company. Still, there is a big enough selection in town that I was confident I would find an instrument I liked. Back in the early '90s, Breedlove was the repair center for Taylor, and got to see first hand how abused guitars could be restored and returned to full usefulness. A few of the most well known musicians include Ed Roland of Collective Soul, Jeff Pilson of Foreigner, Jim James of My Morning Jacket, and Nick Hexum of 311.

The Breedlove Solo Series is notable for including a Side Monitor Soundhole, basically there’s a second soundhole in the side of the guitar that points straight at your ear as you’re playing. But it also adds welcome functionality while anchoring great sound. While it is difficult to truly judge a guitar without playing and experiencing it first hand, it is clear that Breedlove pours a lot of heart and innovation into their designs. I have a Breedlove with the pinless bridge and have never had any issues nor have I heard/read about any other Breedloves exhibiting problems with the pinless bridge system.

The device is adjustable and should prevent the need for costly repairs to the top of the guitar as it ages, which is a great benefit for any guitar player. I must say that although I like them I own Martins. I asked questions, I went online and read reviews, but mostly I played.

Design, CMS, Hosting & Web Development :: ePublishing, On PremierGuitar.com, "Sponsored Content" refers to articles, videos, or audio recordings that are produced or curated by an advertiser but that, Breedlove graduates the tops by making them around .010" to .015" thinner than conventional tops on the bass side, and that much thicker on the treble side. It has a cozy feel to it. Cedar is also lighter-weight than spruce, but that’s not a big consideration for me. Offset inlays are arrayed along the top and bottom of the fretboard, rather than in the middle.

These guitars typically cost between $2,000 to $2,500 with a deluxe hardshell case, making them a more affordable option for players who still want a Breedlove guitar that is built at the factory in Bend, Oregon.

Maybe you can learn something from it, or maybe you’ll be entertained, or maybe you just want to skip to the darn review. This durability is a comfort to me when playing in cramped quarters in the corner of a dingy bar, and also when dealing with my general clumsiness. His guitar of choice is a customized Oregon Series Myrtlewood in a gorgeous amber finish. 877.800.4848. It also makes changing strings a pain in the ass. I wouldn't worry about them falling apart. There is no pick guard. The reasons for the lower price are easy to explain – it’s made in Korea and the back and sides are laminate rather than solid wood (although the top is solid cedar). Hey, it’s a sunny day, I’d better buy a new guitar. In the end, the provenance is secondary to how it sounds and plays. The C20/SM has a pinless rosewood bridge, and like all Breedloves, comes standard with the JLD Bridge Truss System. Therefore, if you are looking for a choice gift to give to your teenage kids, nieces/nephews or even friends, give this guitar a try. I’m not talking about playing style here, but the projection of the guitar, which in most acoustics is designed to go outward, towards the audience. Now $750 is not exactly loose change, but this guitar was half the price of those others. For my purposes, that was a good thing. Baggs Element pickup and the Breedlove LR-TCV preamp, with a built in EQ and LED-lit tuner. If you have ever owned a cheap acoustic guitar, you may have experienced some structural problems with the guitar top and bridge bellying or warping due to the tension of strings on the guitar top over time. An acoustic electric guitar with a cutaway design makes it easier to access its frets and there is no difference with Breedlove Discovery.

One noticeable thing about this guitar is that it has a Breedlove Pinless Bridge.

These guitars are a great option for any guitarist that feels strongly that their guitar is made from locally sourced materials. Using a capo seemed to balance out the high end, and didn't cause the guitar to choke. I had always had a love-hate relationship with that guitar and some of the manufacturing defects finally caught up to her, making her unplayable and unfixable.

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According to Breedlove, the Discovery Series is the best option they have available for beginner guitar players.

Tom, Thats the way I was thinking things work. The folks at JLD noticed that installing their device altered a guitar's tone. The trick is to pre-bend the tip of the string to get it past the turn in the hole. The Organic Series, Solo Series, Pursuit Series, and Discovery Series all feature designs and quality control measures created in the factory in Bend, Oregon, but they are actually manufactured in China.