Learn how your comment data is processed. I want to learn Kutchi (Mare Kutchi sikhvi chhe), How to say in Kutchi language jb se ye rishta hua start se jaghda hi hai, Kutchi Bha k munjho salam To be a part of a family like mine is so divine where love is shown hurt is shared our love for each other is never impaired we talk, we laugh, we cry, but we are a family and we do it all together for as a family we do it all as one you hurt one you hurt all and as a family unit we will all stand tall for we are family a family full of strength a family full of love a family no one can touch that, s why I love my family so much. What does bye mean in English? Lang. http://www.bhatiacommunity.org – “A man is a bundle of relations, a knot of roots, whose flower and fruitage is the world.” “We all have a need to know where we came from and who we are”. There HAS TO BE a Kutchi script and I wish to meet anybody who is working on it and contribute my bit. ◾Music producers Irfaan & Mehboob Manji

Kachchhi (also spelt Cutchi,Kutchhi or Kachchhi) (Devnagari,Sanskrit : कच्छी , Urdu: کچھی) is an Indo Aryan Language spoken primarily in the Kutch region of India (western) which is located between Sindh and Gujarat. Kutch is a part of Gujarat and dreaming about teaching kutchi in some new unkown scipt to all is just fantasy and is not at all practicle thing. Munke dE – મુકે ડે – Give (it to) me khatri itihas ja bo (2) bhag bhanel ainye ◾Father of Gujarati poetry Pir Sadardin Currently Kachhi is normally written using a modified version of the Gujarāti script and Devnagari(Sanskrit) script. Bhuj Kutch live in Africa dar es salaam Tanzania may WhatsApp No +91 9724937333. जे प माडु कच्छी भासा ने कच्छी ऑलखाण के अगिया वधायजा कार्य करींधो होनके असीं प्रोत्साहन दीबो. Ashadhi Beej Celebration in North America, Kutchi Kavita,Chovak,Sahitya (Poetry, Quotes, Literature), કચ્છી ડબલ રોટી (Kutchi double roti, Kutchi dabeli), कच्छी लोक गीत Kachchhi Lokgeet Special: Geeta Rabari 2018, कच्छी रेसीपी : कच्छी कडक सॅंडविच Kachchhi Recipe : Kachchi Kadak & Protein Pencake Sandwich, कच्छी कविताजी हरिफाई Kachchhi (Kutchi) Poetry Competition 2019, अचाॅ पखी परदेसी ACHO PAKHI PARDESHI | Kachchhi Geet| GEETA RABARI. bye, See you!, Goodbye!, So long!, Tata! It is based on the Deonagari vowels, consonants and wedded to the principles of supremacy for the spoken sound style, and the subordination of the spellings to preserve the original Kachhchhi dialect, which is storing the original sound of thousands of years, due to the non-dependance on modified sound affected by the incomplete spectrum of the script available. http://www.panoramio.com/photo/76609041?tag=Maheshwari%20Matang Jeke pan kutchi sakhni ve hu muke whatsapp te msg kare, Hindi To kutchi translation However efforts are currently being carried out revive the khojki script as well. Discover bye bye meaning and improve your English skills! (polite)

Aao Karachi,Pakistan se ayan Tun – You (informal) Khapey – ખપે – Want Its lexical content shows the very large extent to which the language is a complex combination of Sindhi and some Rajasthani(Marwari), Gujarati, Punjabi although it has its unique traits as well. How are you?) Ahu honi Jo abhar mana to ane ahu pure Puri kosis kaidho se kutchi sakhay ji. A brand new and excellently produced, designed and written magazine is soon coming out exclusively for KDOs. goodbye translation in English-Gujarati dictionary. kantilal1929@gmail.com, Can you tech me kutchi language??? I have been told about the Bhimani Faliya which is now a commercial piece of real estate called Bhimani Tower. Maadu – માડુ – Man Aua (pronounced aow) huda himathe neeya. ◾Bollywood director and producer Vipul Amrutlal Shah Agar aein ji knowledge me koi aero whatsapp jo group aey to pls send karyo, Jisko bhi kutchi sikh na ho muje whatsapp msg kare Kutchi aslo Sindhi no difference between.

How I wish some one would come up with at least a net directory of about a 100 lyricists listed, musicians, singers could be included too, because how can the world get it touch with KUTCHI lyricists and song writers?

9825427001, Kachchhi word for Kitchen is rasohdo रसॉडो although there will be more words as well, Kutchi Trslet ke liye Upar wale Number Par Cont. Are Dimple Kapadia and Jackie Shroff kutchi bhatias?