But, before Nate could tell her who he really was, he became the victim of a car jacking and was shot in the chest. Nikola is left behind. His vast nuclear energy gives him super strength sufficient to fight Superman on an even field and even defeat the Man of Steel. Dr. Heinrich Megala revealed that Captain Atom was once able to move faster than he could think during his experimental testing of Captain Atom's powers. Just as Booster begins to doubt himself and the team, Blue Beetle regains consciousness with information of Max Lord's plans. In doing so, the Sorcerer's World would be free and Mordru would be its ruler.

Time/Space Manipulation - Atom has stated that he can bend time and space on a quantum level. Atom, still conscious from his physical punishment, tricks Apollo into taking him to the Sun.

He is voiced by Xander Berkeley. He'd never tell him he's his dad.

Captain Atom Vol 3 #1(November, 2011) Atom arrives in Bludhaven, just after the city was laid to waste by Chemo.

Energy Projection and Manipulation - He is able to emit blasts of any type of quantum-based energy from any part of his body at once, but normally prefers using his hands for ease of aim. In the direct-to-DVD animated movie, Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, Captain Atom is featured as a member of the Justice League. The newly dubbed “ Captain Atom ” dealt with learning about his powers while serving under the government and General Eiling, the man who married his wife. Nate accepts, and has some tests ran on him to assess his Quantum powers and abilities. It was stated that he is strong enough to move around mountains. His endurance is increased to superhuman levels, and he can perform strenuous activity for a long and undefined period. When covered in his Dilustel skin, he has no need for food, sleep, or oxygen.

[4] Despite this, Nathaniel chose to try and use his powers to help others on Earth, clandestinely if needed be. When a riot breaks open the prison Atom rises and easily defeats everyone present and threatens to self-destruct in order to escape the planet through it's destruction, but is brought down by the Martian Manhunter who makes him think he's only human. Quantum Field Man Captain Atom returned to his roots as he went back to work for the government, this time for President Lex Luthor. Later, he travels to Libya to help anti-government rebels and meets the Flash. Atom can fly at supersonic speeds well ahead of any ground vehicles and is durable enough to survive several blows from Superman but is vulnerable to magical weapons such as … Claiming that we would be weak against Mirabai, he decided to stay disguised in order for Captain Atom to defeat her. This process grants him a vast amount of energy at his disposal, as well as number of different abilities, like temporarily granting people superhuman strength, rendering himself invisible, transmuting things, and manipulating the Speed Force. Jon is questioned by Martian Manhunter and while questioning him, Martian Manhunter telepathically reads his mind and unveils the fact that he sees Superman as a threat, which leads to fuelling the superheroes suspicions regarding Dr.Manhattan being behind the explosion which killed Superman. At one point, he was able to create a universe within the Quantum Field and characters such as Superman, Flash, Firestorm, and even his own Spectre, but this was due to the fact that he was operating above normal levels within the source of his powers. Suddenly, New York is overrun with OMACs. Getting annoyed by this, Captain Atom immediately ends the fight by blasting him with energy and knocking him through the street. The team chooses to tend to Beetle, but lets Max get away again. Not only was this energy difficult to absorb, but it was difficult for him to manipulate as well and powerful enough to breach Captain Atom's skin (Atom claimed that it was having a negative effect on his body). Atom suits up again, and immediately attempts to fly home. After asking too many questions about the superheroes from his time period, Captain Atom is asked to leave the native's home. Monarch argues that the Monitors are genocidal overlords who must be defeated; however, the Monitors assert that Monarch is a supervillain whose plan is to cause a Multiversal war which will leave him the ruler of the unified Earth remaining in its wake. His army of foot soldiers mainly consisted of the JLAxis of Earth-10, the Extremists of Earth-8, and the Crime Society of Earth-3. From the Watchtower, Captain Atom makes his way through Asia to reach his destination.

After being fitted with a new containment suit (similar to the Monarch costume of Armageddon 2001) to keep his Quantum radiation levels under control, Captain Atom awakes and seems to be quite annoyed after sensing a powerful energy signature. The next day, Captain Atom and twenty-thousand soldiers, ogres, and mages go to war against Mirabai's own army. 03:05AM send you an email once approved. He also realizes that half of San Diego isn't underwater. Captain Atom questions Luthor's motives after he attempts to destroy a Kryptonite meteor using nuclear missiles (and a Boom Tube for them to get there). In a protracted fight against Superman-Prime, his suit is damaged, releasing a chain reaction that apparently destroys the entire universe of Earth-51 aside from its Monitor. Around this time various adventures reintroduced Atom's conflict between his role in the superhero community and his responsibilities as a government agent. Atom is shacked up in a cell with Elongated Man, who both realize that they are kidnapped, but don't want to escape for some reason. Such an ability has allowed him to paralyze the Flash by manipulating the molecules that make up the Speed Force. He is soon contained inside of a lab deep within the city and is used to administer radiation treatments to metahumans. To date, he's been able to physically fight and/or inflict damage on beings such as Wonder Woman, Mr, Majestic, Ultraa, Major Force, Superman (who was brainwashed at the time), and the like.