@CalicoChris1313 First Citizens Bank. Unable to wire $ for a house purchase, excessive wire fees, major international transaction fees, and absolutely terrible mortgage payoff issues. When logging in it still states Temporarily Unavailable it has been this way for days. @rachbarnhart @MyLoanCare @CitizensBank Would tell bank that mortgagee did not receive funds and you want a trace on the funds transfer. Not sure why I stayed with @CitizensBank for so long - their app never works, website is always down and their customer service is absolutely terrible!

Johnston, RI 02919, accessOPTIMA by Citizens Commercial Banking®, Cookies help us deliver our services.

On your smartphone or tablet, go to the Google Play or App Store and use keyword “citstatebank” The Citizens State Bank Mobile App is available for download at no charge.

@AskCitizensBank. I have been trying for a month and a half now to get in touch with the claims department to no avail. This is ridiculously bad service @CitizensBank @AskCitizensBank.

Capture the front and back of your signed check, Online Banking enrollment is required to use the mobile banking app. Unable to access statements, it's down half the time, antiquated, font is too small to read, lots of white space.

@CitizensBank What is up with your app and website both not working? @rachbarnhart @MyLoanCare @CitizensBank When a large financial institution refused to correct their error, despite clear evidence supporting my position, I contacted the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and they resolved the issue in my favor in a matter of days. Start banking wherever you are with Citizens Bank and Trust! @JeanBarrie10 Anyone else having issues reaching Citizens? Online banking @CitizensBank has been down since yesterday. @MsGeekasaurus

@geogypsy #firebrucevansaun.

I want my refund applied back to my account by a vendor.

@CitizensBank Android app still broken for small business banking since the update from almost two months ago. @CitizensBank You have trillions in accounts ☑ not millions not billions working on my housing system ☑ map of the world #bank ? Fast, convenient and reliable.

Please help.

@AskCitizensBank @CitizensBank It's now almost 12:30 and online banking is still down.

Any idea of an ETA, @AskCitizensBank @CitizensBank The app still not working. (NMLS ID# 433960).Citizens Bank corporate headquarters: One Citizens Plaza, Providence, RI 02903 Member FDIC, http://www.citizensbank.com/online-banking/terms.aspx, Thank you for your interest in Citizens Bank, Conveniently use your mobile device to deposit a check from virtually anywhere, Deposits by 10 pm ET count as same business day, Our remote deposit capture technology makes depositing via our app quick and easy, Deposit safely and securely, with check images stored at the bank and never on your device.

Citizens Bank outage chart ... @mcav0902 @AskCitizensBank @CitizensBank Mobile app is working, online is NOT WORKING. CITIZENS BANK MOBILE BANKING DESCRIPTION The Citizens Bank FREE Mobile Banking app allows you to check available balances and activity, transfer funds, pay bills, manage your billers, Send Money with Zelle, deposit checks, and locate ATMs and branches – …

Our apps also allow you to use our Mobile Deposit Service, so now you can deposit checks through your mobile device anywhere at any time. @CitizensBank Is the online banking down again? @CitizensBank @AskCitizensBank are you gonna tweet and notify your customers of an o…. 2020-11-05T12:55:03-05:00. Called troubleshooting and I could barely understand what the person on the other line was saying. @vsv512

When logging in it still states Temporarily Unavailable it has been this way for days. Download Adobe® Acrobat Reader to view PDF documents.

Is your online customer service just as *uncaring* as your customer service number?

@CitizensBank anyone thinking of banking with these guys - don’t. CONTINUED.

The site just returns errors when you try to log in. Citizens Bank is a financial institution that operates in the North-East of America. Be the first to know the next time Citizens Bank goes down. They hung up on me once and the second time told me there was a delay due some technical issue- but no estimate on when account will be opened. Is the site down? #firebrucevansaun.

e-statements, transfer set-up and self-initiated services like stop payments are not available using your Citizens Bank Mobile Banking App. @CitizensBank @AskCitizensBank are you gonna tweet and notify your customers of an outage, or just continue to be a clown bank? The Citizens Bank Mobile Banking app is available to all Citizens Bank Online Banking customers. Not acceptable!!

@CitizensBank seriously Wayne branch Just let me go through the 10 questions at Mac then state not working. Both app and website.

@AskCitizensBank @CitizensBank How does a major institution not notice their online banking is broken for an entire morning - since easily 6 am?

@MrTomCatt Maybe @Xbox can shed some light on this issue. Banking on the go! @CitizensBank you guys have such horrendous service!

@CitizensBank what is going on with this new app update?, hasn't worked on my phone for like 2 weeks and no more widget, talked to customer service 3 times, i mean this is bad, i am trying to run a business and a household over here! @johnmic57643134 CONTINUED.

Downdetector® is among the federally registered trademarks of Ookla® and may not be used by third parties without express written permission. First Citizens Bank serves customers at more than 560 branches in 19 states. Citizens One Home Loans App allows you to conveniently manage your loan 24/7! Heads up, @CitizensBank doesn't care whether its customers live or die. When logging in it still states Temporarily Unavailable it has been this way for days.

@AskCitizensBank @CitizensBank Mines still not working per usual....? @AskCitizensBank @CitizensBank The CEO needs to be fired, this problem has persisted for years,banking is going completely online and citizens CEO hasn’t addressed the issues , by firing his IT team, the shareholders need to be made aware that the customers are fleeing.