NO BATTERIES OR CHARGER included with this package. This means you will have a better chance of seeing a fluorescent minerals. The Convoy C8+ UV LED flash light is a power house. Significantly more UV energy emitted compared to most UV flashlights on the market, such as the Convoy S2+ or S2. Mark modified a Convoy C8 flashlight by installing a UV LED and a filter. Way Too Cool urges you not to support patent infringement. Unlike a standard linearly regulated Convoy, the drive current to the FYRFLY's LED will remain constant throughout the entire runtime of the flashlight. If someone imports, makes, uses, offers to sell, or sells filtered UV LED flashlights in the U.S., using colored glass absorption filters such as Hoya glass, Kokomo glass, or ZWB2 glass, they are infringing US Patent #7781751. Shipping directly to you from the UNITED STATES with the proper UV filter pre-installed for fluorescent mineral use, and much more

Sign up for newsletter today, Only registered users can write reviews. When purchased directly from WTC, the flashlight set comes with two standard capacity protected rechargeable Li-ION batteries, the filter pre-installed, the extension tube, and a charger for 2 batteries. While the batteries are charging the LED will be red. If you buy a filtered UV flashlight or other similar battery operated product that does NOT have U.S. Patent number 7781751 on it - please be aware that it is COUNTERFEIT and that selling it, or purchasing it, infringes on the patent and is illegal. But you will see significantly longer runtime using 18650 cells vs RCR123A cells. The flashlight has an ON/OFF Click switch in the tail cap, and it has a Lanyard. MIDNIGHT MINERALS. The C8 has a 1500mA buck driver driven at 7.4VDC (when used with two RCR123A/16340 rechargeable batteries OR with two 18650 rechargeable batteries). Our Convoy C8+ UV has several important differences from a standard Convoy C8 white light.

- Flashlight emitting 2.7W of radiant energy! The 8-3/4" long flash light body makes it easy to hold your hand. 1.5A drive current remains constant through the operation of the flashlight. The standard capacity batteries supplied by WTC really only have a capacity of about 1,300 mA, although the label says 9,900 mA.

The 365nm spot beam is concentrated in the 1-3/4" reflector head, making for a long reaching spread of UV light.

Mark then open-sourced the design. Way Too Cool asked the Convoy manufacturer to make a REAL CONVOY flashlight based on Mark's design. This listing is for the flashlight with extension tube and installed filter.

Please be aware that some manufacturers claim that their 18650 batteries are rated for up to 9,900 mAh and that any value over 3,500 mAh should be suspected of exaggerating. The Convoy C8+ UV LED flash light is a power house. True protected 2,500 mA batteries will soon be available from WTC, see above for pricing. The set also comes with a simple-to-use Li-ION smart charger with fold-away US style prongs. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery, TWO Battery18650 lithium-ion battery required (protected or unprotected). The Convoy C8 emits the same radiance of UV regardless of which battery type is used!

Back in stock!! It is able to fluoresce a sample of Greenland fluorescent sodalite at a distance of approximately 80 feet. This product was inspired by Mark Cole. The 365nm spot beam is concentrated in the 1-3/4" reflector head, making for a long reaching spread of UV light. It is custom-manufactured by Convoy exclusively for sale in the USA by William Gardner/Way Too Cool, LLC, and WTC dealers. Uses two button-top 18650 Li-Ion batteries for longer operating time compared to RCR123A cells. Box 216Norway, MI 49870, Working Days/Hours:Monday - Friday / 8:30AM - 5:00PM Saturday / 9:00AM to 12:00PM CST, Get all the latest information on Salesand Offers. Please do not buy counterfeit or "re-invented" products made in someone's house, when the genuine product is available from the Convoy manufacturer through Way Too Cool, and WTC Dealers. When the head of the flashlight feels hot to the touch, turn the flashlight off and let it cool for a few minutes. Making and selling filtered UV LED flashlights without a license to use the patent is illegal.