Without any other option, the priest makes her dumb with a cross. The two lovers build a glass tunnel that runs under the ground—from the prince’s castle into the princess’s bedroom. Luckily, a few minutes later, a strong young man comes across, feels sorry for him and gives him some sort of energy drink. This twisted little tale begins with a prince and princess who are brother and sister.

Because the glass that cut him was enchanted his wounds will not heal. Unfortunately, Nella’s evil sisters learn of their secret and break the glass tunnel with magic.

A King feeds a flea on his own blood until it is the size of a sheep, then he slaughters it, skins it and promises his daughter to the man who can guess what animal the skin came from. However, by night she turns into a hideous dwarf-sized frog that has a kind soul but can only croak mournfully. The Death comes back to life, identifies himself and promises that although he can't spare the young man's life, he will send messengers to warn him of death's arrival. Liver sausage is invited for dinner at blood sausage’s house and she accepts. Did your ears not buzz? The beautiful sister flees before her family can return home to find her missing, but her ring is stuck on the palace door handle which the prince has spread with tar. The step mother sets the girl an impossible task, threatening to devour her if she is unable to complete it before they return from the nights festivities. Terrified, she tries to tear the shoes off but they have become one with her feet—she continues to dance through field and meadow, rain and shine for many days. A stork carries the baby to the wife of a Viking lord who names the little-girl Helga. The "little glutton" who travels through the woods in Italo Calvino's Italian Folktales … At night, Helga transforms into an ugly frog with a kind heart. She falls in love with a prince who lives miles away. When they arrive ashore, the king leaps onto the back of a fox-red horse which faithful Johannes promptly shoots in the head. However, the daughter somehow knows that the sheep is her mother, and she weeps at the thought of her mother dying. The ending? But the daylight comes and Helga returns to that vicious girl. The beautiful girl loses her bracelet, then her golden shoe in the tar the prince spreads to trap her.

Here is the above version of The Dog and the Sparrow. There is a beautiful princess called Nella. Originally fairy tales were designed to entertain and to teach morals and reflected the spiritual and cultural beliefs of the time but some of these stories—like The Red Shoes—are all too clearly designed to put the fear of god into little children and many of them emphasize the fact that it is okay to react with violence when violence is done unto you. Suitors come from far and wide, but none can guess the origins of the pelt. When hearing this, Nella was heartbroken but decides to go out and find the cure. The prince’s father vows that the woman who can find a remedy for the enchanted wounds will be the prince’s wife. When they arrive at the palace, the king finds a shirt that looks to be made of gold, but faithful Johannes throws the shirt in the fire.