First of all, the orbs they produce are capable of altering reality in a major way. These beings sometimes bordered on the godlike, and their whims and desires have helped reshape the galaxy in their own image. Maybe I could have saved that game, but honestly I'm not that good at this game. Some fans underestimate its power because Dr. Kila Marr is able to destroy it with graviton pulses.

We only get a glimpse of The Traveler in a few episodes.

We are introduced to the sheer power of Species 8472 in the most dramatic way: by seeing them take out multiple Borg ships! Nonetheless, Nagilum's ability to effortlessly wreck the lives of the best and brightest in Starfleet makes him one of their deadlier foes. Close. This creature wanted to understand humanity by watching them undergo various conditions, and he didn't hesitate to kill a crew member so he could understand death. bent on the destruction of all life in the galaxy bears a striking resemblance to one of Star Trek’s most iconic villains: the Borg.

The Crystalline Entity is one of the creatures on this list that is best understood by the crew. I lost. If Kirk and Spock hadn't reasoned with it, this thing could have destroyed the galaxy!

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The two “species” echo each other in their distaste for organic life, fondness for time travel, and desire to eliminate anyone or anything that gets in their way of their mission to have the galaxy all to themselves. This creature is a living doorway to all of space and time. At the top of our list we have The Traveler. Throw in the fact that the Guardian seemingly has knowledge of all of the past and future, and this is a powerful being to reckon with.

This also lets them quickly adapt to things like Starfleet phasers, making them a virtually unstoppable threat. Eventually, Kevin admits that he is filled with guilt: when aliens known as the Husnock attacked this planet and killed Kevin's human wife, he retaliated by wiping out all Husnok throughout the entire galaxy. The ability to wipe out an entire race with a thought makes him insanely powerful! However, this is more than enough to show us how powerful he is. Later, he helped Wesley Crusher rescue his mom from a shrinking warp bubble reality. Cancel … More than a few episodes of Deep Space Nine let us see what the wormhole aliens known as The Prophets can do. But they are capable of so much more.

Later, Janeway successfully convinced them that the Federation is not a threat to them or their way of life. However, Data foils his plans and transports Lore into space before the Crystalline Entity can attack, saving the ship. So a Borg Cube, a Doomsday Machine, and a Crystalline Entity warp into my space. These possessed beings actually have a variety of powers only hinted at, and a possessed Dukat uses these powers to kill Jadzia Dax. The frakking Crystalline Entity, that’s what. Could there be anyone at the top of this list other than Q? Crystalline Entities Cost: 2000 Physics research +5% Energy from Jobs OR Crystal-Infused Plating tech Can expand Contains Crystal Nidus, a large crystalline structure guarded by 4 elite fleets. The random events are being re-worked for the final frontier. Still, the power it has is incredibly: a single person stepping through this Guardian at the right time can completely alter the lives of trillions of future beings.

This is because it once killed everyone on the colony where Data was found by Starfleet. First, he's insanely intelligent, with a mind so vast that Deanna Troi (whose whole gig is reading feelings and understanding minds) could not detect it. You don't need a holodeck to research these alien beings. He's thousands of years old and has an array of fantastic powers. He demonstrates many abilities, like grabbing ships out of space with a giant force field, and he could destroy these ships with but a thought. They can possess bodies, resurrect the dead, and likely have many more abilities. Soon, though, the crew discovers that there is much more to him. And the Borg Queen seems unable to stay dead. He could even transport people from place to place with a wave of his hand! (Star Trek: The Magazine Volume 2, Issue 12, p. 45) If Dukat had succeeded in freeing them, they may well have destroyed the galaxy. He's able to disrupt the mind of Counselor Troi and to manifest alien ships to attack the Enterprise to drive it off.

I suggest only turning them on for certain maps (usually larger ones where my territory is nowhere near the star). At other times, these beings are malicious and violent, threatening to put an end to all life as we know it within the Star Trek universe. If the Guardian could itself go back and forth in time, it would be a lot higher on this list.

The official Star Trek: Armada III subreddit. That's what happened when Kirk and crew encountered Apollo on a distant planet. [citation needed] In the episode "Brothers", Soong summons Data to Terlina III to give him an emotion chip.

So a Borg Cube, a Doomsday Machine, and a Crystalline Entity warp into my space. Otherwise, I simply appreciate you reading what I have written and taking the time to learn a bit about me! However, some alien beings go beyond races like the Klingons and Romulans. And here I was thinking this was going to be an enters the bar joke. In terms of prolonged conflict, the Federation had never encountered a more major threat than these Founders and their Dominion. Just keep scrolling for our guide to 15 Most Powerful Beings In Star Trek, Ranked! Other times, they are violent enemies that later become allies, like the belligerent Klingons. Sometimes, Star Trek likes to return to the idea of what a “god” really is in a universe of super-powerful aliens.

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Here's the only guide you'll need to Star Trek's most powerful alien beings, from A to Z. Since we previously saw that it took the destruction of thirty-nine Starfleet ships to stop a single Borg cube, seeing this new species effortlessly take out these cubes lets you know they mean business. 7.

Star Trek: Discovery’s malevolent A.I. Concept drawings of the Crystalline Entity were produced by illustrator Andrew Probert. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. The Borg tactical cube was also used in the climactic final level of Star Trek: Legacy.Oddly, creators of the game boasted in a video interview that the vessel was of their creation, and that it had been designed especially for the game's finale. Or should that be A to Q? As the show went on, though, we got more details about their natural enemies, the Pah-Wraiths (who were actually exiled Prophets).

V'Ger could scan crew on starships and then create perfect recreations of them, and at a whim, it could easily destroy an entire planet. Archived.

Accordingly, everyone from Kirk to Picard and beyond has encountered a variety of wildly different alien races. In terms of power, though, it's almost impossible to measure everything Q can do.

These guys can do a little bit of everything. Fortunately, they've dedicated their lives to peace and understanding instead of war.

One particular "adjustment" that should have never been conducted.

Based on these glimpses, The Traveler is on the bottom of our list, but we've likely only seen a small amount of what he can truly do.

From the very beginning of Deep Space Nine, Odo was haunted by the need to find out where he came from. This kind of diversity is what makes Star Trek feel like such a real and vibrant universe. It could also avoid sensors whenever it wanted and could block communication. Nagilum is a one-off Star Trek villain that was nonetheless very memorable. 10 The Crystalline Entity. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I had no way to replace them as I had recently built about half of them, and I surrendered.

He is also a family man who is supported by his amazing wife and really awesome son. Throw in their ability to perceive time in a non-linear fashion, and they have the secrets of the universe to make them that much more powerful. There's also the grim reality that every single victory against the Borg is destined to be short-lived: if they lose drones, they assimilate more. He spends his days teaching students how to write and his nights writing about things like movies, TV shows, and comics. They are basically fire spirits, and they can give corporeal beings dream-like visions and actually take over people's bodies.

When it comes to alien species, the Borg represent the single greatest enemy to the Federation and pretty much all biological life. First, it seems impervious to harm, and it's able to make torpedos that Klingons fire simply disappear.

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This makes it easy to believe the Borg when they tell Picard and crew “resistance is futile!”.

And the Founders ended up creating an entire army of Jem'hadar soldiers and Vorta to help them take over large chunks of the galaxy. Got a powerful Star Trek being we missed? Supernatural: Which (Avatar) Element Would Each Main Character Bend? As he is quick to remind the Enterprise crew, he is all-knowing and all-powerful. Head on over to the comments!

Yeah, it's absolutely completely pointless to play with those events.

The Guardian of Forever has a pretty direct name, and it is a pretty direct alien being. As near as anyone can tell, this thing only has one goal: to feed on life wherever it can find it! This oversized, living electromagnetic collector has the power to consume all life on any surface it touches, whether it be starship or planet. If the Enterprise crew had not been able to find and destroy the temple that was the source of his power, Apollo would be much higher on this list. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. This is because it once killed everyone on the colony where Data was found by Starfleet. They are more than just family: they are partners in crime, the foundation of his future, and pretty much the most compelling reason to get up in the morning. Apocrypha. The Crystalline Entity is one of the creatures on this list that is best understood by the crew.

These things were driven by evil and malice and had the power to back it up. Like the Prophets, these are non-corporeal beings. We can see this most clearly when a Klingon uses an Orb of Time to try to completely change the past.

Even at near optimal play or for the cheating highest difficulty AI. They operate by assimilating other species and cultures, meaning they are constantly improving their weapons and technology.