No, they won’t trigger when they are put on board. It’s similar to Varian Wrynn. 7th round while you have ysera, nozdormu, malygos and chrommagus in your hand you play deathwing. Silence + hard removal instantly screws you. None that I can think of are extremely good with this card yet. You have both Deathwings in hand, and this card basically gets: “Deathrattle: Resummon this minion”. Deathwing, Dragonlord is a 10 Mana Cost Legendary Neutral Minion Dragon card from the Whispers of the Old Gods set! entomb costs 6 mana making him use half of his mana making sap the best way to deal with it. It doesn’t do anything on turn 10, it requires you to hold back minions you want to play for it to be good and THOSE minions still can’t attack the turn they’re played.

Paladins now have a good reason to use Eadric against upcoming decks using these late-game supercarry cards, Paladin: 5th round, coin, thaurissan. otherwise they will need to have a silence AND hard removal at the same time in their hand without the silence used bevore or perhaps the hard removal on one of your other big dragons. It is hard to tell right now, but the N’zoth value with this guy is insane. I have been reading in many forums about a possible nerf of BGH. With many new big minons around there with Old Gods, how is it possible to nerf the only neutral guy that can face with them in same turn? Card Text. I think it suck to aggro deck and combo deck but it is OP to control deck. It doesn’t make a copy of them, so the first Deathwing would pull out all the dragons and the next one would do nothing. Not sure why they didn’t just name him Neltharion. Best Standard Meta Decks. Will Twilight drake be just a 4/1? ._.

Have you not noticed the theme of corrupting existing minions to do the opposite of what their original card did in this expansion…? In particular, he can attack a non-Taunt minion before a Taunt minion. Bottom line: it’s very strong. If Dr. Boom came out today, everybody would say “Dies to Lightbomb, that is trash.”. Chillmaw is decent on curve and the higher dragon count in your deck than usual means it has more activators which helps it wipe the board for your other dragons. They die at the SAME time or only 1 thaddius would be summoned. Deathwing is a single all in one body They die simultaneously, but the deathrattles always run sequentially. this card is actually pretty strong because the ways of dealing with it are limited.

battlecry first I think, since both discarding and destroying are in the same battlecry it probably will happen first, therefor all cards will be discarded at the same time deathwing, dragonlord dies, so the deathrattle won’t do anything. I hope some passive effects are introduced to dragons during this expansion, other wise this just drops a bunch of unbuffed dragons, still cool htho.

I’m not sure wether i like this card, or not. Tempo Mage used to be a very notable and powerful Hearthstone deck, until Mana Wyrm got nerfed a few years ago, all of its synergies have rotated out and the deck was left in the dark for a long time. In arena, or if the constructed meta followed arena's formula for gradual board control, Deathwing is awesome, because he's just a second chance to win a game that was lost. when it dies. My problem with this card is, that your opponent can trigger it on his turn and the use a combo like poison seeds/starcall or wild pyro/equality to basically oneshot your entire lategame force. So, this is exactly the same Deathwing, just focusing on an artifact to control the other dragon aspects rather than just blowing stuff up directly? Entomb and MC instantly screw you. But Deathwing is already corrupted. What happen if u have more than 7 dragon in hand?

can get this big guy out on 6…. They die at the same time in the same removal check for damage or as a more direct action, e.g. That’s it. Take a second to tell us how you feel! Budget Hearthstone Decks. The Bot-Bombs can pass taunt and it can split on 5 targets which is good against zooish decks, it is also good vs a single big body, since you have pretty big chance to deal 6-10 damage on a single target by the boombots itself, still having a 7/7 body.

Rat Pack is one of the best cards Deathwing can pick up as the buff allows it to summon more tokens that also receive the buff, making him a natural candidate for running Beast strategies—although Mechs and Demons also have a number of token generators he can use.

The Attack buff means that whoever can field the most minions will have a significant advantage over the other when Deathwing battles, meaning that he will generally want to focus on token generators. ... Deathwing Hunter (Wild) Posted By: MrTren - Published: April 21, 2019 - Updated: 1 year ago - Dust Cost: 10,520 Tweet. Deathrattle: Put all Dragons from your hand into the battlefield. You want to Silence it? than again, IF you can make naga sea witch stick you could also just summon y’shaarj, ragnaros or ysera. Deathwing, Mad Aspect attacks minions in a random order. You’re kidding me? Thijs has a new Astral deck that is using seawitch, Disguised Toast 1,207,686 views Yes, that has a lot of potential. So if you played deathwing, loot hoarder, deathwing and then they die at once the first one would pull dragons, you would draw a card, the second could pull the card you just drew if it was a dragon. Deathwing, Dragonlord is a 10 Mana Cost Legendary Neutral Minion Dragon card from the Whispers of the Old Gods set!. I mean, you can only have 1 Deathwing in your deck in constructed and the odds of pulling 2 Deathwings and this in Arena are astronomically small…. The fact that this card has a deathrattle is pretty significant, due to the fact, that hard removal and silences are likely to dominate the standart format. You want to Entomb it?

Most games are done by turn 12. the way you have to look at this card is that if your opponent don’t remove a 12/12 he might die in 2 turn and if he kill it you summon a crap lot of damage wich also win you the game. But there is no “first“ one in that case… for example if feugen and stallag die at the same time you summon 2x thaddius. This page was last edited on 5 September 2020, at 11:24.

Would all dragons in your hand get summoned twice? That would only be useful in a deck that already runs it/runs lots of big dragons. Deathwing the Destroyer, formerly known as Neltharion the Earth-Warder, was one of the five Dragon Aspects and leader of the black dragonflight.

| Mecha C'Thun OTK Druid | Boomsday Project | Hearthstone - Duration: 42:55. Plus with the potential nerfs of BGH and silence, minions like this one can bring even more value once this new expansion comes up. 6th round brann and dragon consort. The main dragon decks that work are Priest and Warrior and they have amazing tempo plays themselves so good luck beating em with tempo/aggro decks. Chromaggus is also good, since either way its effect happens at my draw phase. I tried to find this out but didn’t receive an answer. Deathwing is a hero that the player can pick in the Battlegrounds game mode.