The 2019 version is smooth, I am not facing any vibration issues. But between the 2 choices you mentioned, I would prefer Dominar. I would not recommend so. Clutch-less gear shifting can be done after 2nd gear. The bike offers good looks, healthy performance, competent underpinnings and a host of features at an affordable price. For a better tank range you can go with himalayan but for better maintenance cost and good torque you can go with dominar, Sports tourer. Similarly, the LED tail light reflectors have been revised to look more modern. mileage you will get around 25-30 km/l. (i say phydique because the more you weigh the more weight you have in your upper body and the more your hands have to suffer while leaning) Both bikes have similar accleration as dominar has more weight more power and rr310 has less weight less power so power to weight ratio is similar ! Do not go for renegade and if you have a budget of 2,75,000 go for Honda CB300R because it has lower ground clearance or you can choose yamaha fz series or Suzuki gixxer, Renegade would be great considering 5ft height. 1.94 Lakh (Ex-showroom Price, Delhi). I am quite impressed with this Dominar 2019. This will be the better way to maintain the bike initiAlly, Better to ride slow in first 5000km, if not mileage will goes down, engine wear and tear, over heating issues and engine vibration issues rises, There is a manual given appropriate speed to gear number if you follow it you can ignore the executive words and enjoy the ride, 40-60kmph would give you 25kmpl - 27kmpl, 60kmph+ would give around 28-30kmpl. But if you are in love with the bike, go ahead and test ride it. same as dominior also. But Yeah! You may go for Husqvarna Svartpilen 250 or Thunderbird 350. @Zigwheels So can the current bike (D2019) be updated to BSVI norms later? Please tell me. Yes,d400 will do just fine!! powerful machine indeed. So, I went for Dominar 400 ABS as I was able to control it. I think the best color was glossy midnight blue,but in 2019 edition it comes only in two color that is matte black and glossy green. Changes in the sense of replacement it is possible in the service station itself...check if your warranty is that it's changed free of cost.

The riding Posture is Not Fully Upright! For day to day,It depends on your physique,i'm a bulky guy so in day to day use after 15 min my hands starts to pain in sports bikes. 7. Autologue Design To Offer Accessories For 2019 Bajaj Dominar 400 UG... Royal Enfield’s Electric Ambitions Ignited, Bajaj Dominar 400 And Dominar 250 Prices Hiked, Your Favourite Bajaj Cruiser Is Now More Expensive. It will be comfortable, but handling 186 kgs and 800mm seat height will be a problem ... My personal opinion is to go with Dominar. Additionally, it also gets mounts for bungee straps to suit your touring needs. yamaha FZ25 - decent bike, smooth engine,nothing to complaint about as such5. Yes, if you want to go for their 300/500 cc bikes, its fine. As of now, there is no official update available from the brand side, however, Bajaj Auto has trademarked the name ‘Neuron’ in the country. Japenese bikes are so much refined, Go for Honda CB300R. Yesterday I bought dominar 2019 edition. Dominar is basically a sports tourer, from my personal experience you can do Off-roading quiet easily without having any ground clearance problems even in very ruff terrains, I would suggest you to use OFFROAD tyres while going for it. Trying to get into gaps would be difficult as the turning radius is slightly on the higher side and the bike would be little bigger whne compared to the duke series .. but the weight wouldn't bother you though, Yes we can. Both bikes are good in performance and top speed. But 2020 is prety good.. that small bump in power figures..

What a fantastic bike it is ! I get milage of 33 -35 on highways and 30 in city. But there's a narrow market for that...if you know any crashgaurd with frame sliders... Pls do let me know, I agree with you but they tried hard to make dominar much better.i own 2019 dominar and what quality issue I felt is crash gaurd quality its pathetic.other than it's a solid bike with nice engine, Hey friend I think as suggested by someone above you should take a test ride and also check with the seat cover shop if if he can reduce the size of the seat because it can reduce at least 1 inch, I am 5’2, still I chose 2019 Dominar and I were the owner of RE Classic 500.Dont worry about height....Go for a Ride on Dominar, The foremost demerit is, it is difficult to manuveur in low speeds it causes Pain in your hand and elbow.

try these if it fits your requirements, Style, maintenance, looks and power Dominaar, Refinement is not so good,chain sound and gear shifting from 1 to 2 is noisy and sometimes it doesnt go to gear 2,stuck on N(Neutral), Yes in Fuel Tank There's Plastic Material Around Fuel Cap Makes Vibrations Nut Not in All Bikes only in Some Bikes , You Can Resolve it Service Center They'll Apply Vibration Kit or Else You Can Use Double Side Tape and Paste The Edge. The secondary tank mounted console displays odometer, two trip meters, gear position indicator and clock. Air cooled bikes can face some struggle on hilly areas so you should go for liquid cooled bikes and I suggest you to buy kTM 250. Yes, its perfectly suitable for Overweight persons...or for persons over the weight of 90 kgs also.Best would be to personally test drive the vehicle at a showroom near you. And if you could stuff by your own, then it's even easier.. 10k to 12 k per as use your riding bike first service after 1000 thousand kilometer first service .some changing your ride is more smooth riding . Ktm has some extra features such as tft dispaly which is very awesome . Bajaj Dominar 400 BS6 is the base variant in the Dominar 400 lineup and is priced at Rs. I have been using it since 3 years, When you visit the dealer in month endings you can eventually get 10000 and im not sure this may be changes from place to place and dealer to dealer. As of now, there is no update available from the brand side regarding the launch of any bigger siblings of Dominar 400. Apply loan for Dominar 400 and get this voucher. The Maintenance Cost is Much Less as Compared and Also, its a Value for Money Stuff! U can opt for Dominar. You won't regret buying Dominar for sure. The Built Quality is Quite Fascinating! I used a pulsar 180 classic then came my dominor purchase.. it feels great.. You can cut the seat alittle bit at the seat shop..+you adjust the forks & shock but it will perform a bit different in bumps & potholes, can..i'm 5.5ft and doesn't have any complains at all, Short but you can ride in easy way, because i am also 5.3, Yes you can I ride it, br careful in bumper to bumper traffic jam, I think BS6 Dominar 400 will launch in April and its cost will increase only 2000/- INR in current ex-showroom prices, Coat is something around 195 on Road..need to verify though. In a City you may prefer lighweight bike,Dominar is 184kg and hard to maneuver in the city. (I'm 5'8 and I don't feel any trouble while riding my Dominar 2019)Dominars instrument console is way much better than Mojo with a lot of more informations.Mojo has a better ground clearance.But I have done a really ruff OFFROAD on my Dominar, but I never faced any issue in it. USD FORKS ON FRONT , increased +5bhp power, Dual port exhaust , Improvement in desingn, High quality aluminium mirror grills, upgraded and added new features on Console. If you prefer long ride then Dominar is always a better option. It has everything that is needed for long trips. The FZ 25 is a oil cooled and 5 speed gearbox. 14. 16. Do take a test ride, and make sure you r gentle with that throttle , Not anymore..2017 had these issues , best for long haul Rides. The tell-tale lights which were were on the tank have now been moved right below the main console. Do no race the bike engine unnecessarily. That aside, the most prominent visual change is the use of 43mm upside down forks instead of conventional ones. I don't think the red color is coming to the Indian market. I learned bike on passion pro. New colour scheme is dope.On the other hand, dominar has exact same engine of duke 390 in a slightly bigger body. You won't find the heat too hard to bear. Follow the link and select your desired city for. If mileage is not a issue than definitely go for dominar 2019 edition.. But, this actually an advantage for short height when they get pillion on Dominar. Upcoming Honda SH350i Gets Looks That Can Kill, Royal Enfield Himalayan : Detailed Review, Interact with car / bike owners & experts. The front telescopic forks have led way to USD forks to offer better handling and front end feel. Pillion seat should not be a problem for you with this bike. )will update review after 1st serviceupdate: after first service bike feels a bit smoother than before. To know the answer to that, stay tuned for our first ride review. As far as I know, it is meant for international markets. If you are a bulky guy then go for dominar and if you are petite and very slim go for ktm. I usually Gets a Mileage of 24 to 28 in City and 32+ on Highways! Dominar has a proven capability of long rides. Refined engine... And the service netowork is if your on your trip.. and something goes wrong ( which would never happen) you can get it done irrespective of you being in any corner of India... And they do prioritize dominors over the other bajaj bikes so you would get your ride the same day.. and bajaj service stations are open all Sunday's too , You can Blindly Go for Dominor 400 , Whenever You Wants You Can do Hyper Riding and You Can Cruise in 60 - 70 in 6Th Gear, No center stand will k**l the looks, Yes you should go for it at this price point dominar is the best choice, You Can Use It For Both the Purpose And Its Woth The Money 2019 Model In This Budget Segment, Dominar 400 is a good choice and as it is segmented for cruising yet the pillion and rider seats aren't that much softer. But Dominar is value for money. So if I compare with that little monster, I get little disappointed on braking in Dominar. 1) Bajaj is calling it an upgrade, literally. It now comes with a new DOHC (Dual OverHead Camshaft) layout for better efficiency at higher revs. Odysseys Own a Dominar 400 and exclusive rides await you. construction quality I find both bikes similar. Highway yes..City traffic ifnu can handle the load fine also.. Stronger in what sinerio matters. Or if you can drive based on tachometer, maintain below 4500 rpm. The Bajaj Dominar 400 has received a host of cosmetic and mechanical updates for 2019. Nothing as such .. all depends on how you use thr machines..proper maintenance, proper way of driving..