Finally the coagulum is transferred to the double cream cheese separator where whey is separated from the cheese curd. At room temperature, cream cheese spreads easily.

Visit a local wine shop, liquor store or grocery store to buy one or several wines for pairing. (Chowhound monavano likes to use it in asparagus soup too. Caramelized onions, chopped roasted peppers, or olives also work. An enterprising dairyman started making cream cheese in 1872 in New York state and before long a distributor commissioned him to produce it in volume under the trade name "Philadelphia Brand." Mix whatever amount of cream cheese you have left with an equal amount of sour cream, Greek yogurt, or mayo (or some combination thereof)—or just thin it out with a little milk or heavy cream—and mix in whatever else sounds good. Sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest tips, tricks, recipes and more, sent twice a week. This easy no-churn Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream recipe blends a tablespoon of cream cheese with two frozen bananas and a cup of strawberries for a fantastic, fruity treat. Mash some garlic and herbs into it, maybe some fresh citrus zest, and fill ‘em up before pan searing or roasting. But stirring some cream cheese into regular pancake batter makes it even fluffier. This No-Bake Cheesecake for One recipe may be the best use of 2 ounces of cream cheese ever devised (it’ll also use up a little leftover heavy cream if you have some of that). Although still heavy, thickened cream doesn’t quite pack the same punch as double cream because it has a minimum fat content of just 35%. Reputedly, the first double-crème cheese was “Petit Suisse”, made in 1850 in Normandy. As French cream is at the lower end of the fat scale (vs double cream at around 46% fat) the cream will be more difficult to whip so make sure that it is thoroughly chilled before trying to whip it. We’ve chosen recipes that use three-quarters or less of a standard 200g tub of cream cheese.

For this version, leave a few lumps of cheese intact when whisking the egg mixture – this way you can enjoy  melty cheese pockets when it’s cooked. Get daily tips and expert advice to help you take your cooking skills to the next level. Beat your cream cheese with a splash of Tuaca or another liqueur (or liquor), then use it to top fresh fruit—or invert the idea and use a bit of whipped, lightly sweetened cream cheese to layer under drunken prunes, bruleed bananas, poached pears, or macerated strawberries for an easy dessert. The product should then be packed at high temperature to achieve a long shelf life. Remove the rolled pastry from the refrigerator, bake it to brown it and serve it warm with crackers. The Best Hors D'oeuvres to Serve With Cabernet, How to Bake Mac & Cheese With a Bread Crumb Crust, Wine Enthusiast Magazine: Wine and Cheese, Saveur: Pastry-Wrapped Brie with Caramelized Onions.