Brain | Watchmen claims Dr. Manhattan might be the most powerful character in existence but these 20 characters could possibly take him down.

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The Merciless | Dr Manhattan vs Doctor Fate # Dr Manhattan Manhattan is far superior. Lady Shiva | Blockbuster | Firefly |

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Wizard, Movie Goldface | According to several characters in the New 52 and Rebirth, the as-of-yet unseen Manhattan has darkened and is even more cynical and sees the multiverse as cruel, corrupt and meaningless; something that Pandora (one of his apparent victims) claimed the heroes of DC would "prove him wrong" on. In 1920, he and his father stumbled across an underground pyramid, which they found contained Nabu, an ancient immortal from the planet Cilia who had laid dormant for thousands of years.

Doomsday | Zebra-Man, Theatrical Movies In the HBO Watchmen series he is played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, who also played Black Manta in Aquaman. Hugo Strange |

So when facing off against a character like The Spectre, who is one of the DC universe's most powerful magical beings, The Spectre has a few more impressive magical moments on record. Dr Fate vs Dr Manhattan vs Dr Strange vs Dr Doom - Page 2 CBR Barbatos | Brother EYE | Save Prime Earth and his own world (succeeded). Roulette | Catwoman | Entertainment reporter, writer, and all around geek. Weather Wizard | Steppenwolf | Freeze | Shame | Harley Quinn

It is revealed that he saw a vision of Superman punching him and nothing afterwards, coming to the conclusion that Superman kills him or he destroys everything. | Psycho-Pirate | Matthew Norvock | Peek-a-Boo | Goldface | King Shark | Gorilla Grodd | Godspeed | Bug-Eyed Bandit

Barbatos | Captain Cold | Mister Bloom | King Snake | Eradicator | Mrs. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! He is the most powerful sorcerer in the Amalgam universe. Multiversal-scale conspiracyMurderAdulteryAbductionBrainwashingTerrorism (as of DC Rebirth) Hydrogen is the most common and fundamental element in the universe. Deadshot | Gentleman Ghost | Evil Star | Fiddler | RELATED: 5 DC Heroes The Hulk Could Defeat (And 5 He Wouldn't Stand A Chance Against). Angle Man |

As with many beings he is still below the rankings of Mandrakk or Perpetua but is notable for being beyond even the realm of imps such as Myx, which easily puts him into outerversal realms. Imperiex | Construct |

Season 4: The Thinker | Marlize DeVoe | Samuroid | Kilg%re | Gregory Wolfe | Amunet Black | Matthew Norvock | Killer Frost | Black Bison | Dwarfstar | King Shark | Anthony Bellows | Peek-a-Boo | Black Arrow | Overgirl | Reverse-Flash | Prometheus (Earth-X) | Quentin Lance (Earth-X) | Trickster II | Prank | Jones | Crucifer | Siren-X Round 3: In-character, 1 day prep for both sides, Round 4: All servants and masters are willing to work together until Manhattan is beaten, 1 day prep for both sides. Arguably the most powerful sorcerer in the cosmos) | Multiverse level+ (Defeated two renegade Lords of Order and Chaos, who threatened the multiverse. Mad Monk | Doctor Manhattan | Doctor Polaris | Tony Zucco | Merrymaker | Dr Fate vs Dr Manhattan vs Dr Strange vs Dr Doom; All users, both new and returning, are expected to follow THE CBR COMMUNITY STANDARDS & RULES. Later Manhattan puts Bruce Wayne in contact with the Flashpoint Thomas Wayne, who tells his son not to become Batman before his "death" and the destruction of the last of the Flashpoint timeline, this prompts Bruce not to respond to the Bat-Signal the following night. Secret Society of Super Villains | All-Star Superman: Lex Luthor | Solaris | Parasite | Bar-El & Lilo-El Let's find out. Anti-Monitor | Nuclear physicist (formerly) So today we are going to take a look at a few characters from DC Comics that Doctor Strange could defeat, and a few who would put up a challenge. WARNING: This article contains major spoilers. Cheetah | Cosmic King | But if he's Bloodlusted he's not going to give a damn about anything and they all get insta-gibbed by the collective might of a team of Manhattans. Close. Joker's Daughter | Neron | Black Mask | Captain Boomerang | Batman: The Killing Joke: Joker | Vinnie & Joe | Paris Franz | Dracula | Rumor | Toyman | Mirror Master | Lex Luthor | Black Mask | Sinestro | Joker 2.0 | Prank | Killgore Steed | Team Penguin | Julie | Spellbinder | The Joining | Cosmo Krank | Marty Slacker | Scorn, Beware the Batman Gorilla Grodd |

Black Lantern Corps | Joker | Strange's psyche. Crime Doctor |

Anarky | Superman: Red Son: Superman | Brainiac | Lex Luthor | Batman | Joseph Stalin | Superior Man And while Strange serves his universe as the Sorcerer Supreme, The Spectre serves all of creation as The Presence's divine vengeance and has very few limitations or weaknesses. Cheetah | Jax-Ur | Satanus | Dr Manhattan wins! Dark Supergirl | Icicle |

Doomsday Clock: Reggie Long | Ozymandias | Doctor Manhattan | The Comedian | Mime and Marionette, Film Amanda Waller | Superman/Batman: Public Enemies: Lex Luthor | Major Force | Metallo | Amanda Waller | Toyman | Solomon Grundy | Gorilla Grodd | Killer Frost | Lady Shiva | Giganta | Mongul | Captain Cold Catman | Kobra Cult | Alfred Stryker | Two-Face | Batman: Bad Blood: League of Assassins (Talia al Ghul, The Heretic, Onyx, Firefly, Tusk, Mad Hatter, Electrocutioner, Hellhound, Calculator, & Killer Moth) | Black Mask Major Disaster |

Superman Arcade: Emperor Zaas, Comics Steppenwolf | Parademons | Black Clad (Black Clad Alpha) | Lex Luthor | Deathstroke | Ares | Darkseid.

Strangefate learned that the two keys controlled by Access that would restore the DC Comics and Marvel Comics universes and that everything in the Amalgam universe will be destroyed. The Dark Knight Rises: League of Shadows (Bane, Talia al Ghul & Barsad) | Catwoman | John Daggett It's time shenanigans. Lex Luthor | Claything | Shadow-Thief | Floronic Man | Judge of Owls | Encantadora | Renegades | Toyman | Ocean Master |

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