Dragonfly tattoos can be done with many other tattoo style like tribal, and 3d realistic style. Luckily they are not that big in real life or they would probably be running the world and biting large chunks out of unsuspecting people. After all it’s only a tattoo.

There must be more nerve endings in that part of the body and the bone is closer to the surface. Hopefully, you got some ideas for your next tattoo.

The tattoo is a nice sleeve with a lot going on including a compass.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It’s a cute design that is simple and small. Here is another watercolor tattoo this time using fatter lines and more washed out colors than the others. So all the dragonflies you see cruising around in the air are almost dead. A small dragonfly tattoo does well placed in discrete areas such as behind the ear, back of the neck or even as a ring – they’re a great option for cute tattoos. Roger Copy That. This is a bit sexy. There are some amazing ones and some real shockers as you will see from the list. This is an unusual design for a dragonfly being a skeleton. I love the colors in this tattoo. Realistic dragonfly tattoo by Oleg Turyanskiy, A dragonfly flying above the watercolor background with the quote – “to fall is connected to try”, Your email address will not be published.

Luckily it looks awesome and the tattoo artist did a tidy job. Dragonfly Tattoos are that sort of cute tattoos for female, which are mostly inked in 3D and realistic style. Most species have been found to only travel every third day averaging a distance of 7.5 miles a day although one dragonfly traveled one hundred miles in a single day. They are so good at flying and have been recorded to reach speeds of up thirty-six miles an hours. The tail trails down with the contour of the spine leading the eye down the back. Dragonfly tattoo designs can be easily crafted as feminine or as masculine ones wants. In this tattoo, there is a swallow about to nail the dragonfly. Above is a swarm of butterflies flying up this ladies spine. In order to craft it as masculine design wings of dragon can be tattooed in tribal form or for crafting feminine designs hallucinatory wings full of colors.

Did you know there are heaps of different types of dragonflies?

Photographic Wing Dragonfly Tattoo! They are known to eat a variety of insects and have been known to eat tadpoles and small fish.

The Skeleton. Bees use flap their wings approximately three hundred times a minute to fly whereas dragonflies only have to do it thirty times. Don’t get me wrong they look every bit as amazing as color, some are even better. It’s a little too realistic for my liking and a bit freaky indeed.

Here is a whimsical little foot tattoo of a dragonfly. Adult dragonflies only live short lives that can last from a few weeks to a few months. It would have hurt as the wrist is quite a sensitive spot. It’s easy to get lost in the patterns and the beautiful outline of the vines in the piece.

They are also a symbol of overcoming obstacles and moving forward which is a good thing.

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A dragonfly is considered one of the most beautiful living organisms on the earth. That’s pretty damn fast when you think about it. The line work is very tidy and so is the shading. This is a cool mandala style dragonfly tattoo paired with a mandala. A dragonfly is an ancient insect that has lived on earth for hundreds of millions years. What kind of crazy person came up that idea. 41. The colors look amazing.

The dragonfly tattoos can serve as a reminder for some to stay strong in the face of troubling times, that things may appear challenging today, yet tomorrow you will be flying high and reaching new and exciting heights. Here is another watercolor style dragonfly tattoo with some beautiful flowers that compliment the piece and add some depth and variety.

This is a huge pair of dragonfly wings. If you choose a small design, then that tattoo … It’s very cartoon-like and uses vivid colors to pretty it up. Dragonfly symbolism, such as change or development, can be quiet or loud depending on what kind of change you are making. This lady looks like she’s getting bitten on the shoulder. A small dragonfly tattoo that sits just to the side of the boob.

The fairy tattoo design holds an air of mystery around it which makes it look classy. People were so dumb before the internet. Dragonfly symbolism, such as change or development, can be quiet or loud depending on what kind of change you are making. Wrist tattoos, especially on the inside are a great spot if you want to show a little discretion yet still be out there loud and proud.