He wasn't REALLY hurt to be honest, and shook off the ash. There are so many amazing supervillain enemies of Superman to choose from. Superman has kryptonite, and Darkseid and DC's other New Gods have Radion, a mysterious substance that can take down some of DC"s strongest gods. Likewise, the fact that Rin described the higher dimension as temporal proves that it isn't extraspatial. In this exclusive video, we're breaking down who would win in a showdown between DC's Darkseid and Marvel's Thanos. Emperor Joker wins! 12 Heroes Everyone Forgets Defeated Darkseid, Ranking The 15 Most Powerful DC Cosmic Characters, X-Men: X of Swords Turns a Krakoa Ally Into Saturnyne's New Champion, Zack Snyder Encourages Fans to 'Speculate' About Justice League 2 - Because He Has, Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider Almost Does the Unthinkable to Miles Morales, Apple TV+'s Doug Unplugs Learns How Imagination Is Not an App (Exclusive), Captain America Defends New York From a Symbiote Invasion in Marvel's King in Black, Amber Heard Confirms Involvement in Aquaman 2 Despite Petition to Fire Her, Target Warns PlayStation 5 Orders Will Ship in PS5 Packaging. The Spectre said that he was powerful enough to destroy every universe that ever was. He can casually create universes for gods sake! Lmao funny that you call me a fanboy. If I think like you, then everyone with a character user name from the same verse is Alt? Run along kid.

A giant. For example, against a retard who doesn't really know what ordinality and cardinality is, and doesn't really know the rules of Set Theory and doesn't understand why and how the rules behind degrees of infinity work the way they do while unironically bitching at people while spreading misinformation about math and unironically think addition arithmetic of distance can commute to and get between two transfinite ordinal numbers and argue you can well order infinite universes without offering proof-. Boomstick: That guy's power, turning into essentially...god. He saw someone dressed as a clown like king. October 31st, 2015. A Trick-Or Treater! DC's Darkseid and Marvel's Doctor Doom are two of the most powerful beings in their respective universes, but who would win in a battle? attacking Ecoblitz, ZGTfreak, Me, Godgate, Lordballer, and ArjunaAlter.

Joker warped a large bazooka into his hand-one powerful enough to destroy entire solar systems in just one shot. Darkseid says he's omnipotent, do you think I go around spamming that everywhere whenever someone says Darkseid loses a fight? Dimentio snapped his fingers and cloned himself, attacking the King with all his might.

:Oooooooo NO HES NOT BEYOND OMNIPOTENCE HES BEYOND WALL LEVEL! Wiz: He is able to create a compact magic field around his victims in which he simply snaps his fingers, which causes several explosions within the field. Gilgamesh still solos the fodder verse since he is beyond the concept of dimensions. Joker grabbed Dimentio by the shirt. He did his thing again and traveled to the dimension where this "Joker" lived. We definitely spoke too soon, because there’s something way worse than Mr. Mxyzptlk: The Joker with Mr. Mxyzptlk’s powers. If he can think it, he can make it happen. Dimentio felt each and every blow weakening him.

Wiz: Emperor Joker also had more versatility with his reality warping, being able to do anything his twisted mind could come up with, while Dimentio's much more limited in that regard. Nrvnqsr Chaos can also use one that appears in his body as it is less powerful than Gaia's and would be erased quickly as a natural correction of Earth (Gaia).

The Website. Boomstick: OK YOU KNOW WHAT! Boomstick: And even then, Joker was stated to have enough power to destroy any universe that has ever existed and ever will exist! Boomstick: Like Emperor Joker, the clown god of crime. Your not in a position to be calling anyone sad when you commit 100% of your time low-balling and downplaying verses that you don't like. Death Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. If you spouted that nonsense anywhere else, you'd be getting trashed on by everyone (like you currently are now).

Dimentio realized that Joker was simply laughing off the planet bursting explosion. Notes: Before making any changes to this page, please read and follow the Power-scaling Rules for Marvel and DC Comics. In short, you have already proved to me that you know nothing about the Nasuverse, goodbye! Here's how they match up. Having a mysterious yet tragic backstory, the Joker is the insane arch enemy of Batman.