Thus, Affectiva SDK is implemented in the application. Experiments carried out with over eleven (11) years’ stock data from the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) yielded compelling results. An exhaustive comparative analysis with other algorithms is done by performing 30 independent runs and comparing the mean, standard deviation as well as by performing statistical test. The proposed application was tested with a group of typical children aged 6–14 years, and positive outcomes were achieved. Our method differs from the traditional method by allowing law enforcement agencies to be able to compare the detected communities and thereby be able to assume a different viewpoint of the criminal network, as presented in the paper we have compared our algorithm to the well-known Girvan-Newman. The paper suggests the Dependency Decomposition approach to reduce computational complexity of modeling the efficiency of optimization algorithm, also considering the amount of computational resources available for optimization problem solving.

Quality of service (QoS) is one of the criteria to select the appropriate service. The Sectorization method of Variability Map analysis is proposed to assess characteristic features reflecting such properties of objective function that are critical for optimization algorithm efficiency. Also, bio-science research activities are often undertaken in remote and distributed locations. Great research starts with you. This paper introduces Wikipedia as an extensive knowledge base which provides additional information about a great number of web resources in the semantic web, and shows how RDF web resources in the web of data can be linked to this encyclopedia.

The technique based on the concept of the limiting stepsize along normalized direction (developed earlier by the author) is used to guarantee the monotone decrease of the nonlinear residual norm. The pen-and-paper approach is used mainly to record and capture data from experiment sites. Quality of service in service composition comprises of different non-functional factors, for example, service cost, execution time, availability, throughput, and reliability. All submissions should be written in clear and concise English. Cited reference searching lets you track how any idea, innovation, or creative work has been confirmed, applied, improved, extended, or corrected, and discover anyone who is citing your research worldwide.

The larger version (Science Citation Index Expanded) covers more than 6,500 notable and significant journals, across 150 disciplines, from 1900 to the present. Nonlinear least squares iterative solver is considered for real-valued sufficiently smooth functions. Experimental results on a public data set demonstrate that semi-supervised models attain comparable results to state-ofthe-art approaches, while also having the flexibility of utilizing a small quantity of labelled data. Bi-directional information and energy flow, renewable energy sources, battery energy storage, electric vehicle, self-healing capability, and demand response programs, etc., revolutionized the traditional distribution network into the smart distribution network. The objective is to frame a system that includes all three stages of emotion recognition activity that executes expeditiously in real time. If no specified acknowledgement is given, the Editors assume that no conflict of interest exists. The solution of the problem is obtained in a constructive form using the Lagrange function and the optimality conditions. The superposition was presented as a three-layer Feedforward neural network, while the functions of the first’s layer were considered as a generator of space-filling curves (Peano curves). These coordinates are found as a solution of the corresponding continuous optimal set-partitioning problem in a finite-dimensional Euclidean space with the placement (finding coordinates) of these subsets’ centers. True cited reference searching lets you find anything that has ever been cited from the 74.4 million cited reference connections in the Emerging Sources Citation Index.

In this paper, the authors propose to increase the efficiency of blockchain mining by using a population-based approach.

Nowadays, the automobile sector is one of the hottest applications, where vehicles can be intelligent by using IoT technology.

Conversely, steganalysis is the study of uncovering the steganographic process.

The Secure Incident and Evidence Management Framework (SIEMF) proposed in this work address these two challenges of predictive modeling for timely warning and secure evidence management for forensics analysis in case of accidents and traffic violations. This complexity can be further increased while lots of intruders attempt to overload an attack against a device. Open Computer Science publishes original and significant research results in the following fields: The journal considers submissions of different types of articles, including "Research Articles" as well as “Review Articles”, which present the existing literature and achievements on the specific topic from new perspectives. These legal and standards’ demands are associated with human healthcare safety and drug control that demands continuous and deep data analysis. Finally, a knowledge based approach is used to identify the most appropriate article in Wikipedia database. We can help you deliver more value to your library and discover insights that guide the future of your institution. Most existing studies use click-stream features as engagement patterns to predict at-risk students. Indoor tracking has evolved with various methods. This paper highlights some important aspects of the experience and change methodology used in one Macedonian pharmaceutical company, which has employed information technology solutions that successfully tackle legal and business pressures when dealing with a large amount of data. The journal does not have article processing charges (APCs) nor article submission charges. The journal does not have article processing charges (APCs) nor article submission charges. World leading patent intelligence, tools and services that power the innovation lifecycle. Our standard policy requires each paper to be reviewed by at least two Referees and the peer-review process is single-blind.

Consequently, this has hindered the use of privacy protected DNN models in real life applications. Production control is often based on the “judgement” of expert engineers who, however, carry out the analysis of map templates through simple visual exploration. Massive open online courses (MOOCs) have gained enormous popularity in recent years and have attracted learners worldwide.

Community structure, generally described as densely connected nodes and similar patterns of links is an important property of complex networks. So, yield improvement is becoming increasingly important since advanced production technologies are complex and interrelated. The main purpose of the technology is to make the model selection decision-making process easier for the researcher. Editorial decisions are conducted by our expert in-house editors, who have no affiliations to publishing houses or research institutes. We use the application to convert the object (specimen) identifiers into quick response (QR) codes and use them to label the specimens.