Especially not in formal writing. I was sorely perplexed, and felt discouraged wasting much precious time, especially in algebra. Both European and African fruit trees grow in the island; there are in places considerable orange groves, especially at Milis, to the north of Oristano. In some individuals various foods are flatulogenic. The surface of the leaf, especially the laminar wing, bears glands which in spring exude large glistening dr„ r, s of nectar. Sometimes deliberate informality can be a good thing, as it gives or creates the sense of or the illusion of a closer relationship.

In Roman times Sardinia, relatively somewhat more prosperous than at present, though not perhaps greatly different as regards its products, was especially noted as a grain-producing country. Still, he's working hard at getting good grades. It surprises me to find that such an idea has crossed the mind of any one, especially of a highly gifted critic. Again, this sentence is grammatically correct. When your aim is to point the reader toward key facts and phrases, using introductory adverbs and adverb phrases can be very effective. In China, for instance, there is still the need to liberalize the factor market. The old men, dim-eyed, toothless, bald, sallow, and bloated, or gaunt and wrinkled, were especially striking. The cuticle is frequently prolonged into spines and papillae, which are especially developed at the anterior end of the body. Using an exclamation point implies an outcry or extreme excitement, and should be reserved for unique circumstances. Sundays I like playing golf with my friends. One you know these rules and how they operate, the actual syntactic and semantic mechanisms you use to communicate your thoughts can twist, bend, and stretch to fit the shape of current circumstance.". Manufacturing enterprise in Argentina, favoured by the protection of a high tariff, made noticeable progress in the national capital during the closing years of the last century, especially in those small industries which commanded a secure market.

He remained there until September, frequenting the Society of the Friends of the Constitution, and entertaining deputies of the most advanced opinions, especially those who later became the leading Girondists. How to break the cycle of taking on more debt to pay the rates for debt I already have. Example: The dog and the cat were named Jack and Sam, respectively, and they lived down the street from me. The science of Descartes was physics in all its branches, but especially as applied to physiology. I enjoy traveling, especially to very different places. The English sparrow, another abundant city species, also loves streetlights and lampposts. The metayer system was in vogue, especially on temple lands. The form in general use on the British postal lines is the " Cordeaux screw," but the " Varley double cup " is still employed, especially by the railway companies. No one could do this but them, especially to an Original like Jule. Fauxtatoes are a great stand-in for mashed potatoes. The adverb 'well' tells us how Alice plays golf. The few supplies she had would barely last the night, especially since the flow was unusually heavy. She shouldn't have mentioned it, especially to the man she intended to rob. It didn't make sense that there was, especially after he'd admitted to having someone else on the side. The next generation of writers widened the tracks further. His work has received much criticism over the years.

What theory and science is possible about a matter the conditions and circumstances of which are unknown and cannot be defined, especially when the strength of the acting forces cannot be ascertained? Greek has also contributed substantially to Spanish vocabulary. Many viruses exhibit the behavior described. In some of the towns, however, and especially at Iglesias, they are good modern buildings. the seventeenth century, when money

How terrible it must be to hunger for things that belong to someone else – especially when one of those things is your own daughter. I cannot help but feel that these are for brandophiles who know and love Monitor Audio's huge repertoire. In other parts of Africa three, four (especially in the Congo), five, six and eight (double four) day weeks are found, and always in association with the market; the same applies to the three-day week of the Muyscas (S. In the shallower tropical waters, especially on the central ridge, considerable areas are covered by Pteropod ooze, a deposit consisting largely of the shells of pelagic molluscs. You may have noticed that the adverb placement is different in each of the three sentences. The married couple formed a unit as to external responsibility, especially for debt.

He can go anywhere in the world in six days, especially if he has a couple of a million dollars. I was especially concerned that Howie have outside interests.

He was an intelligent boy with many talents and interested in many subjects. He claimed to be coming for her. Nobody has a right to hurt another person, especially a defenseless woman. Cynthia, while not as apprehensive as Edith had been, was obviously uncomfortable watching the climbers, especially from atop their precarious positions. Some of his science seems remarkably modern, but other ideas. @oosterwal gave an example which uses a full sentence, which sounds less awkward. It is not acceptable in formal or academic writing. She couldn't take her mind off Xander, especially since she began to think he'd taken her disinterest in him as a dare. He played the violin giftedly.

Adverbs of manner tell us 'when' something is done. I feel like the two sentences should be united with punctuation, not divided.

In this kind of structure, you can end the sentence with “especially” as a way to emphasize the thing you’ve singled out. Jeff wouldn't have left, especially for money. I had one gift which especially pleased me. The young couple thought of the small town they chose to live in as Mayberry, Modern industry first appeared in textiles, including cotton and. In academic writing, choosing the proper words impacts your argument as well as your credibility. Natasha was sad and irritable all that time, especially when her mother, her brother, Sonya, or Countess Mary in their efforts to console her tried to excuse Pierre and suggested reasons for his delay in returning. Quarrels of a kind only too common among exiles followed; the Hungarians were especially offended by his claim still to be called governor. The humour of this last is especially bright and effective, but, unluckily for the author, the piece is believed to have been retouched by some other hand. The town is noted for its fruit, especially its vines; and it exports tissues, carpets, hides, yellow berries and dried fruit.