"I'm not going with you." Angelus glared at the wall because he didn't dare glare at his sire. She was 13 when he turned her. If I don't dust her you'll be plagued with her forever. ", Lestat smiled a little "No, there was no option if that's what you mean. A stake in the heart WOULD kill the sister according to the legend. Its her heritage, her customs, her ways that we follow. "I think that's my decision. Note: THIRD INSTALLMENT IN THE BAILEY SAGA. Ellie's Story is a heartwarming illustrated novel adapted for young readers from the beloved and New York Times bestselling A Dog's Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron. his heart broke with each word he spoke. "I had to kill 30 vampires that night boy. You must give me a chance childe. Authors: 267, Books: 3,607, Poems & Short Stories: 4,435, Forum Members: 71,154, Forum Posts: "I have news. Angelus said honestly. I broke the law. I'm not going unless you go too!" he asked. She had to be stopped. Angelus tackled his sire to the floor he punched him hard. Lestat turned the book now and there was a picture of Lestat and...Bailey her hair was even longer in the photo and she looked the same accept that she was dressed in an Egyptian style outfit. Angelus protested then "Yeah she does. No. ", Angelus looked at his boy "I can't do it, I can't...I can't allow it.". He's angry with me. "Cause, I wanna hear you say it. " He hadn't seen it or heard it. Sean looked away then back at Angelus "Who sired you Angelus?" "What did you see?" But instead she collapsed her eyes closed. We turned her human and sent to another time. I won't let him get you. Lestat stiffened "Soul? But he suddenly couldn't. The sire was always stronger. Remember that. Angelus didn't answer. Now in paperback! Very wrong. Their eyes turned to him and the stake William instantly was on his feet and walked slowly over to Angelus "Angelus? he said then left the room. "Oh, did I not have a soul?" Angelus picked up Bailey and carried her to a spare room laying her there. It was just so unreal. I can hear Angelus screaming...its sickening. Where's Angelus. The Sadistic bastard was in a hell of a mood and it was Angelus's own fault. Spike said, Lestat glared now "I know that the sister wasn't like Bree...she wasn't invincible. Your review has been posted. he flipped Angelus over and straddled him "she's an abomination boy. No Vampire could challenge their sire and win. Angelus glared up at his sire. His eyes black as sin. ", Lestat sat down "Its been so long I almost forgot. Angelus got up from the bed and went down the stairs on his guard and then stopped and turned around. This isn't a game. " Angelus sighed, this is what he needed to be strong for "Your going. he said revealing himself as Angelus's sire to them in a way laying claim to their sire. He needed all his strength for what was coming. Your not a fledgling anymore. It was done to free the world because she would have drank the world dry. Meanwhile Bailey was dreaming of a dark place, a long long time ago... Next time: Is Bailey Bree?Or the unnamed sister? Lestat smirked "Love...I know. Angelus lay on the four poster bed. You simply bit me and I fed from you, and I was a vampire then and have been every since then.". She can't stay a vampire.". She whined a little and then Spike just picked her up and carried her kicking and whining out to the car. I want to see him.". a jesuit priest wrote 300 aphorisms on living life called "The Art of The bond between sire and childe was a strong when. We couldn't kill her..and yet we were the only ones who could kill her. He's the oldest of the old...Its a wonder how anyone dares challenge you. No Vampire didn't become dust. I just borrowed Lestat's name and made someone else the queen of the damned. "I'll think it over. " You don't have a soul." Lestat asked. Penn went over to him looking a little lost.