Email only accounts for nine per cent. The deep origins of the internet – the global network of computer networks – are in the space-race-obsessed, paranoid Fifties, when the United States government responded to the Russians’ launch of Sputnik by setting up ARPA, the Advanced Research Projects Agency. State Secretary Dorothee Bär talks about transparency and control. “Social media can provide many benefits to young people but along with that comes added pressure to live in the public eye, seeking reassurance through likes and shares, and exposure to content which could be harmful or upsetting.”, Available for everyone, funded by readers, Players snap up clothing items as iPhone version of free video game tops iTunes chart in 13 countries, Nuffield Council on Bioethics calls for social media to take down games such as one that allows girls and boys to alter images of themselves, At a cabin in the Washington state woods, the reSTART center helps residents withdraw from technology that has consumed their lives, One in five respondents to study of primary pupils claimed to have met someone they had only previously known online.

QI: Quite interesting facts about the Internet. You might think twins are a rarity, but they're actually becoming more common than ever. In 1997 they decided they needed a new name and came up with Google, a misspelling of googol.

Its official number name is 10 duotrigintillion.

By 1974 it had a name, “the Internetwork” or “internet” for short. The report – by Emily Frith, an adviser to Nick Clegg when he was the deputy prime minister – adds that 95% of 15-year-olds use social media before or after school, again higher than the OECD average.

He created an algorithm that takes information from the internet and aggregates it into book form. Those classed as ‘extreme internet users’ were more likely to report being bullied (17.8%) than moderate internet users (6.7%),” it states. Why don’t people buy maps anymore? Thinktank warns that heavy internet use can have damaging consequences but says educating teenagers more effective than limiting online access, Fri 30 Jun 2017 00.01 BST Fortnite shoots to the top of teenagers' most-wanted games list, Protect children from online cosmetic surgery apps, say campaigners, Inside the rehab saving young men from their internet addiction, Children's internet use survey offers warning to parents, 'Their childhoods shouldn't be owned': readers on children and social media, Children in England sign over digital rights 'regularly and unknowingly'. Mobility is key, so it’s not surprising that notebooks rank second on the popularity scale at 57 per cent.

Every second, nearly 30,000,000 unique Internet users view porn. people in Germany communicate via WhatsApp making it by far the most popular social media app. It was called ENQUIRE, inspired by a Victorian “how to” guide to domestic life, Enquire Within Upon Everything. [7] Over 35% of all Internet downloads are pornographic. In the West, the average “digital birth” (the age at which a child first has an online presence) is around six months old. Internet Use Disorder (IUD) is a not-yet-official mental health disorder, whereby sufferers find themselves addicted to the Internet.

According to Netcraft, there are now more than 227 million websites, containing 65 billion web pages.