If you are trying different strings out, gauge is probably the most immediate difference you will notice. After an increase in higher gain players over the course of the 1960s, Fender hired former Gibson pickup guru Seth Love to help update their debut solid-body electric design.

Although Super Bullets electric strings could be used on many different guitars (Larry Carlton touted them in a 1979 Fender ad in which he was pictured playing a Gibson guitar! This creates a small V-shaped area of "slack" fit in the two places where the wire loops around the ball. The result of this collaboration with Fender is a high-powered workhorse that will be able to cut through the mix and have no problem voicing the kind of lower tunings bands like Slipknot were responsible for popularizing.

The American Professional Tele is also available in left-handed. The Telecaster has the bad luck of standing in its cousin’s shadow. Fender Bullets are the only strings in the world designed specifically for Strats and guitars with similar type tremolos. To enter. The Fender Player Jaguar comes standard with a Fender Player Series Jaguar humbucker pickup in the bridge position and a single-coil neck pickup while the Fender Player Jazzmaster guitar has two Fender Player Series humbucker pickups with coil-tap. It’s an instrument that can take him from classic Fender tones for RnB/funky lines through to incredibly musical high-powered gains with effortless ease.

Fender’s Vintera range looks, feels and sounds just like the guitars did in those historic decades. The Fender Hot Rod Amp range is one of the most popular series of Fender Amplifier’s we sell here at Haworth Guitars with quality speakers and raw valve power. There are a suit of stunning new finishes – Texas Tea and Mocha Burst are particularly mind-blowing – but for all the modern accoutrements, the American Ultra Tele is still a textbook Tele, with raunchy twang and more than a little snarl when you turn the gain up. We are talking about some of the highest standard strings on the market.

It has a place in rock and jazz as well, though it is more an outsider in those genres. The Fender Custom Shop Game of Thrones guitars are one such model which really showcases the level of detail and care that is put into every one of these Fender Custom Shop guitars.

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The Fender Marine Layer Reverb pedal is a reverb pedal which features Hall, Room and Shimmer reverb effects.

At Haworth Guitars, we agree that to become an extraordinary guitar player, it takes time. 2 . The Fender American Elite Thinline Telecaster is a semi-hollow USA-made high-quality telecaster guitar with added features such as the 4th generation noiseless pickups, 9.5”-14” compound radius fretboard, compound neck profile, S-1 switching and locking tuners making the Fender American Elite Thinline Telecaster one of the coolest thinline telecaster guitars ever. With their fabulous googie curves and space-age portmanteau names, it’s little wonder that the Telecaster and Stratocaster have maintained central positions in American music for decades. Both the Fender American Professional Jazzmaster and American Professional Jaguar come with Fender’s hard-shell case.

The Fender Vintera J-Bass has a comfortable period-correct slim-taper neck as well as two single-coil pickups, 20 vintage frets and a 7.25” fretboard radius. Most Fender guitars and basses are equipped with a standard truss rod (of which there are in turn two types: one that adjusts at the neck heel and one that adjusts at the headstock; both operate on the same principle). The Fender Deluxe Roadhouse Strat can cover just about any style of guitar playing you can throw at it with its wide array of tonal switching options. Copyright ©2020.

The Pinwheel pedal by Fender offers a classic rotary speaker sound with switchable speeds from slow to fast as well as onboard overdrive and stereo outputs and inputs. ). I never have, but they seem custom made for ferrule-equipped guitars (not to mention Fender vibratos). Professional Series Instrument Cable, Tweed, Fender® 351 Shape Graphic Picks (12 per pack). This package includes three sets of strings at a very affordable price, considering the quality that comes with the product.

With S-1 switching, 4, Fender American Elite Thinline Telecaster, The Fender American Elite Thinline Telecaster is a semi-hollow USA-made high-quality telecaster guitar with added features such as the 4, Fender American Elite HSS Shawbucker Stratocaster, The Fender American Elite HSS Shawbucker Stratocaster takes the Fender Elite Strat and adds some extra beef to the bridge position by using the highly sought-after Shawbucker humbucker pickup.

The Fender Deluxe Thinline Tele is a semi-hollow telecaster guitar with added features such as the four-way switch which gives the option of series wiring as well as dual Vintage Noiseless tele pickups, a contoured neck head and locking machine heads.

As I said before, at the end of the day, the choice is based on what feels best to you. Have fun trying out different brands, gauges, and materials of strings, searching for your perfect companion. The Fender Deluxe Nashville Tele brings the three-pickup configuration to the telecaster with two Vintage Noiseless telecaster pickups in the neck and bridge positions while adding a Vintage Noiseless strat pickup to the middle position. The Fender American Professional Precision Bass boasts a comfortable ’63 P-Bass neck shape with narrow tall frets, V-mod pickups and a HiMass vintage bridge while the Fender American Professional Jazz Bass comes complete with a Narrow C neck profile, V-mod single-coil pickups and a HiMass bridge.

The Fender Player P-Bass comes standard with a split-coil Precision Bass pickup and has a 9.5” radius fretboard, 20 frets and a master volume and tone control. Fender literally wrote the book on electric basses, laying the foundation for musical innovation and evolution. I am including their Pure Blues strings here because I recognize many of my recommendations so far have mentioned the Telecaster twang. Fender American Professional Telecaster, 9.

The Fender Vintera Series guitars have vintage period-correct pickups, great hues and other highlights from the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Fender Squier Classic Vibe '70s Telecaster Thinline, 4. The Fender American Professional Strat boasts a set of single-coil V-mod pickups which use a combination of alnico magnets as well as a Deep C neck profile, two-point synchronized tremolo and a unique array of colour options making the Fender American Pro Stratocaster a must in any guitar player’s collection. His signature Telecaster features some less-usual appointments, including an ebony fingerboard, locking tuners, black hardware, no tone control, a Hardtail strings-thru-body bridge and his favourite active EMG pickup set.

The Fender American Performer Jazzmaster guitar keeps it simple with its strat-style tremolo bridge with bent steel saddles. The Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III has also been a very popular model in the Hot Rod series.

Granted, that might sound a long way off what the original Telecasters were famous for, but the Parallel Series exists purely to enable Fender to go further with their world-class engineering and defy the very conventions they helped create.