21 Vintage Curse Words That Are More Funny Than Offensive Today. I've spent the last week flopping around in a torrent of emotion. Clever dick! It's Craft Lightning time again and this week the theme is Wedding Crafts. so I believe we whether don't use the words or otherwise we are just promoting lying and covering up for bad things! Dang!! I’d say “what the hell” is the intermediate one you’re looking for. 28 hours later, my husband really called me and told me that he miss me and the kids so much, So Amazing!! Laid out like that, these substitutions are even funnier. What Does This Actually Mean!" My Mom always said "Shoot a mile" when others would use the S-word.

Bites, blows, sucks refer to a certain part of a certain gender's anatomy. In fact, I hadn't realized potty-talk was so controversial until I was an adult and one of the parents of a child I was sitting requested I not use it in front of their kid (never-mind that she and her husband practiced prolific profanity on a daily basis). or 'Golly!' Funny alternative cuss words charT - PMSLweb. So, God is actually not very good to use as a swear word. And just the beginning of some…”, “This is going to be amazing, I can’t wait to…”, “Wow! What a great read Jen! Too funny. ", There was a cartoon character a few years ago that exclaimed "Rassa frazzin snassa-frazzin.". I don't know where I got it from! Also my mother learns why she hates cursing because its rude but she don't want to curse infornt of me and my siblings. “Gorram.” 18. Xуй (Khui) – “Dick” While it translates to “dick”, it transforms into a catch-all dirty word, like for the next phrase…. Please log in again.

Or any number of suprising-name variations.

Love it. Only $5 for 3 … 8. Sift through the entire log here and use them in your next verbal spat (there are lots of animals and “mothers” thrown around): Do you have a fake-swear word to add? You fargin' sneaky bastage! Kiss my cheeks! (Instead of mother F*&%er), Heavens to betsy my math teacher uses that one, I learn to say name of a wrestler like Jonh Cena instead of Jesus Christ or god name in vains I love to say shut the foul up you monster go block yourself buddhist son of a hound adios mister fillmore I dont give a yuck and gawd freaking darn it are the nice ones.

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Is there a replacement for “what the hell” that is a little stronger than heck but not as bad as hell? CLEVER GIFTS AND BOOKS.

Now multiply that by thrusting me into a contrived scenario, purely for... Word studies. 17. My mother uses "San Antonio Texas" instead of "son of a .....", son of a jit /dick (if your really upset)What the ham fat,Hassaole. So, you don’t have to say shit, you can say shoot, you can say shiznit, these are way less offensive. Many of your "passable" words are too close to vulgarity, especially for kids. !”. Surprised no one has suggested "Stinkin'." Oh My Stars!Oh My Glory!Gee Willigers!Hokey Doodle!Hokey Dina!Sharded Barf! "Stop being such a pumpkin! “Crud muffin” ( Ass is the stupid American euphemism. LOL! --> However, lol I googled it and this is what "they" say,Rashin' fashin' Rick Rastardly "Sassafrassarassum Rick Rastardly! In fact, we’ve created quite the vernacular of fake cuss words – words that aren’t quite as offensive as the real thing, but words that still get your dadgum point across. I love this list. function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} Curse word : Fuck.