If you are OCD and need to be extra sure your phone doesn’t drown, put that pelican case inside of your dry bag. | 1. CreekKooler Pup 15 quart Floating Towable Cooler.

So, what do you need to float the river, anyhow? When planning a river float trip, there are 15 essential items you will need to float the river and they are: Swimwear. It doesn’t feel good at all. Here is our pick for the best inner tube for a float trip. Most Rivers have no life guards and you will be on your own, use caution, think safety first! Here are our picks for the best canoe and the best inflatable canoe: Regular Canoe: (~$850.00) Whether you want to stock it full of beer or lemonade, you will definitely need a way to keep your drinks cold!

The ice will create condensation on the INSIDE of the waterproof container that may damage your electronics. Unearth The Voyage is a Travel Blog dedicated to helping people make their travel dreams a reality. I chose a 60 quart marine ice chest and it fit great in my tube.

Please refer to your river’s written regulations. Sunglasses You’ll be glad you did.

To put it simply, plastic storage bags are not water tight. Now, it sounds […] Frio River Texas Float Trip Ideas Packing List For Travel Cruise Packing Vacation Packing Packing Lists Guadalupe River Down The River Road Trip Essentials. These include but are not limited to injury or loss of life. That is worth repeating… PLASTIC STORAGE BAGS ARE NOT WATER TIGHT. Of all the river floating supplies, you can’t forget to pack a waterproof speaker! Some items required by river regulations may not be listed here.

If you want to use the plastic storage bags, put your food in them and then lock them inside of an airtight tupperare-type container. 16. off the beaten path. The best way to carry items like this is to strap them to your spare tube on either side of your ice chest. Kick your pool party game up a notch with this sea shell-shaped pool float. Keep those pesky mosquitos and bugs away with a quality bug spray. Travel Tips. Be sure to pick up some extra floating balls in case things get lost in the competitive shuffle. For more information read our disclaimer here. For ultra protection of any electronics you want to take with you that are not waterproof, read on to number 12 on the list of 15 essential items you need to float the river.

The season for floating is upon us, and with every passing day of full sun and summer heat, more compelling becomes the idea of wandering down to the river with a kayak, canoe, raft, inner tube, or pool noodle.

Alternatively, you can stuff that container in your dry bag. A 4 quart container should be able to hold everything for a few people for the day. - Fruit (apples, oranges, bananas). I touched on this topic in a previous post, but it really deserves an entire post to itself because it is just that important. Do your research before your trip and plan accordingly. Need even more summer inspiration? 10. Saved from patriceofmind.com. 19. Snacks.

Etsy Indoor/Outdoor Playground $788+

Spendy yes, but so cool (AKA grandparent gift? It’s very easy to miss an exit point on the river.

Tevas to be exact.

Here are our picks for the best rafts for river floating: Budget: (~$45.00) We absolutely love our chacos which we think are the best shoes for float trip. To be more specific, it’s in the backpack…and the tote bag…and the cooler bag…and the reusable shopping bag…and the laptop bag…and all the other bags too. Just be sure to remove the hooks when doing so as they can puncture tubes as well as skin. I’ll stand firm on this advice though, because I have first-hand experience in the form of scraped-up toe knuckles and broken toenails from wearing open-toed sandals to the river. This piece of clothing is great for staying cool while showing off a glimpse of your fashionable swimsuit. Now get out there! © 2020 Outdoor Project. Keep it light, drink responsibly, apply plenty of sunscreen, have fun, and take care of these places! Bingo, now you have dry storage. Everyone wants to have a good time on the river, and you can do your part to make sure that happens by clearing your litter, packing out what you pack in, and cleaning up when others forget. I just grab meat and cheese, squirt some stone ground mustard on it and go to town.


Moulin Roty Explorer Play Kit $65

This explorer kit is so sweet for treasure hunters! Manual pumps will wear you out quick.

In Texas, you are not required by law to carry your ID while on the river, but you may find that some establishments require your ID to rent you things. Kayak, Raft, Canoe, SUP, Gear, Rentals, Lessons. Or, make sure you get ones that float. For more current information, see the August 2018 cover story of Seattle magazine on the 40 Best Water Adventures in the PNW, which features some of Washington's best river floats.Washington, as we all know, is a land of many rivers: the winding Columbia, the raging Skykomish, the Identifications, cash and card. Please refer to your river’s written regulations. Sevylor Ogden 2-Person Inflatable Canoe. Complete with 2 drink holders for ultimate relaxation.

TIP: If your ice chest is strapped to it’s own tube really well, two people should be able to carry the entire setup by the ice chest handles with everything attached.

Number 14 of our 15 essential items you need to float the river goes really well with inner tubes. Only 20 left in stock - order soon. It was actually shaped more like an oval and I cut my HDPE to match. Love!


PRIMO Ride On Toy Classic, Yellow $199

Kids can take this (amazing) Vespa-style ride for trips around the block or down the hall. Looking for something specific? ASOS Straw Trilby Hat With Stripe Band ($23): Don’t forget to protect that party face with a fun and colorful straw hat. Many Outfitters will require you to sign a Waiver and/or a Release of Liability for yourself and anyone else in your group before going tubing. Unearth The Voyage is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Float trips are a great way to escape the day to day and get in touch with nature while spending some quality time with friends and family. I like sandwiches without the bread. What’s next? Corn chips hold up better than potato chips on the river. Jess Drier is a life long travel bug and co-founder of Unearth The Voyage. It’s really all up to what you are looking for! This one actually smells good too. The Perfect Give Ideas for Any Traveler, Copyright © 2019 Unearth The Voyage - Privacy Policy - Disclaimer. Some people want to have a float trip party where there are lots of people drinking and having parties on the banks of the river. The straps give me extra attachment points to hook the dry bag onto with a couple of carabiners. our post all about float trips in Missouri! Yeah, me neither. 18. Perfect to bring with you to the beach or a festival!

I wear a long sleeve fishing shirt because it will dry fast and I can roll the sleeves down. I’m talking about keeping water, sunlight and fingers from going into your eye, not a projectile. Stay hydrated and refreshed with this stylish bright blue bottle.

Remember the saying: It’s always better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. Travel. 14. Ban.do Best Day Ever Sleeve ($5): Equip your gang with these cheerful koozies to commemorate your amazing day. Even though plastic bottles are permitted on the river, try to use reusable containers to cut down on the amount of trash you produce. LEARN MORE ABOUT US ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. TIP: take your head wrap or hat off and dip in the cool water to ease a headache or just to cool off. Some people like to travel light, and that’s fine, but don’t skimp on the necessities in order to do so. I suggest an electric pump.