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Let the muffins cool in the pan for 5 minutes, then gently remove them from the pan and place them on the rack to finish cooling completely (don’t leave the muffins in the pan or they will start to steam and become a little soggy). You can also try it with a flax egg in place of the applesauce if you happen to have some flaxseed meal on hand and no applesauce, but the best result for this recipe is going to be as written. Hi, I'm Erin Clarke, and I'm fearlessly dedicated to making healthy food that's affordable, easy-to-make, and best of all DELISH. Hi I’m making these bad boys right now in the oven and cannot wait to try them. Log in Design by BDW | Privacy Policy | Disclosure & Copyright.

I love making delicious vegan food and creating delicious vegan versions of all your old favorite dishes, so you can have your vegan cake and eat it too! Haven’t made the recipe yet. Add more chocolate chips and chunks to the top of the muffins. The key to making the best vegan chocolate muffins is a nice thick batter. A veggie … Thank you for sharing this kind review!

I have been using this trick a lot lately and it has been super successful especially in my donut recipes. WELCOME! Thank you for sharing this kind review! Bake for 5 minutes at 400 F and then turn oven down to 350 F. Bake for 20 minutes more or until tester comes out clean. I adore both sweets and veggies, and I am on a mission to save you time and dishes. I’m so happy that you enjoyed the recipe, Siri! My secrets for making wholesome meals you'll WANT to eat.

I’m making them into mini muffins and used a couple substitutions that will hopefully work out! I’m sorry you had trouble with them! Stir or use a hand-mixer only enough to combine ingredients. Calories: 181 kcal. Thank you for sharing this kind review! Once dry is blended, add in pumpkin puree, sugar, milk, coffee, and vanilla. Store covered lightly for one day on the counter; any longer and they turn soggy. Rude or insulting comments will not be accepted. THESE ARE AMAZING! Great treat. This is our second chocolate muffin recipe actually, we also have a recipe for vegan chocolate chocolate chip muffins, which is really just another way to say double chocolate muffins! In a large bowl, whisk together the dry ingredients, and stir in the chocolate chips. These muffins work amazingly for breakfast, a snack, or even a dessert!

I was looking fwd to making these, but my attempt took much longer than 18-22 mins almost double that time? Gently stir by hand, just until the dry ingredients disappear.

Great recipe. I prefer using soy milk for making vegan buttermilk as it creates a much thicker buttermilk, but you can also use almond milk if you can’t use soy. If desired, sprinkle on some extra chocolate chips. Updated Jun 29, 2020 / Published: Jun 29, 2020 / This post may contain affiliate links. Hi Penelope!

I used1 egg and 3tablespoon black coffee for the second egg. ★☆ I’m so happy that you’ve enjoyed them, Medina! Let the muffins cool in the pan first, and finish cooling on a wire rack. Recipe Tips. My daughter who does eat cake ate 2 of them! In a large bowl, mix up flour, baking powder, baking soda, cocoa powder, cinnamon, and salt. Your email address will not be published. I’ve made this recipe at least a dozen times! Fold in most of the chocolate chips, holding back some to sprinkle on top.

Let me tell you from experience—once you taste these moist chocolate muffins, the craving strikes all the time. I substituted maple syrup for jaggery. Use a cookie scoop or spoon to fill wells nearly to the top. Made with whole grains, yogurt and no added sugar. Thank you for sharing this kind review! But if you want to count the chocolate chips and chocolate chunks separately, well then you have some triple chocolate vegan muffins on your hands. Making this again. Place the pan on a wire rack. This was a winner! Thank you for sharing this kind review and your adaptations! Coconut oil also helps to keep this batter thick. SO GOOD! I think you know where this story leads…. Fill each muffin cup almost to the top, then bake at 325 degrees F for 18 to 22 minutes. They are basically designed to be the most decadent and delicious chocolate muffins ever. My kids (and I) are loving these! I know, but… this recipe is quite different. ★☆. The key to making the best vegan chocolate muffins is a nice thick batter. Nutritious dairy free muffins perfect for breakfast, and made with pantry ingredients to whip up fast and easy. Looks like a good basic recipe to work from. Thank you for sharing this kind review! It’s not an artificial sweetener so there will be no odd aftertaste. I hope you enjoy the recipe if you try it! This recipe came about on a day when I was low on produce and had a hankering for a healthy chocolate breakfast treat. When it comes to wholesome recipes, toddler approval is the highest approval of them all.

For chunks just chop up a bar of your favorite chocolate.

Chocolate Zucchini Muffins were out for similar reasons (no zucchini on hand).

I can’t believe how well they turned out. If you freeze, just set them on the counter to defrost for 20 minutes. A couple changes we made: we used flax eggs, 1/3 cup honey, no chocolate chips, and no espresso powder. Add in the chocolate chips and chocolate chunks and fold in. Create an account to easily save your favorite projects and tutorials. I'm the author and recipe developer here at and of The Well Plated Cookbook. What I needed was an easy, no fuss, end-of-days healthy chocolate muffin recipe that I could whip up on demand. So if you’re a chocoholic this is going to be your favorite recipe for sure. I have not tested these as gluten-free, but if I was going to try and make these gluten-free the first thing I would do is switch out the flour for a gluten-free all purpose flour blend. Enjoy!

Add the wet ingredients to the dry, and stir until the dry ingredients disappear.

Easy reader favorites, made with ingredients you have on hand! Sprinkle on the remaining chocolate chips. Transfer to a wire cooling rack and allow to cool and then enjoy. The most helpful comments are the ones that give useful feedback for others who might make the recipe, tell about substitutions you made or adjustments you made and how it turned out, or assisting other commenters.

Servings: 12 muffins.

Fluffy healthy double chocolate muffins that are oil-free and egg-free, made moist and rich using sweet potato puree. There is so much chocolate involved here that you could even call them triple chocolate if you wanted to. Coconut oil, did less maple because I used a flavored banana yogurt that my son wouldn’t eat just to use up. We tried a vegan brownie recipe two weeks ago that was a total fail! Please do us a favor and rate the recipe as well as this really helps us! I’m so happy that they’ve been a hit, Laura! Here are the highlights. Cool pan for 10 minutes, then transfer to a cooling rack. Divide the batter evenly between the muffin partitions and then add a few more chocolate chips and chunks to the tops of the muffins. It must be a blend, do not try it with a single type of flour like almond or coconut. Can these muffins be frozen? You can bake these easy muffins anytime a craving strikes. This is a summary of the process to go along with the process photos.

I used all regular flour.