‘90 Day Fiancé’: Vanessa's ex claims that Colt and she are filming together for a new show, '90 Day Fiancé': Robert shares photo of his weight-loss after losing 30 pounds, '90 Day Fiancé': Fans slam 'Bossy' attitude of Ariela but love Biniyam over toilet scene. —Henry Mills and Weaversrc Henry Daniel Mills, also known as Young Man,2 the Truest Believer and the Author, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. Emma reminds him that he has to go to school, in which Henry asks her to walk him. Oh, and if you're just dying to figure out Henry and Lily's new song, it's Alison Moyet "Only You." Five years later, he's still really into storybooks. Who is she. It will be shown what happens when she takes matters into her own hands and does not wait anymore for a prince to come and rescue her. Regina's late father was also named Henry Mills, and also King Xavier's father as well. Don't bother looking through Disney stories trying to find her counterpart, and she's not someone from the legend of Camelot either.

It is revealed that he stole Mary Margaret's credit card to track down Emma, who tracks Henry down to his castle.

He will be played by the actor Andrew J. The girl eventually introduces herself as Violet. And I shall defend all of you. Hopper sees through this lie and tells him that giving into his dark side won't accomplish anything, then tells Emma the address that Henry lives at and leaves. https://ouat-storybrooke.fandom.com/wiki/Henry_Mills?oldid=4182, Henry is played by cast member Jared Gilmore. However, due to his association with Emma and going out without Regina's permission, Regina has him grounded. Emma doesn't believe him, and they arrive in Storybrooke. According to showrunner Edward Kitsis, Violet is, "a creation within [the] show and it's really less about who she is and really more about her and Henry together," he explained to Entertainment Tonight . When they get there, Henry seems much more happier and he runs into the school, much to Mary Margaret's notice and delight. Henry futher explains the Dark Curse to Emma and says that Dr. Hopper is Jiminy Cricket. She appears to be worried sick and asks where Henry has been, in which Henry states that he had found his real mom and runs inside. When giving up his son to maintain youth in Neverland, Peter Pan is taken to Skull Rock by the island's guardian, the Shadow, where he is shown an hourglass representing how much time he has left to live. Remember the first time you had a crush on someone and went to go talk to them at a middle school dance? Emma jokingly suggests that Henry is Pinocchio, but Henry denies this. What the show runners want to recreate is the same feelings that the audience experienced with Snow White and Prince Charming, and Emma Swan and Captain Hook. He reveals that he lives in Storybrooke, Maine. Smooth, Henry, smooth. The show revolved around the Charmings and the Savior They will be toning down the magic in the present-day version of the show in order to make a steep contrast with the magic-filled atmosphere of the fairy tale world. Now you know! Henry reveals to her that they aren't just stories, all of them actually happened. She stops the car and they get out, and they are greeted by Dr. Hopper, who is Henry's psychologist. For example, magic was present in the pilot episode where the stopped clock ticked. Henry says that she's not ready yet, but Emma says that they're just fairytales. Introduced in Sunday's OUAT episode, "The Price," Henry spies a pretty girl across the court at Camelot. In this season it will be shown how they met each other and fell in love, and not how they will manage to find each other again in Seattle.