They’re also able to turn in work for teacher review and get instant feedback, including teacher annotations. • The calendar keeps all homework organized for teachers and students ... completes make-up work in a timely fashion. Edmodo is an educational technology company offering a communication, collaboration, and coaching platform to K-12 schools and teachers. Edmodo takes learning beyond the classroom by providing a free, safe place for teachers and students to connect and collaborate—anytime, anywhere.

Edmodo in the Classroom: Collaboration It also allows teachers to gather feedback from students on class discussions, assessments, and offer suggestions to students who are confused. Why you should use Edmodo in the classroom Thus, you can give these “prizes” to the students according to what they think most helpful (better work, better comment, more significant effort, etc.). • Students can upload homework assignments It is a safe environment. • Students can participate in online discussions And is that the data presented on the platform is confidential. Designed with the full suite of features found on the web version of Edmodo, this app was also built to integrate with core Windows 8.1 tablet functionality (live tiles, split screen, and charms). They can review the child’s work, grades and more. It improves the interaction with the student: being constituted in the form of social network, the students are more predisposed to learn. Teachers can set up classes for each in school class or set up a large class and have all • Allows students to collaborate with peers in other classes, schools, or countries Edmodo’s platform is based around groups with a common interest or purpose, such as a classroom learning community. This tool can be used as both a formative and summative assessment strategy. Edmodo is a free social learning platform for teachers, parents, and students where there. Using Edmodo, students and teachers can reach out to one another and connect by sharing ideas, problems, and helpful tips. are already over 29 million users. of their students in one group. One of the booming trends in the educational environment is gamification, which is nothing more than a pedagogical tool that involves the use of game psychology, its mechanics and dynamics in non-playful contexts as Mathway (such as a class). Edmodo in the Classroom: Linking the stakeholders – Parents and Edmodo Edmodo can be used in a classroom through a variety Also parents can join the class to bring a level of transparency that is difficult to achieve without technology. Discussions deepen student learning and builder stronger relationships between peers and peer-teacher. With Edmodo, teachers can truly bring the classroom online. On Edmodo, even the ‘rents get in on the action. Immediate evaluation feedback is given, and students are able to see their grade, as well as the correct responses that they may have given incorrectly. They can use the platform to coordinate and collaborate with leadership teams. • Teachers can give students positive reinforcement privately The platform’s app equivalent brings portability into the equation, which means educators, students and even parents can always access Edmodo when they need it. • There are text alerts to remind students of big assignments They will be able to download files, consult events, view ratings, send documents to the teacher, etc. Thus, it has all the advantages that any Social Media can suppose without the danger that they carry for children because they base their technology in closed environments between students, teachers, and parents whose objective is to share messages, documents or events. Edmodo in the Classroom: Uses Recommended by Edmodo So the platform implements and tracks usage patterns to see what works best. The first thing to have in mind is that in Edmodo there are three types of profiles. We tell you what it is, how it works and why you should use it in the classroom. Gamification: The gamification in the classroom is integrated into Edmodo through the insignia, which is created by the teacher and awarded to the students.

Teachers are able to easily create assessments within the Edmodo platform, and assign these assessments to their students.

What is Edmodo? Whether they’re studying a foreign language, history, economics or another subject, partnering with a class online can be both socially engaging and culturally rewarding for students. Storage of class materials via The Backpack, Groups – small groups and large, class sized groups, Parent log-ins available to monitor student work, Reward system (Badges) for doing good work, Use of social media and discussions on a safe site/app.