I follow these instructions with all of my layer cake recipes.

Your filling has to be thick enough so that it doesn’t ooze.

How long do I need to thaw the layers before working with them? Hey, your tips are very useful. Proceed with the top half as per a half sphere cake. Thank you for answering this comment that I lost track of! Can you please go into a little more detail please. Pour the batter into the tin and twist it sharply to remove large air bubbles. Making a Pokeball for my daughters bday… Do you put any buttercream between the two hemispheres when making a full sphere cake?

Spread a thin layer of the dark chocolate mousse over it (you might want to take the cake out of the bowl for this exercise and return it again).

Chill, trim the edge of the ganache pooled at the bottom of the cake and transfer to a clean serving plate.

I have actually never had a recipe baked with these instructions either have no doming or considerably less doming. I never understood how much longer you increase baking time when you reduce the temperature.

The weight of your batter will then be easy to divide into the # of cake pans you are using. A friend told me that she ties a wet rack around the pan but my cake still raises like a dome.

Leveling cakes is super frustrating, right?

I’d love any advice you have. I just prefer to skip extra equipment whenever possible so I choose to lower the temp and increase the time. You lost me at measuring the amount in each pan. Eyeball the batter trying to put the same amount of batter in each pan. 14. For the final decoration, turn the cake out of the bowl onto a serving tray or cake … Thks for sharing yr knowledge.

I went back home and tried to reproduce it, fighting with gelatine in the raspberries and trying various bowls for size to shape the sponge in. lol you can just save yourself the trouble of doing the math by placing the cake pan on the scale, zeroing the scale, and THEN adding your cake batter….. That’s exactly what I do!

First off, it’s hard to get it perfectly even without a fancy cake leveler tool, and secondly, you waste so much cake. I was wonder inc if you can give me the recipe for this wonderful cake you post here…it looks delish! What should I do with the cake once it’s done—do I leave it on the counter, or do I try to put it back in the refrigerator? what am I doing wrong. I think doming on a quick bread is beautiful. If you’re not transporting it, I like to place the cake on my cake stand with six little strips of parchment tucked under the edges of the bottom layer on the cake stand to catch any frosting that may drip down and keep the stand clean. You’ll need to know the weight of your bowl so you can subtract it.

Love this post! I have always cut the domes off and then flipped them over so the bottoms get the icing.

I was just wondering what kind if support will it need? (The frosting will look like it has a hard coating on it.)