Thanks to the Butterball "plan perfect portions" calculator, the Thanksgiving shopping list includes a 15-pound turkey, as well as stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, cranberry sauce and crescent rolls. Not to mention its own popular Kirkland brand of milk and butter and the delicious-smelling 12-inch apple pie that can certainly feed a crowd.

Costco's bakery department is a fan-favorite, so I added one of its lattice-topped apple pies and coffee to the list for dessert. For the purposes of this price test, we assumed you already have pantry staples like flour, sugar, oil, salt and pepper.

During a regular week, it might be a challenge for some families to consume a pound of fresh baby spinach before it goes bad.

CNBC Make It set out to determine how much it costs to buy a complete Thanksgiving meal from a Costco location in Clifton, New Jersey. The grand total for this Costco Thanksgiving feast: $83.

Plus, Costco traditionally sells Thanksgiving turkeys for 99 cents per pound, which is a tough price to beat for a fresh (not frozen) bird.

Get Make It newsletters delivered to your inbox, Learn more about the world of CNBC Make It, © 2020 CNBC LLC. Trader Joe's and Whole Foods sell similar fresh turkeys for $1.99 and $2.49 per pound, respectively.

At Aldi, you can buy ingredients to make a 10-person Thanksgiving dinner for $51. The shopping list consists of 11 items to make a complete Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people in a semi-homemade fashion (yes, the stuffing is from a box).

As experts have said, "Just because Costco has it, doesn't mean it's a bargain. Costco, which requires you to purchase a membership starting at $60 to shop at the wholesale club, generally sells products in bulk. It's definitely more than the $48.90 the American Farm Bureau Federation estimated it would cost to feed 10 people for a similar meal last year— and the organization was even able to include a veggie platter for that price. ", Don't miss: Here's the Thanksgiving dinner $50 buys you at Aldi, Costco, Walmart and more. Subscribe to CNBC Make It on YouTube! All Rights Reserved.

Which is...not cheap. (The 2.5 pounds of coffee will probably last beyond Thanksgiving as well.). If you are looking to bring down the cost of your Thanksgiving meal, you could opt for one of Costco's famous $5.99 pumpkin pies, or choose less expensive side dishes. That said, many of the products Costco offers are high-quality, name brands such as Pepperidge Farm stuffing, Ocean Spray cranberries and a 40-pack of Pillsbury crescent rolls (at $4.49, that, friends, was a real bargain). Kamala Harris, Cori Bush and others who made history in the 2020 election, How this 30-year-old making $95K a year bought a $252K home during the pandemic, Best Credit Cards for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping of 2020.

While the 99-cent-per-pound price for a fresh turkey may be a good bargain, the bird is only part of a Thanksgiving feast.

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But if you're feeding a crowd this Thanksgiving, this could be the perfect time to buy large quantities of the ingredients you need. Thanksgiving turkeys have finally arrived at Costco! And while you may have to make an apple pie or two from scratch (Aldi didn't have pre-baked pies during my visit), you're saving about $30 — money you may be able to put toward your other holiday shopping needs. Another option: shop around. A look at an aisle in the grocery section of a Costco located in Clifton, New Jersey. Turkey prices: $1.49 per pound for fresh all-natural turkeys or no antibiotics ever turkeys; $2.99 per pound for fresh organic air-chilled turkeys or organic free-range turkey s

Plus, Costco traditionally sells Thanksgiving turkeys for 99 cents per pound, which is a tough price to beat for a fresh (not frozen) bird.