Unlike central air units that mount outside the building, the small window conditioner is inside or partially inside the space it is cooling. Do the same with the cooling fins if required. How to Make Air Conditioner Quieter 1. Step 2: If the noise is coming from inside the window unit, check for twigs, leaves, or other debris. Like other covers, it is easy to install, water repellent and eliminates water condensation. So, if your air conditioner is noisy, then, follow the following simple tips and soon you’ll enjoy a peaceful silent night’s sleep. Anyone living in warmer climates and seeking to cool their bedrooms, living rooms, and other small to medium-sized living spaces, has probably grappled  with the problem of how to quiet a noisy window air conditioner. Related: Latest articles on Soundproofing Hacks, Your email address will not be published. In certain situations, the refrigerant pressure may be wrong. Your answer will be used to improve our content. This step showed the greatest noise-reducing effect. It is an indication that your compressor has an electrical issue that requires immediate repair. Before working inside an air conditioner, be sure to disconnect it from mains power. Grinding can also be attributed to a fan blade rubbing on something, or that it a blade is broken. This noise can indicate dirt or debris is caught in the unit. And unfortunately, the AC can’t perform without it. Window air conditioners are usually seasonal appliances mounted in a window opening to provide cool relief to a small area. Use white grease or light machine oil to lube moving parts. Many a times, an anti vibration pad and a few tightened screws can do the job. If this is so, you should connect an air duct to its drainage through which the water will flow out into a container or any of your desired spots such as a drainage pipe. If you hear a banging sound, chances are that you have a faulty compressor. An average AC should have a maximum noise level of 70dB. Buzzing noises are common near the outdoor unit and air handler. Sadly, the cheaper window units are inherently noisier. Program using the remote or touchpad, and enjoy the cool air. The best way to quiet a noisy window air conditioner is through regular maintenance, ensuring the unit is properly secured, and any loose parts are tightened. It is somewhat weather proof and does a good job at reducing noise.

The air conditioner noise can be caused by damage or clogs which can be rectified through regular maintenance. Oiling can also extend their lives considerably too. First off, you need to choose a suitable location for your AC. In this article, I’ll discuss the different sounds … The compressor is the main source of noise when the AC is operating. Check Amazon Price . Read the manufacturer’s installation instructions before beginning, and follow their directions. It should be level from side to side and have a slight tilt toward the back to prevent moisture pooling. These transfer motion from the motor to the fan blades. Are they yours or the neighbor’s? Also, check that the side or top closure panels are in place and fastened tightly. Tired of having your sleep, favorite show, or a conversation disrupted by a noisy air conditioner?

Install foam or insulation pads if supplied, and plug in the unit. When working on the unit while it is operating is necessary, avoid spinning fan blades. There could be a stick or leaf stuck rubbing against something. on Wikipedia, Air Conditioner Compressor Vibration Noise, Air Conditioner Makes Loud Noise When Starting, Air Conditioner Makes Loud Noise When Stopping, How to Make a Window Air Conditioner Quieter, How to Make Window Air Conditioner Quieter, How to Oil Window Air Conditioner Fan Motor, LG Portable Air Conditioner Rattling Noise, My Window Air Conditioner is Making a Loud Noise, Portable Air Conditioner Making Rattling Noise, Window Air Conditioner Making Clicking Noise, Window Air Conditioner Making Loud Buzzing Noise, Window Air Conditioner Making Pulsating Noise. This is a sound that could indicate several different concerns. However, it mostly depends on the type of noise the unit is making. Indeed, screws and fasteners that secure the air conditioner to the window frame may loosen and thus squeak when vibrating during normal operation. However, if it is frequently clicking on or off, there may be a problem with the unit’s thermostat, an electronic component, or relay switch. Do check them out as they can be multi-purpose and can be easily reused in another DIY project. These deposits can make louder air flow noise through them. Hopefully, you found this article useful. It can also indicate that a bearing is wearing out. For stubborn dirt, use a steamer, but avoid aiming the jet at electrical components inside, such as fan motor windings, starter capacitors, and switches. Oil or grease any places where different pieces of metal in the air conditioner’s casing meet and could rub and bind. We’ve seen them work well in homes, apartments, trailers, and high rises. While the above tips will ensure air conditioner noise reduction, a simpler way to reduce air conditioner noise is to make a wise purchase decision. But unless you plan on quieting lots of loud air conditioners, buying this tool is not necessary. If parts are broken and can be replaced, exchange them using proper parts. This unit comes with an air conditioner kit which includes a filter, support bracket, side panel leaf covers, and window sealing foam. We live in London. Plus, they suspend the fan motors and position the blades at the correct spot in front of the condenser coils. This 12000 BTU window air conditioner offers low noise levels of 52 dBa and is excellent for cooling spaces up to 550 sq.ft. Quiet window air conditioners should have a noise level of under 55 dba. If the AC is inside your house, it is likely due to a defective motor blower.