I should note that I do not believe that English people should pronounce every allo-term in the original native accent. We’re not a uniform amorphous blob. I hear "you-bun-too" around here too, and always correct them. There are very straight forward rules of pronunciation for Bantu words in general.

Ubuntu is used by a diverse group of people for an equally diverse set of reasons. The micromanagement must be out of control. TuxDigital aims to help people Use, Learn, and Enjoy Linux.Contribute, Raspberry Pi 400, LXQt, Youtube-dl Update, Dell Privacy Drivers, HBO Max | This Week in Linux 124, Fedora 33, DMCA Takedown on youtube-dl, Pro1 X, X Server Being Abandoned? That’s a lot of use of the.

You are more likely to pronounce it correctly. We’re Ubuntu.

Or even just "Obama ... articulate" Technically that is true because he is super-articulate in comparison to any group or category of person including all humans.

Like, do yo usay: Line as in Hold The Line X as in My X is a jerk? However, of all the people who read this blog, and all the people in the science and tech blogosphere, Africa and Africans, as well as Africanists are underrepresented. Thank you for helping build the largest language community on the internet. And yet, throughout history and across different cultures, we…, I have this friend from New York who, most of the time, speaks in a normal (that is to say, southern) accent that she's acquired as a result of being surrounded for so long by people who speak the King's English ('cause Elvis was a southerner).

But now you know it. e -> i Plenty of other sounds entered the language.

Let’s face it, there are some Linux related projects that have interesting names and many of them are hard to pronounce at first glance. It’s nice to remember that, just as we all use Ubuntu differently, so we all say it different too. Urgh-ban-too?

And all the vowels in "ubuntu" are the same vowels, therefore, they are all pronounced the same way. Zulu has some pretty horrendous clicks that can be hazardous to your health.

To coincide with the release of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS we want to  we’d try something more social and inclusive than dictating to you how we’re all supposed to say ‘Ubuntu’. New Unstable Build Lets You.

Whilst we’re on the topic of pronunciations we thought we’d re-share this infographic. It sounds very weird to me, because I pronounce it 'mate' like the english word for friend. af er og um M-W says "gnu" comes from the Khoikhoi "t'gnu". This means every one of the billions of galaxies, including the way they form, merge, and cluster…, Bárðarbunga is arguably the scariest of the 30 or so active volcanoes in Iceland.

when did it become socially acceptable to mispronounce things, but a social taboo to be striving to get things right? Say it how you say it it in everyday life; how you read the word aloud in your head.

We’re Ubuntu. Bárðarbunga - under the ice cap at the top left - from Google maps "Ubuntu", as a word, is related, but not the same. That would be like looking at the word "Queen" and prounouncing it "Que Ween".

I am glad I don't use Linex or Youbuntee.

After all, the sounds that lie between one C and another form a continuous range of frequencies. When we talk about dark matter and its alternatives, we are talking about no less a task than explaining the structure of every large object in the Universe. But we know from cultural convention that the word "articulate" used in the context of an African American carries with it racist implications, so using it is ashattery. | This Week in Linux 123, Ubuntu 20.10, System76’s Thelio Mega, CUPS Forked from Apple | This Week in Linux 122, This Week in Linux 121: Linux 5.9, KDE Plasma 5.20, LibreOffice, Pine64 & More, This Week in Linux 120: Oracle vs Google, Nextcloud 20, Python 3.9, Better Snaps Theme Support.

I take it that it's said "Oo-gahn-dah" there. ScienceBlogs is a registered trademark of Science 2.0, a science media nonprofit operating under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Linux rhymes wth Lynne Fix. I'm glad I have always pronounced the word 'ubuntu' and 'habari' the right way. is a registered trademark of Canonical Ltd. Because the "eee" sound at the end of the word is a Euro diminutive.

I don't have any idea of the grammatical role of the "t'", if any. That bit if video is much better than what i had seen (actually, heard) previously.

Here is a Bantu vowel pronunciation guide that you may wish to clip out and keep in your pocket: a like "ah" such as "Ah, I see.

TuxDigital is a Educational media channel that advocates for Linux-based operating systems through teaching, training, and distribution of information.

I am what I am because of who we all are, and all that. Pronunciation of Ubuntu ngumtu ngabanye abantu” with 1 audio pronunciation and more for Ubuntu ngumtu ngabanye abantu”.

This series provides a definitive source for How To Pronounce the names of these projects. Ubuntu

2020-10-22. Pedants will (quite rightly) that there is one correct way to pronounce Ubuntu and that’s “oo-boon-too”. Just follow the guide above until it is internalized. But I’m here to say those people are (sort of) wrong. In my opinion there is no ‘wrong’ way to pronounce it because the differences in how we say it is part of what makes Ubuntu ubuntu.

Ubuntu MATE 20.04 Release Notes. I was going on very old data. In the area of voting, the main problem seems to be the expenditure of great amounts of outrage and…, ... which I've posted on before ... there are new developments, summarized at Inside Climate News: I do stuff.

Correcting people's pronunciation is a good way to piss them off and make them thing you're some kind of pencil-necked prig.

That is annoying and ingenuous. In middle-class England, I suppose, one hears "Yoo-bun-ter". You all know the the word ‘Ubuntu’’ — and if you don’t, how’d you end up here?! o -> o -> ow

The Ubuntu (Linux distribution) is a diverse community, full of different people using the OS to do different things in different ways. This, I suppose, answers my question about Uganda, which Americans, as one, pronounce "Yoo-gan-duh".

BTW, the middle syllable in Ubuntu is stressed but that does not make it Ooo Bun Too. That said, I think it's one of those things (like the spelling/pronunciation of alumin[i]um) that reasonable people can disagree on.

Which part of 'No' do you not 'Know'", u like "oooo" such as "Desmond Tutu does not wear a tutu.". I am listening to a podcast and one of the two people always says 'mahteh'.

Trump is trying to appoint him to be assistant administrator for air and radiation. I don't have any idea of the grammatical role of the "t'", if any. In other words, conventions hegemonic objectify, primitivize, or infantilize the colonialized. It’s easy to take part in and the prizes on offer are …entirely of the warm, smug self satisfactory kind (yeah, sorry, no real prizes).

i -> a -> ay ), One I hear a lot is "Yoo-bun-too" or "Yoo-boon-too".

Never mind the pronunciation. This is a pronunciation guide for the Linux-based operating system, made by Canonical, Ubuntu. Home » Idea » How Do You Pronounce Ubuntu? Nathan Meyers wrote: What seems odd is to have a different name but the same spelling. If somebody feels more comfortable saying "Yoo-bun-ter", I'm just glad they're talking about it at all. Archives October 2020 Ubuntu MATE 20.10 Release Notes ; April 2020 Ubuntu MATE 20.04 Release … Respectively, people can call them what ever they like but looking at where the names come from, this seems the correct way. You can also shop using Amazon Smile and though you pay nothing more we get a tiny something. Oh and I'm Zulu, a rural one for that matter, so there. Sorry. Just pronounce them as specified here and you'll be fine. This is the correct way to pronounce them IMO because the names are based on the desktops they use, they are 'eks' FCE 'el' XDE 'kay' DE.

What seems odd is to have a different name but the same spelling.

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Zulu has some pretty horrendous clicks that can be hazardous to your health.

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When the news caster slips into a perfect-sounding Spanish accent in the middle of an English Sentence it is distracting and also incorrect for most Spanish speaking people (as there are many dialects and this news caster is typically using only one).


I'm pretty dead set on /'lajn6ks/ as a pronunciation; sorry, Jadehawk, but if Linus did say his name in English, that's probably how he'd pronounce the OS name. So what you say? So, for example, a common Eastern Bantu (KiSwahili) greeting is: Which is pronounced (to an English speaker): Then you stick in the consonants and the rest is pretty obvious: Ooo (as in "ooo ooo ooo, I know the answer") .. boon (as in Daniel Boone) ... too (as in "me too!"). pronouncekiwi . (I only just found out that the interjection "er" was transcribed from the sound "uh" by such rhotic Englishmen.). I make a point of alternating among them, or pronouncing it differently from whatever whoever I'm talking with does.

Haha very interesting article! It's all the fault of the Great English Vowel Shift, which includes the most obvious transitions: a -> e -> ey From that perspective, Mr Torvalds is saying his own name, with his own accent. This is a reasonably important job that concerns many aspects of the environment.

There are about 250 legal two word combinations in the english language, looking just at the basic vowels - a,e,i,o,u,y and the remaining 20 consonants.