I bought a 2012 model but as new this year from Peter Stevens. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Not sure where to start? More expensive than the Kawasaki Ninja 250R. The Good:- For a 188cm, 90kg bloke the bike is just the right size for a learner restricted bike - all others feel cramped- Bought it stupidly cheap 2nd hand off a bloke who has put a new exhaust on it and done some basic work to it- Sounds great, looks great, turns great (IMO)- Light to maneuver around 7am peak hour traffic and goes well splitting - whilst being loud enough for people to hear you flying by- Way faster than my mates Honda CBR 250- Love the V-twin engine sound!...Read more. Because of the 2 cylinder engine the bike stands out from all other bikes. After I graduated to a full licence, I bought a Suzuki GSX-R1000. We love new motorcycle companies who come to the market and create amazing machines. The fuel injected system engine of Hyosung GT250R is tuned for higher performance and is mated with a 5-speed manual gearbox for the smooth transmissions and fuel efficiency.

It puts a smile on my face every time I get on it. 2016 Hyosung GT250R Review. Hyosung paved the way in bringing modern styling to beginner motorcycles. Riding position is fairly comfortable and not as extreme as many other performance bikes I have sat on at the bike shops. Hopeless pre delivery !!!! I have a 2013, 250 GT EFi Hyosung I noticed when I turn the bike on it has a temperature digital display, but once the bike starts the Display disappears, it’s normally next to the fuel digital display when the ignition turns on.. just wondering if this is normal or not?

Awesome bike! It's very nice to ride because its a great bike and looks like sports model and very superb to ride with it.While riding it as very good experience and vehicle is very fast everyone looks ta bike. I'm having in for over a month, done already 1450 ks.Amazing bike, did lot of reasearch before buying it and also did atest drive.No problem, perfect quality, amazing look.Getting complements from every one including starngers. Freelance writer for various national magazines and websites, plus founder of MotorbikeWriter.com. This motorcycle has some of the sweetest styling of any motorcycle I’ve seen, that includes 250’s, 500’s, 600’s, and Liter Bikes!! This is a great bike from the new comers and one we'd recommend to a new rider. The colour combination on the front body and the separation of the rear side with a contrast shade is a legible business. It's great on the open road too if a little short geared (only 5 speed). I bought it with 4,500km on it and I took it for a ride down the road and I was extremely satisfied with the throttle response AND with the power, Sure it is only a 250cc and isnt going to outrun a Ferrari but it didnt feel slugish to me and was very responsive.

It’s plain anti-social. It’s actually a pretty striking-looking little bike; I’m picking up a whiff of early Katana up front with a delicate aftertaste of Panigale in the tailsection, maybe a bit of Aprilia Futura in the midrange. Doesnt sound like a postie bike. This position gives you a feeling that you and your bike are one. 2016 Hyosung GT250R. The Hyosung GT250R comes with a side long canister chrome finished exhaust fixed higher for boosting the rear panel look and appears classic. It gives the best feel of sport bike , in a minimum range . Similar opinion? Motorcycle Guy January 31, 2017. Newer company, reliability hasn’t been tested. Looks, Quality, Value, Size. Maybe due to the nature of my commute - driving from traffic light to traffic light! Remember guys that this is a Honda and anything Honda is very reliable.

The up-side down front fork is interesting with a black holder supports the new looks of Hyosung GT250R.

That beautiful V-twin noise got me thinking. We can talk about the engine on this bike for a while, but the thing that sets it apart is the styling. Like anything you cherish, don’t leave it outside in rain, be proactive with maintenance and it will be good to you. It is not digital like the Hyosung and I believe it doesnt have trip meters like the Hyosung does ( 2 for that point ).

Get detailed comparison between, All-Women W Series Announces Partnership With Formula 1 For 2021 & Beyond, TVS Donates 25 Apache RTR 160 Motorcycles To Bengaluru Police, BharatBenz Expands Its Network With 10 New Touchpoints In Tier II Tier III Cities, 2021 Ducati XDiavel Introduced With Dark, Black Star Variants, 2020 Hyundai i20 Review: Petrol And Diesel Driven. I highly recommend researching tires and getting the best gripping ones you can find. It pulls cleanly from low down in the rev range, it can rev out but delivers the bulk of its power in the mid-range. Since then it's done 500ks and been fantastic. The Hyosung GT250R price in India … Power: The size of the bike is huge , which gives a uniqueness then all other bikes .. , the GT250R combines both analogue and digital technology. Hyosung GV-250 review (a.k.a.

This bike is well suited to commuting. I would highly recommend it over any of the Jap 250. One thing that can’t be overlooked is the headlight of this motorcycle. The alloy wheels of 17 inches contribute to ground clearance with 110/70 -17 54S and 150/60 -17 66S tyres in the front and rear, respectively. It has never been anything other than completely stable in corners and it starts every time. The other 250s look like toys when put beside this, excellent bike to ride! One company that is looking to change that in an amazing way is Hyosung with their sleek and modern looking 125cc and 250cc motorcycles. the power it delivers. Personally I love the snap, crackle and pop when you get off the gas going downhill. Awesome bike! The bike looks huge on its dimensions giving the feel of a real sport bike, and well-built riders can find this motorcycle happy for riding and handling without considering the overall kerb weight of 188 kg. I own a gt250r and I really love itInexpensive, reliable, sexy lookingCan get rusty if left in the showers for a while, I've had for the last two months and I sincerely can say that it's one hell of a great bike and i can't really fault it, it handles well looks great and the fuel consumption is very good indeed.looks, engine, handling and cost, fuelconsumptiona bit heavy, The other 250s look like toys when put beside this, excellent bike to ride! I faced many problems and the spares are of very very poor quality and the customer service SUCKS. ... An entirely new architecture far away from the V-twin that powers the Gt250R, the brand’s previous quarter-liter. Change engine oil after 3000 kmpl and servicing. All rights reserved.

Read Hyosung GT250R reviews from genuine buyers and know the pros and cons of GT250R. It's a 2014 efi and am still running it in. Best Starter Motorcycles In 2016 And 2017

Want to ride a motorcycle? The perpendicular head lamp one above the other is a new feature looking gorgeous and well fitted in the full faring cowl of the GT250R. The price of GT250R starts at Rs.

Its reminiscent of recent Ducati street bikes with its vertical lined bulbs, yet it does this while maintaining its own originality.