I've contributed to the campaign where the estimated delivery was due in July, after a few e-mails, I have yet to hear back from anyone. Social media VP Bridget Hogan claimed in an interview that IdealFuture already had a US-based manufacturer, allowing it to ship the Futurefön within six months. If you're accepting PayPal, you'll need to provide you full name and associated email so Indiegogo can match your account.There are generous options for promoting your campaign and tracking that activity. Passionate about something niche? It hosts a MediaTek Dimensity 800 processor with a 7mn chip to support the 5G network connection. “Like, hey, look at this cool video! In 2014, she was voted one of the 100 Most Influential Thoughtful Leaders in Crowdfunding. The case finally went to trial a year later. “Any fool can make something complicated. “Everything has to be new. Do not give money to any Indiegogo campaigns, because the campaign owners and Indiegogo won't deliver. In other words, this rugged phone can withstand water immersion, drops, bumps, and shocks, making it an ideal companion to all adventures and beach trips. (I guess from their point of view - they already have your money and haven't delivered what you ordered!) A friend of Sugahara, who asked to be identified only as Chris, ended up in a similar situation. “I like having gadgets.”, a 12-pound, nearly $5,000 portable desktop, dramatically changing how their services work. I just chatted with them online and they could not answer my question regarding getting up a steep 20% hill for a 144 pounder with the 11-28 cassette efficiently with a 250w motor. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. 0 Likes. Others tried to pin down the backers’ psychology: “Technology is magic. So I think the carbo guys are honest with a 28 mile estimate, but this is going to be pedal assist with the motor putting out 100 watts. The Futurefön’s page showed a sleek, palm-sized touchscreen that slotted into a laptop dock, then folded flat and flipped open again, revealing a second screen and a full-sized laptop keyboard. One Redditor claimed to have flagged the Futurefön back in 2014, saying Indiegogo’s support staff had promised to review it. “This just sounded like an amazing product,” she says. I have emailed the company MULTIPLE TIMES for a refund, which they promised, yet no refund. The full-screen format will offer users an immersive experience while viewing content. Small businesses: So they throw money at it.” A few simply cracked jokes about Batio’s inspirational quotes. The Coolest Cooler, once hailed as a Kickstarter success story, had been dubbed one of crowdfunding’s biggest disasters after serious delays. Copyright © 2020 Consumers Unified LLC. It's disgusting. But in 2014, lots of major electronics companies were chasing similar ideas. Original review: Sept. 18, 2020. Contact Indiegogo Support to let them know that this campaign owner is unresponsive. Seeing that there aren't many recent reviews of cyberghost I would like to share my long term review of it, I have been using it for about 3 years now. The display is a non-standard size. I spent a large sum of money to back a campaign with the promise of receiving high quality earbuds. Interested readers can subscribe to their newsletter to … The ultimate handheld game console.

I would be interested too on the gear range and getting up steep hills with the 250 watt motor. “This will probably never see the light of day, but it’s too cool not to back for $200,” thought Tschiltsch. And while Batio had been working on experimental computers for decades, he hadn’t actually shipped any — including a laptop he’d already promised Indiegogo backers in an earlier campaign. The same year as the Futurefön campaign, Asus announced an even more ambitious five-in-one Android / Windows phone / laptop / tablet at Computex, although the idea never made it to market.

Indiegogo takes no interest or responsibility for helping with over site. “It’s beyond ‘fake it till you make it.’ It’s like, I’m either so clueless that I shouldn’t be in the business, or — I just think this is a fraud.”, Despite all this, IdealFuture cruised past its minuscule $10,000 goal, taking in nearly $650,000 by the campaign’s December end date and continuing to raise money through Indiegogo’s brand-new InDemand feature.