Colorado Department of Health & Environment. The Josef Korbel School of International Studies is offering this scholarship to international students that have shown interest in the institution and also wish to be part of … Claim Your Graduate School Today! Students at the Josef Korbel School often pursue internship opportunities as part of their degree program. [6], According to the University of Denver, "In 1938, Cherrington was handpicked by the United States Department of State to lead its new Division of Cultural Relations and tasked with carrying out 'the exchange of professors, teachers, and students...cooperation in the field of music, art, radio broadcasts...generally, the dissemination abroad of the representative intellectual and cultural work of the U.S.'"[6] Cherrington later became chancellor of the University of Denver from 1943 to 1946, and he was also a contributing author to the United Nations Charter.[7]. With a foundation of academic and inclusive excellence, we seek to expand our resources and out-of-class opportunities to deliver comprehensive international studies programs. The school currently educates more than 700 students with nearly 70 full- and part-time faculty members. Copyright © 2017 DU Clarion. Thanks to a collaboration between the Korbel School and DU's Newman Center for the Performing Arts, cellist Yo-Yo Ma's Silkroad Ensemble played a mini-residency at the University, promoting cultural diplomacy and diversity in the arts. [4][18] It is also one of 35 institutions worldwide that is a full member of the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs, a grouping of international studies-orientated institutions. Go to the graduate admission application to submit your information. The Clarion welcomes letters to the editor but has the right to reject any content that is deemed discriminatory or offensive based on race, religion, gender, sexuality and the like. Through our local business, government and non-profit partners, we're able to extend internship and employment opportunities to our students. However, none of the top-15 most influential international relations scholars of the past 20 years have direct ties to the Korbel school. [3], In 2018, the school's master's programs were ranked 14th in the world by Foreign Policy magazine. Most degrees require foreign language proficiency and a field internship. Today, our mission is more important than ever. The Josef Korbel School focuses on training graduate students, both for master's and doctoral degrees, in a number of different areas. The school's graduate programs include majors in International Human Rights; International Development; Global Finance, Trade and Economic Integration; International Administration; International Security; and International Studies. Decades earlier, he had been forced to flee during the Communist coup in Czechoslovakia in 1948. For the past five years, Korbel, GSPIA and the Maxwell School have operated the Global Security and Development Program, which combines professional internships with graduate courses taught by adjunct faculty drawn from the Washington, D.C., area's pool of experts in international relations and economics. “Our location instills an independent perspective,” said David Proper, Director of Communications at the Korbel school. Professor; Co-Director of Global Finance, Trade, and Economic Integration (GFTEI) program, Teaching Assistant Professor; Director, Undergraduate Research Center. We are taking on the great challenges of … Students from around the world come to Korbel to receive a cross-disciplinary, flexible education. Ambassador Christopher R. Hill has been dean of the school since July 2010.