This keto friendly recipe will satisfy your craving for fried chicken for sure. I am a self taught chef, and a keto weight loss success story.

ALL VIEWS AND OPINIONS ARE MY OWN. If you use a thicker chicken breast reducie the cooking temperature to 350 degrees for half the cooking time, and then slowly increase the air fryer temp until the chicken is nice and crisy. Click the link, or enter brilliantlyketo at checkout. The chicken goes back into the egg wash one more time, and then one final coating of Parmesan. This Air Fryer Parmesan Crusted Chicken is the perfect easy week night meal. Can you believe that this air fryer has a 12.7 capacity? To achieve the ideal cooking time you must use thinly sliced chicken breasts, or pound out the chicken yourself. Parmesan Crusted Chicken is crispy, salty, delicious, and–most importantly–easy! This code will save you 10% off site wide, so select an alternative appliance that may work better for you and still save. Whisk eggs together in a wide bowl, set to the side. To double dredge you first place the chicken in the egg wash and coat both sides. This delicious low carb/keto friendly crispy chicken recipe is a family favorite!-- even better it is incredibly easy-- and versatile. I have a secret for you:  Let’s call this hack the Double Dredge. is a professional site, and in order to continue to provide you quality content we do work with companies in a sponsored or affiliate relationship. If you do not have an air fryer -- use a baking sheet with a rack and follow the same instructions.


This double dredge creates the perfect thickness of the breading every time. I am a mom to a toddler. I have been working on keeping my macros a lot more strict. We personally do not eat sweetened bread and butter pickles because of the sugar content. Meaning I received their Ultra Air Fryer free in exchange for this post. My preference for the Parmesan crust is strictly calorie-related. We love dill pickles in our home, and this is a great way to use up all that extra juice after the pickles are gone. Savings code expires 10/31/2019 so don’t wait to long to add an amazing GoWISE air fryer to your kitchen. 12.7 QT Air Fryer Oven Ultra (More Colors Available), GW2244803/804, My name is Karen and all the recipes that you will see here are my creations.

Start by cutting your breasts in half, and then use a mallet to thin our your chicken. Place the chicken on top of the Parmesan cheese and flip to coat both sides. It will come out … This blog post contains affiliate links.

The cheese breading fits into my macros for the day much better then pork panko. Whisk until well combined. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases Learn more. Another benefit of this breading technique is that it helps the cheese to properly stick to the chicken.

continue reading, 1 lb of boneless chicken breast, chicken tenders, or chicken thigh. How to achieve the perfect breading every time? If you like to meal prep, this size will make life so much easier for you too!

Whisk until well combined. You can either add 40 grams of Parmesan cheese at a time or... Add all the chicken … I prefer to bread each chicken breast individually, so I add cheese for each piece of chicken. Liberally coat the chicken with Parmesan cheese. Take chicken breast and dip into egg wash and then dip into crushed pork rinds. All views are my own. Place the chicken on greased air fryer rack as pictured. Or you can make enough Parmesan chicken to enjoy leftovers. As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases. Instructions In a flat container crack 2 eggs and add water. Spray chicken with cooking spray and add to air fryer basket…

Rotate and flip the chicken half way thru cooking to achieve a nice crispy crust on all sides. Both of these options are delicious, and they are also amazing combined. This cooked the chicken at 430 degrees F in 12-18 minutes depending on thickness. I was so excited to partner with GoWISE USA– Especially when they provided this discount code for you to save 10% off this amazing air fryer/ oven. Use a fork to pick up one piece of chicken at a time, and let excess egg wash drip off. For this recipe I used the chicken preset on my GoWise Ultra Airfryer. You can also add any of your favorite seasonings to the powdered Parmesan to elevate this recipe slightly. Next you coat each piece of chicken once in the Parmesan. Evenly coat both sides. In a separate container add the powdered Parmesan cheese. In a separate container add the powdered Parmesan cheese.

Use less Parmesan for a light coating, or more for a nice thick crust like breading. Having and air fryer this large makes it easy to make dinner for the whole family at once. If you have missed fried chicken since transitioning to a ketogenic lifestyle, then this recipe is for you.

You can either add 40 grams of Parmesan cheese at a time, or add it all at once. All reviews are our own honest opinion, and full transparency is always guaranteed. However, you can find some bread and butter pickles sweetened with sucralose. Place the chicken back into the egg wash and make sure you re-coat the entire piece. Take a chicken breast, dip it into the egg wash …

KNOW THAT I ONLY POST ABOUT SITES AND PRODUCTS THAT I THINK WOULD BE IMMENSELY HELPFUL AND THAT I HAVE USED MYSELF. Copyright © 2019 Brilliantly Keto All Rights Reserved. I’ve partnered with GoWISE USA on this post. This helps the cheese not to get too wet and clumpy from double-dipping the chicken, and it helps me to track the proper macros for each piece. In a flat container crack 2 eggs and add water. Customize the coating to your desired result. I am thinking Chicken Parmesan, Copycat Chicken Tenders, a Crispy Chicken Sandwich (keto of course), or even Chicken and Waffles. So if you’re like me and working hard to lose some extra weight, I recommend this recipe over pork breading. My husband and I just celebrated 7 amazing years married. Dredge the chicken pieces in the coconut flour mixture, dip in the eggs, shake off the excess, then … Add all the chicken to the egg wash, and flip to coats all sides.

If you're looking for a delicious hack I highly recommend marinating your chicken in pickle juice at least 12 hours before breading. This will take 20-30 minutes.