Kingsford Smith was Australia's most famous aviator. This table is sortable by selecting on column headers. Garrett was promoted to the front bench as Shadow Environment Minister when Kevin Rudd came to the leadership in December 2006, and has maintained the portfolio in government.

Kingsford is a mainly residential area, situated directly south of the University of New South Wales, which is in Kensington. Or will there be the shake-up that many pundits are predicting?

The TCP count ultimately determines who wins the seat.

Carr's Kingsford Smith lifeline was grabbed by fellow state cabinet minister Laurie Brereton, who succeeded Bowen at the 1990 election.

Antony Green is the ABC's chief election analyst. Brereton was Opposition spokesman on foreign affairs under Kim Beazley and played an important role in shifting party policy on resognising East Timor. Where a locality has no Federal Electorate, it is a generic region name. Over the next few weeks, City Hub will be talking to federal election candidates across the city of Sydney and giving a rundown on the key issues. At the moment, 18 and 25 May are being floated as possible dates. However, his status has been diminished on two occasions.

Thistlethwaite was appointed to the NSW Senate ticket for the 2010 election and served in the Senate from July 2011 until resigning to contest and win Kingsford Smith at the 2013 election.

The only time their hold has been threatened since was with the 1966 landslide, when the margin was reduced to 1.5 per cent. Authorised by the Electoral Commissioner, Canberra, Party register, applications and decisions, Torres Strait Regional Authority elections, A4 map of the electoral division of Kingsford Smith (2016) [PDF 11.5MB], Detailed map of the electoral division of Kingsford Smith (2016) [PDF 10.2MB], 2016 federal election – House of Representatives results for Kingsford Smith, 2013 federal election – House of Representatives results for Kingsford Smith, 2010 federal election – House of Representatives results for Kingsford Smith, 2007 federal election – House of Representatives results for Kingsford Smith, 2004 federal election – House of Representatives results for Kingsford Smith.

Analysis written by William Bowe. To make a comment or suggest a change to the election site, please contact us. Labor has pledged $3 million over the next four years to provide nippers’ programs with reusable bottles and to put in place 600 water refill stations at surf clubs around Australia.

Shipping, aviation, paper manufacturing, light manufacturing, commercial and retail businesses.

She has won Open Australian and World Sailing Championships, and represented Australia in sailing regattas around the world. Speaking on the NSW election, Mr Thistlethwaite admitted that the status quo results were “disappointing”. Could coronavirus mink mutations mean trouble for vaccine development?

Then-leader Mark Latham took the opportunity to secure endorsement for Peter Garrett, nationally famous since the 1980s as the lead singer for Midnight Oil and more recently the president of the Australian Conservation Foundation. This table provides the number of first preference votes received for all candidates in the division. The redistribution has transferred 3200 voters in the area around Rosebery to Sydney, with no effect on the margin. “The amount of plastic ending up in our oceans and choking marine life is alarming,” Mr Thistlethwaite said at the launch. He said it was his experience growing up in public housing in Maroubra that shaped his political ideas. Provisional votes are votes cast at a polling place where the elector's name cannot be found on the roll, the elector's name has already been marked off the roll or votes cast by a silent elector. This followed a difficult election campaign in which Garrett was ridiculed for a “jocular” comment in a casual conversation with talk radio host Steve Price, to the effect that Labor would change all its policies in government.

Kingsford Smith has been Labor held since its creation. The division is located in the south-eastern suburbs of Sydney, on the north shore of Botany Bay, and the coast of the Tasman Sea. The first seat we’ll be looking at is Kingsford-Smith in Sydney’s south east. Mr Cruz ran unsuccessfully for the seat of Maroubra in the recent NSW election and the 2015 election. The seat is relatively safe with Labor, but human rights lawyer Amanda Wilmot is expected to pose a strong challenge to the incumbent. A long-term member of the Liberal Party, Ms Wilmot has previously run for Randwick Council on their ticket. This table provides the full distribution of preferences by count for the division. 52.6% of people living in the electorate of Kingsford Smith were born in Australia.

Garrett was appointed Minister for School Education by Julia Gillard and introduce the Gonski school funding scheme before resigning from Cabinet following the return of Kevin Rudd as Prima Minister. Matt Thistlethwaite (Labor) since 2013, having previously served in the Senate 2011-13. “It’s really unfortunate because we will really suffer under another four years of the Liberals.”. This can be at an early voting centre or polling place in the voter's own division or at an interstate voting centre.

She has worked closely with the Kimberley Land Council in Broome to help remote Aboriginal communities develop project management and legal skills.