Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, toasted almonds, honey.

On Sunday they have Menudo. Absolutely no other customers can be inside the restaurant at a time, which i love! Overall, I would say getting their pastries is a must, pizzas are pretty good, and only get their pasta if you're dying of hunger. It's got pizza, it's got pasta, it's got pastries and gelato! But a lot of people to take their food and pastries to go. Their peak times are definitely during lunch hours - there's a line for the savoury section and a line for the sweets. I was very pleasantly surprised. Both times I was equally satisfied with the service and food. I love the new location." Overall a mediocre experience but I still really want to come back and get their famous humongous pizza! I also got a caramel latte and a mocha latte to go, and although I wasn't fond of the caramel latte, the mocha was well done.As I sat down with my s.o., a man came and sat by us on the long table and had some light conversation with us. The owner and the family are very helpful and so nice, regardless how busy the store is." Oven roasted turkey, mayo, homemade cranberry sauce, lettuce and cheddar cheese. Lobster tail was crunchy/crispy but not hard. Of course, we couldn't drive all the way to Scarborough for JUST pizza from here. The Nutella bombini is a MUST. I dunno if I would get this again (over their regular slices) but it was very fun to eat. Hot food were delicious and deserts were reasonable price and fresh. Their crust is also very bready if you're into that (I am but I know a lot of people aren't) 2) HUGE pizza slice (~$30): I ordered the pepperoni huge slice but I do believe if you're customizing it with different toppings, it may be more expensive. Around 3pm is when the cafe clears and you get seats to choose from and no line up.

La Union is a lively Mexican restaurant & bakery, with two locations in Margate and Coral Springs, FL serving Mexican sweets, pastries & coffee, plus tacos & burritos. January 12, 2020 - Went here around 11am, it wasn't that busy, I was able to walk around look at the desserts, gelato and pizza menu before ordering. Staffs are nice and helpful.Recommend. They do NOT take walk in orders, so make sure you order in advance (you might not get any confirmation later on but that's okay, they'll still have your order - that's what happened to us).

Came here during Covid-19, they are NOT accepting walk in; so PRE ORDER!

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Even at 2pm on a weekday. The little fried dough is just bursting with Nutella. I was hoping for the ricotta to wow me but it was a let down. See all photos from Ana R V. for Lamanna's Bakery, I honestly ADORE this place !! The slices are big and quality is awesome. The people who work there are definitely efficient though, because the line does go relatively quickly - just keep in mind that you WILL be salivating all the way to the front ! Def try the donuts! Housemade focaccia, mesclun greens, tomato, dijonnaise, egg, optional bacon. Try their Affogato!Decor and seating: 5/5. The lobster tails were absolutely perfect!

We have ordered hot food - veal and sausage sandwich and desserts.

Would I go back here again? A family run italian bakery in Scarborough that I travelled from GTA to, and it was worth it.

Definitely coming back!! But their desserts was good though. But if you go and there aren't lines consider yourself lucky and take advantage. Super packed on a Sunday! Latest reviews, photos and ratings for La Union Bakery #2 at 8038 W Sample Rd in Margate - view the menu, ⏰hours, ☎️phone number, ☝address and map. Also It gets very busy outside with long lines so dress warm. They stop you at the door and they have a window where one person gets your name and then walks back to the kitchen to grab your order and then pass it through the small opening of the window. The cookie was okay ($.50 for one), didn't expect it to be soft and chewy.Most people here get pizza slices or full cakes! Super friendly atmosphere and the staff were soo friendly! This place hits so many YES factors when you go in. Also tried the pizza, didn't like it, it was too doughy and not enough sauce.

It was just room eh, not the best.Amazing variety of food though. Unfortunately, none of the pastries/sweets really wowed me. You can order online the day before or walk-in, do expect for line up, but moving fast .