Send her the sweetest lines to make her day, even if your miles apart! It is essential, to be honest with your intentions.

Break up letters to a boyfriend are written by those girls who no longer want to continue their relationship with their guy. Sample break up letter for long distance relationship. Save your letter draft and read it twice before sending. I really mean it, and I’m excited for what life gives us next. You are understanding, attentive, intelligent, gentle and possesses many other wonderful qualities only real man have.

If you are not able to draft the right words to break up with someone gently, it is good to look at a great example and use it to help you in drafting the perfect breakup letter. It is easier for one to lose track of what they want to say in such situations; therefore, drafting writing a breakup letter is the best idea. I know this sounds cliché, but it is not about you, it is about me. Breakup letters explain the reason why it is that the writer thinks I’s best for the two to break up. I am tired of making excuses and judging myself whereas you were at fault always. We are more of each other after work obligations.

A break up is the end of a relationship and usually comes in only if the two partners are in total agreement for disagreement.

It becomes more difficult to travel each time I visit you. Breakup letters give you the time to sit and compose your words carefully and thoughtfully in a way that an emotional conversation might not allow.

I think this is a hint big enough for me to stay out of your life.

I have had some very good memorable moments of my life with you. The following is to be followed for writing a friendship breakup letter format. You can’t leave the door open here. You’re a great person, and I’m sure you’ll move on soon enough. Every couple has own reasons, and it is better to decide on your own whether you want to state a reason in a letter or not. If you were in a long-term relationship, then you can consider meeting face-to-face, to your partner rather than writing a break-up letter. Such letters are extremely personal and sometimes emotional letters, and may also be of a secretive nature.

I’ll hear your laughter and see your face and feel your arms around me. This letter is to acknowledge that the other party’s actions did hurt you and that you have moved on. Also, I can’t assure you that I will be able to give you everything you need. I think you know only too well why I’m writing you this letter. This is always done in an empathetic and considerate manner. I know it came as a surprise, and I can’t express how sorry I am.

I am sorry if I hurt you. Make certain that you do not impose your decision but also give a chance for your friend to speak.

Understand one thing, that there is no formula available in any books or online to write a break-up letter. We don’t feel the same way for each other. When writing this type of breakup letter, it is important that you use a cold tone but not mean. This letter is usually written for situations where either party must move for school or work to follow their passion. So I don’t want to disturb you – I only want you to be happy. Many times, people do consider giving last good-bye gift.

I am sure you anticipated this; we talked about it several times. Take this factor into consideration because you want the letter to reach in a right hand.

After a certain point, the two of us just won’t mix. But I can’t possibly keep it in any longer than I have been to be fair to both of us. Honestly speaking there are multitude reasons to this, but I wouldn’t want to get into this anymore as it will complicate things. The guy I fell for would have treated me with more decency. I think this is a hint big enough for me to stay out of your life. You always challenged me far more than I could give, and I was good for it. The clear reason behind this is that we do not seem interested and involved with each other any longer. I wish I were writing you for other reasons, but I just can’t continue our relationship feeling the way I feel right now.

Nobody ever said long distance relationships were easy. I hope you would understand my point and get over it soon enough. I know the break up is not entirely your fault, and I too am to be blamed for it, but I guess someone had to make the first move. Auto Insurance Verification Letter (Free Forms & Templates), How to Structure a Dissertation: Step-by-Step Guide, How to Reference Coursework in Harvard Style, Writing a Request for Approval Letter (20+ Samples & Examples), Rebuttal Letter Templates & Quick Guide to Write One, Past Due Letter (12+ Best Sample Letters & Examples), Confirmation Letter Samples (How to Write). What we share is too good to let that happen. You won’t be even able to share a simple smile or a hug in such a letter writing option, so think before you take any decision related to announcing break-up. For the sake of our love for each other, you should’ve at least walked out, because then, I could have handled it even though it would’ve sucked. I don’t know how will you react to this, but this is good for both of us.

Breakups already suck, but one of the things that can make them even more awful is if you were in a long distance relationship. Greeting Letter - Holiday Greeting Letter, Correction Letter - Sample Correction Letter, Application For Transfer Certificate (TC), Farewell Letters – Sample Farewell Letters, Greeting Letter – Holiday Greeting Letter, If your partner has behaved violently with you, If he or she is not interested in talking to you, If your partner always refuses to break-up in a personal meet, If your partner is not attending your call, If you don’t want to continue with a long-distance relationship. Make the letter short and to the point. Anyway, chat soon. I see so much potential in you, but only you can make it happen. Such letters are generally not supposed to be read by anybody else. I could write all those things and all would be true, but as I reread them, the only thing I can think is that I wish I were with you now, holding your hand and waiting for your elusive smile. I still believe you meant every word of it. The biggest obstacle with drafting this type of letter is that one must emphasize that you’re willing to work to be friends.

I’m going to miss all of that, more than you can imagine. I intend to make this work. With you and I, there was the only divergence. I would have tagged you along, but it is not your path. Sample Break Up Letter Sample, Email, and Example/Format, Tips For Writing Friendship Break Up Letter. You were with me for the better part of it. I miss you a lot, and I feel you will ever miss me. Get in touch with a trusted friend or a family member, who can give you a correct opinion about your break-up letter. Don’t keep your partner in the stress by not stating the right reason. Should you have any questions, please ask right away, but after that, we can’t keep on communicating. And sometimes break up. I tried bringing you back to the routine, but you seemed to ignore my efforts. I remember us joking about how romantic the ‘opposites attract’ theorem sounded then, but I think both of us now know that that is never the case forever. How will you deliver the letter? If you have decided to send a break-up letter, then now think about ways of writing such a letter. I was thinking of this long back but saw you struggling in life. If you look at us on paper, we as a couple makes sense, but we both know that is not how love functions. It can get awkward at times, so it is important that you acknowledge that and move on. The following is a sample of a friendship breakup letter. Selecting electronic means or social media for delivering a letter is not a considerable option. Sending nasty letters back and forth will only leave you both feeling horrible, so be careful not to start a fight. I leave your life and wish you all the luck and success. I know that you had a long way to come to your dream job and put a lot of effort in it. Here are a few tips that can help you to write your break-up letter: __________ __________ __________ __________, Date: _____ (Date on Which Letter is Written). When one is filled with emotions, it is always hard for one to get out what they need to say. A friend that you promised to see but hoped would cancel. I don’t care about whatever you tell me, accuse me or think about me because I have had enough and I am in no mood to listen to you. However, I am not blaming you or me.

The thing is that I’m a rather impersonal person, whereas you are of deep, emotional quality.

Here are a few samples of different types of breakups you can use. I fee you no longer need me as you have found new friends.

Our relationship started immediately and I didn’t even notice how love twisted my heart. Take care. This letter is usually written for breakups that were mutual when the passion dies, and you would still like to remain friends with the other party. It is important on your part to explain specifics, related to your break-up. Sometimes, it can be like you are not just made for each other. The Number 1 Letter Writing Website in the world, Last Updated On July 27, 2018 By Aniket More. Different Conditions When You Can Consider Writing a Breakup Letter. Home » Break Up Letter » Sample break up letter for long distance relationship Dear X, I wish I were writing you for other reasons, but I just can’t continue our relationship feeling the way I feel right now. So it is essential for you to figure out, whether writing a break-up letter is a considerable option or not.

No matter how your friendship is broken, you have to deal with the feelings after it is all over.

If you don’t like the person anymore, through no fault of his or her own, there’s no reason to say it out loud. Let the other party know how you are feeling and allow them the chance to ask questions after that remind them that it’s over for good. A breakup letter is an informal letter written by someone who wants to end a relationship he or she has been in.

But instead, you chose to lie repeatedly. I find no joy in it, and it isn’t the kind of relationship I envisioned. Use our free Letter to help you get started. In case you decide the same, then it is important for you to need to control your feeling even if the situation gets emotional.

Sincerely, I don’t care if you read this, but I hope you do for the sake of whomever you’ll end up with. At first, I thought it was what I wanted, but it’s not. It is advisable to mention details about your incompatible relationship rather than, blaming each other. Breakup letters can affect the persons’ lives very deeply if not sent or received well. I’m writing you this letter because I think it’d be in the best interest of us both if you and I moved on from the relationship we’ve had in the past seven months. If you are not able to draft the right words to break up with someone gently, it is good to look at a great example and use it to help you in drafting the perfect breakup letter. If you have decided to end your relationship with your boyfriend, it is your obligation to inform him about your decision. Please don’t be mad at me. Most breakups usually happen when people drift apart. Whether you moved away for college, your family relocated or you met your sweetheart via the Internet, your long-distance relationship isn't working for you. I hope you’ll understand me and I sincerely wish you luck with everything.

This type of letter is usually sent for nasty breakups, usually due to lies or cheating. I don’t think we should be friends anymore. Don’t ever make use of sentence like, “Your friendship with your ex is damaging our relationship.”. A relationship is a mixed bag – happiness, love, envy, jealousy, fight, disagreement and argument. Leave request for attending cousin's wedding, Leave extension letter for medical treatment, Apology letter to friend for not attending birthday party, College fest invitation letter to director, Application for leave from office for brother marriage, Apology letter to professor for unprofessional behavior.