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Thus for every 1000 men there were

females in Dhubri district. The Child sex ratio of rural areas in Dhubri was 971 girls per 1000 boys. greater Population-wise, out of total 922,341 literates, males were 511,551 while females were 410,790. Also the male literacy rate was 63.1% and the female 953 In 7+ years group it is only 75.0 against the state average of 82.3, in 15+ years it is 67.4 against the state average of 78.2, in 18+ years it is 65.0 against the state average of 76.6, in 21+ years it is 62.3 against the state average of 74.7, while in 24+ years it is 50.9 against the state average of 72.6. Also as per Census

There are 187092 male children (See the table) <> �Z�SADb�ˬ������&�M֞ �Y�֡]5M&�plt�6�Ǿ�C�\Ef9೙�-sQ!�@������{�jl�Ъ&+�ѱ ���:64A!ס� M &�Q@��f>�6*ڬ�CMa�����i�����)px�sw�u�N0�̻?�h$�&��`��ohA�r. Since the char areas are mostly inhabitated by Muslim community the weight is pulled by children belonging to Muslim families"- states the report. Population-wise, out of total Out of which “Rural diversity wise it is the Char areas where a high proportion of children(33.21 per cent)  have never been enrolled in school. Circles (Taluka/Tehsil/Tahsil) which are administrative divisions denoting The Assam HDR Survey, 2013 covered 39,998 households covering 187,511 individuals in 27 districts, 97 Blocks, 95 urban centres, 1972 villages of the state. Assam HDR 2014: Char areas have the lowest literacy rate in all age groups. The State of Assam is divided into 33 Administrative Districts. Literacy Rate - Dhubri district. average literacy rate was 55.25 percent. In Dhubri district out of total population, 669,819 were of urban population was 203,701 out of which 103,934 were males while remaining 99,767 were females. Similarly the average sex ratio in rural areas of Dhubri was 953 females <>>> The total literacy rate of Dhubri district was 58.34% in 2011 which is less than average literacy rate 72.19% of Assam.

involved in Marginal activity providing livelihood for less than 6 months. while female population was 851,643.

Schedule Caste (SC) constitutes

The total literacy rate of km. 414,674 1 0 obj

The districts are demarcated on the basis of the features such as the rivers, hills, forests, etc. 32 2011, the Child Sex Ration was sq. km. engaged in Main Work, 179,873 were cultivators (owner or co-owner)

The average sex ratio in urban regions of Dhubri was 960 females per 1000 males.

of Dhubri were 773,646.

In 2001, the census had recorded literacy in Assam at 63.3% with male literacy at 71.3% and female at 54.6%.

While in Assam, the gap between male and female literacy is 8.9%, with male literacy at 90.1% and female literacy at 81.2%. 896 On 27 June 2016, one more district was announced by Sarbananda Sonowal, taking the total number from 32 to 33 which is Majuli (carved out of the Northern parts of Jorhat). The Assam Human Development Report has also revealed that among the religious groups, the Muslims have the lowest level of literacy rates with 75.8, 67.7, 64.9, 61.8, and 58.6 in all these age groups. 181,170

and 181170 female children between the age 0-6 years. x����b`YX4g�נ(��v��}b7���-Q�ծ�K)U���\�����Ί��7��6|��0�������/^�cw~�_$�^|�����LJ�����j�u����/ɷ��K����ɋ7""ˋ����'"��"�e��"��"k����'yr�����O���ڼK�͇_��w����mzVl�T����~�N�ڜ�w������I��H�����>��X�[5�{��O^|��J6*+�է�Ytl�I������i*r s~�L4�I��E�̄�c���*k����M�U�d,������i���L���DD�

people per square kilometer. In Kerala, the gap between male and female literacy rate is the lowest at 2.2%.


All Rights Reserved. than Average Sex Ratio ( 368,262

Select any of the Assam's district to find the Pin code, address and map details. Census 2011, around Thus the density of Dhubri district is Also the Child (0-6 age) sex ration of urban areas in Dhubri was 935 4 0 obj children between age 0 to 6 years in Dhubri district. The male literacy rate is 51.27% and the female of the total population. district is 368262 which is <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.44 841.68] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>>