Between the Classic cocktails you know and Signature drinks created by pros lie Standard Deviations: clever riffs on iconic recipes that'll expand your repertoire—without trying your patience. Top with sparkling water and stir the cocktail lightly. Shake and strain into a collins glass over fresh ice. Add all ingredients to a mixing beaker with ice and stir continuously for 15-20 seconds. © 2020 Group Nine Media, all rights reserved. Your favorite Banhez expressionA beer (chela) to sip. ½ oz Banhez Mezcal ½ oz Combier Pamplemousse Rose ½ oz fresh lime juice . To serve, pour into tall tumblers filled with ice. 1½ oz Banhez Mezcal ¼ oz agave nectar 2 dashes Angostura Bitters. This will make the old fashioned a touch spicer as well as emphasize the agave notes in the cocktail. Stir well to dilute, then strain into a rocks or lowball glass. Lots of stirred agave drinks call for chocolate mole bitters, which incorporate other traditional Mexican flavors. All are designed to wow your guests with mixocological magic.

Add all ingredients (except orange) into mixing glass; add ice and stir ~30 times or until well-chilled. Double strain into a rocks glass with a large ice cube. Take the cut rind and twist it ensuring all the oils go into the drink and then enjoy! Use a rye whiskey for a spicier old fashioned. Add 1 whole cinnamon stick and cook until cranberries begin to fall apart.

Cool completely before use. Your call. Place sage leaves and cranberry syrup at the bottom of a collins glass and gently muddle. Same instructions as above, but garnish with a grapefruit peel. And agave spirits really do love all those citrusy, fruity flavors – lime, grapefruit, watermelon, you get the idea. *Cranberry-Cinnamon Simple Syrup. Thanks for contacting us! Garnish with 1/4 lime wedge. PREPARATION. Just remember to keep your excessive frustration in check when your guests drink all of the punch before you get a second cup.

Give it a go! While continuously stirring, cook over medium heat until sugar dissolves. Garnish with lime wheel.

Add a fresh big ice cube and garnish with a piece of grapefruit peel.

Aged or unaged spirits? BTS Tip: Use a bourbon whiskey for a sweeter and deeper flavoured old fashioned., Sign up to our mailing list and never miss out on the fun. Combine mezcal, grapefruit juice, Aperol, Italicus and bitters in a shaker and fill with ice. Shake for ten seconds, and strain over fresh ice into a salt-rimmed rocks glass. 1½ oz Banhez Mezcal ½ oz Lillet Blanc ½ oz Dry Vermouth1 dash Peychaud’s Bitters1 dash orange bitters. © 2008–2020 Oh So Beautiful Paper, All Rights Reserved. Enjoy! Enjoy! DIRECTIONS. Lightly stir. BTS Tip: A fun variation of this same recipe is to use BTS Lemon bitters in place of the Herbal Lavender bitters, and to use a lemon twist instead of an orange. Garnish with 1/4 lime wedge. Same goes for bitters. Sign up here for the latest on our product, farms, events y el corazón del mezcal. Strain into a chilled couple or martini glass. Add a fresh big ice cube and garnish with a piece of grapefruit peel. But there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Shake and strain into a glass over fresh ice. 2 oz Tequila or Mezcal (or Both) 1 barspoon Simple Syrup 2 dashes Angostura Bitters. Light and refreshing, with a backbone of smoky mezcal spice, the Excessive Celebration Punch gets an effervescent topper of grapefruit soda and beer. A perfect accompaniment to crunchy, cheesy snacks, the mix of salt, sour and sweet is best with a heaping plate of nachos or spicy dip.

– Andrew, 2 oz Tequila or Mezcal (or Both) Fill glass with ice. Store in refrigerator. Tequila and Mezcal Old Fashioned. Combine all ingredients except ginger beer in a shaker with ice. Combine all ingredients in shaker with ice. Nada. Squeeze in the juice of the … Run the side of the lime wedge along half the side of a highball glass at the very top (see picture). Note how the mezcal opens up over time and enjoy. Take the cut rind and twist it ensuring all the oils go into the drink and then enjoy! 1½ oz Libélula Tequila½ oz Banhez Mezcal ½ oz Combier Pamplemousse Rose½ oz fresh lime juice. Add mezcal, grapefruit juice and soda to glass. Aged spirits will give you a smoother drink, while young or silver spirits will give you cleaner notes of agave. (About 15 mins.) If you’re using a rye whiskey, reduce the BTS Old Fashioned bitters by 1 dash. Signature cocktails are created by top-flight bartenders as well as the staff of Supercall. Add all ingredients to a shaker tin and slowly add measured hot water. This post contains affiliate links. *Hibiscus Tea-Honey Syrup. Mezcal, grapefruit juice, and Aperol join forces in this wonderfully refreshing cocktail recipe. Add Banhez Mezcal and lime juice to the glass, then add ice. And they’re not wrong; agave nectar is a wonderful sweetener for agave drinks. Strain solids from syrup and store in a covered container in the refrigerator. Instructions. Add 2oz Mezcal Mal Bien to mixing glass; Add 1/4 to 1/2oz of agave syrup; Add several dashes of mole bitters; Add ice to cocktail glass and stir; Strain into a rocks glass over ice; Garnish with grapefruit peel (be sure to extract some of the oils first by squeezing the peel over it) You've just made the Mezcal Old Fashioned. Take your time sipping mezcal and a refreshing beer of your choice. Moisten the rim of an old fashioned or stemless wine glass with a grapefruit wedge, then gently roll the rim of the glass on a plate of sea salt and set aside. So easy to make this mezcal grapefruit cocktail into a large batch, invite some friends over and enjoy … Fill mug with hot water and set aside. Garnish with a swath of lemon zest. Mezcal’s smokiness is not for everyone, but a bit of Mezcal in the mix with Tequila – a “split base” for your cocktail” – is one way of adding some depth to your cocktail without making it too smokey. But simple tweaks—rum here, smoke there, tamarind elsewhere—can easily change up the classic into a new favorite. Shake until so cold it’s painful to hold the bitters. When people think of Tequila and Mezcal, those wonderful Mexican spirits distilled from agave plants, they often think of Sours – Margaritas, Palomas, and the like. Stir well to dilute, then strain into a rocks or lowball glass. Cut a grapefruit twist from a fresh and firm grapefruit using a paring knife or a vegetable peeler. As cocktails go, you can’t get more classic than the Old Fashioned, a simple concoction of bourbon (or rye), sugar, water and bitters.Good versions of the drink can be found all over the world.

BTS Tip: We used an aged blended rum for this old fashioned. Strain into a rocks glass and add a large ice cube. I like to balance my agave spirits with some simple syrup – which you can make easily by simmering equal parts raw sugar and water until the sugar is melted – because agave nectar on top of agave spirits can be pretty intense. Sometimes you’re in the mood for something dark and rich, something to sip on. An Old Fashioned made with agave spirits …