They are easy to make, require no baking or cooking time, and are healthy for you!

They are easy to make, great for portioning your sugar intake, and fun to share.

They’re antioxidant powerhouses and have the fourth highest level of antioxidants of foods. To return to the original listing of all recipes, just click “Show All”. In this video she shows you how to make a wonderfully tasty tomato basil bruschetta appetizer. Mindful Recipe. Now is the time for all things pumpkin, from pies to lattes.

Take a break from all the heavy foods and sweets this season and eat some light food to refresh your body.

Tea is full of antioxidants that target and eliminate free radicals. Baking cookies or a cake can heat up the home that’s why no-bake desserts are so popular during…, Did you know a 5oz russet potato contains almost 50% of the daily value for vitamin C and has more potassium than broccoli and bananas?

This vegetable is a type of winter squash that’s very low in calories and contains no saturated fats or cholesterol. Our easy, in-a-pinch…, This is one of our favorite summer salads of all time. Join Chef Kendrick Dopp on our new show Cooking for Love and this savory, protein-rich, french lentil soup recipe. Don’t let the name deceive you! Uncomplicated recipes that let quality ingredients speak for themselves.

S’more popcorn. Protein rich lentils lend the dish a hearty, comforting twist.

Not having the recipes, I experimented and have come up with this version.

Romantic occasions and champagne go hand-in-hand, but what if you don’t drink alcohol?

This Valentine red bread is made…, It’s the end of summer and we are enjoying the bountiful harvest of delicious fruits. Ultimately, we’ve become more intuitive cooks, taking the time to find creative ways to minimise waste. It is similar to New England clam chowder, with corn used in place of or substituted for clams in the recipe. This brie cheese and cranberry biscuit dip is the perfect appetizer for your next party.

Everyone at our Publix just loves Evelyn, and they especially love her chocolate caramel macchiato milkshake too! Burgers and hot dogs are the usual barbecue staples, but why not try something a little different this year.

They are…, Chocolates have been a traditional Valentine’s Day treat for over a hundred years.

This salad makes a nutritious and filling meal—plus, it’s easy to make.

We've coated pollack with crispy polenta, served alongside tenderstem broccoli, black olives & sweet roasted tomatoes. They’re an amazing super fruit that can help boost your health and give your loved ones…, Summer can be unbearable hot, so finding a cool and sweet dessert to share with your family is a must! It’s easy to make, requires no baking, and it’s the perfect way to honor National Strawberry Month.…, Do you need a dish to jazz up your party or dinner? Why not make pineapple and shrimp…, A fresh doughnut is a perfect snack for a cup of coffee or tea. We sear them ‘til caramelised, and serve over a bed of brown rice, brightened by red onion and spinach. The cycle comes full circle when we give thanks to the earth, farmers, and storekeepers who have made the produce available to us, and honour the loved ones we share our meals with. They pack a nutritious punch, and they’re a fun way for the whole family to cool down. We are dedicated to inspiring each person to live mindfully in every facet of their life; mentally, physically, economically, spiritually, socially and environmentally.

Ultimately, it’s not about rigidity or perfectionism but bringing awareness and intentionality to your daily food rituals. Served with a floral rose harissa and roasted black garlic. VEGAN FOOD & LIVING IS THE FASTEST GROWING UK VEGAN MAGAZINE, SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER

Not only are avocados good,…, It’s national strawberry month, a very delicious time of year.

If getting healthy was part of your New Year’s resolution, or just part of your game plan in general, you’re probably worried about forgoing desserts.

Zingy pickled cucumber adds brightness, while our ‘mindful’ spin on egg fried rice lends fibre and vitamins.

Join Chef Kendrick Dopp on our new show Cooking for Love and try this simple and tasty sweet potato mash recipe. Tomatoes…, Try a simple meatless Irish soup to celebrate St Patrick’s Day!

In this way, cooking isn’t just about nourishment; it allows us to access deep personal memories and enable us to create and express our identity.

It’s easy to make and absolutely delicious, especially when you have a Mindful recipe. Mindful cooking presents us with the opportunity to heighten this experience and translate those lessons to other aspects of our life. Did you know that bread pudding is a bread-based dessert popular…, Do you need a yummy salad recipe?

Succulent pork loin simmered with barbecue butter beans and spinach, alongside sweet potato fries and roasted tenderstem broccoli.

This means taking the time to set an intention before cooking and preparing the ingredients mindfully, engaging through touch and smell, and appreciating the seasons and how you’re feeling. A creamy spiced curry with tender chicken thighs, spinach, red pepper and organic jackfruit from Sri Lanka.

It means you’re already aware, watchful, careful and attentive of earth’s environmental predicament simply by choosing what you put on your fork.”.

Join Chef Kendrick Dopp on Cooking for Love and try this wonderful and easy to make artichoke dip.

It’s easy to make, delicious, and healthy for you. Grilled Parmesan Tomatoes are one of our favorite family recipes, and we have it at least once a week during the summer. In the United States, recipes for…, Soup is a go-to meal in colder months.

It teaches acceptance of ourselves and those around us with loving-kindness, even when views differ. This citrus…. If so, Christmas fudge may be the solution.

All you have to do is keep in mind that having a balance of savory and sweet items is important. Pay attention to whether they change over time. These vegetable cabbage rolls will help you get the servings you…, It’s the month of love, and what better treat is there than chocolate-covered strawberries. If you haven't tried it, get ready to become an addict! Here are some perfect snacks for your Superbowl Party, compliments of PETA.

A British favourite, the Mindful Chef way. Straightforward recipes often with easy variations.

This is a refreshing healthy fall salad…, While nothing beats the taste of fresh apples, this delicious recipe for apple pies just might.

Hope this will be a useful resource for all food lovers! Cranberries are tasty, a deep, beautiful, rich color, and loaded with nutrition.

How about a fresh strawberry cheesecake? We have three brains: the head, the heart and the stomach. If you could cultivate one core attribute in your life let it be…, Russet & Purple French Fries With Sea Salt, Evelyn’s Chocolate Caramel Macchiato Milkshake, Yummy Pumpkin Cookies Help Reduce Cancer Risk, Caramel Apple Blondies & Warm Caramel Sauce, Rhubarb Citrus Salad with Black Pepper Vinaigrette, Stuffed Mushrooms with Crab and Artichoke, Spinach Salad & Strawberry Honey Vinaigrette, Christmas Crack – The Best Treat You Never Had. FAQs This simple recipe is easy to make and could soon become…, This is my go-to recipe for a quick, nutritious lunch or dinner with my daughter, husband, or friends. Keep it…, It is officially BBQ month. Do you need some yummy recipes? Tomatoes are full of nutrients and minerals that are great for your body. So start integrating cabbage into your diet. Do you ever pass by the turnips in the produce section and wonder what to do with this root vegetable? Mindful experiences to awaken your senses COOKING & EATING WORKSHOPS Corporate Events TEAMBUILDING WITH A DIFFERENCE Get in touch to see how we can co-create your next event, whether it’s a corporate team building activity, a yoga retreat for food lovers or cook a memorable Moroccan feast to celebrate a memorable occasion with friends or… For every Mindful meal sold, we donate a school meal to a child living in poverty.

Black beans are considered the healthiest of all beans because they have the highest antioxidant…, Want to make this season extra sweet?

Set your intentions

Like our fresh recipe boxes and frozen meals, all recipes are gluten and dairy free and contain no refined carbs.

Click any button and you will only see recipes in that category (I.E., soups or cakes).

Earlier this year, a typical evening might see us after a crowded hour-long commute picking up some takeaway from the train station, not giving a second thought to the empty packets and containers poking out of the bin. How to Cook Everything: 2,000 Simple Recipes for Great Food,10th Anniversary Edition by Mark Bittman. This rich dip is also perfect…, Cranberry Relish is a must for our family during the holidays.

Want something a bit different this holiday season? It's a perfect snack to tide you over before dinner. You can jazz up your usual cup of hot cocoa with a few items from your…, Usually, traditional bread pudding is baked in the oven, but you can make it in your crock pot or slow cooker too. Welcome to the largest collection of Mindful recipes in the world.

FAQs But have no fear! Add onions and fry till they wilt a bit. This creamy sun-dried tomato courgetti is paired with hot smoked salmon, a pinch of chilli flakes and Tenderstem broccoli. Look no further! 10 medium potatoes Not having the recipes, I experimented and have come up with this version. Slowing down and eliminating the usual distractions has led us to rediscover our neighbourhoods: from trees we’ve never noticed before, to the sounds of bird songs in previously gridlocked streets. 1 large onion, diced

Mindful Living® is grounded in science, rooted in spirituality and independent of religious, spiritual, or cultural beliefs. Looking for a super-easy, healthy, crowd-pleasing snack or dessert? Cranberries are loaded with beneficial…, This wonderful Spanish garbanzo bean soup is quick and easy to make and is a perfect comfort food for the cold weather. This holiday season, forego the traditional hard and crispy gingerbread cookies and go for something nice…, Serve this yummy, hearty, and healthy black bean soup and delight your friends and family. This is an incredibly delicious dessert that will have…, Are you planning a Valentine’s Day party?

Basic food info including selection, preparation, and eating, all as diet/weight-free as possible.

Grilled steak over romaine lettuce, grape tomatoes, roasted mushrooms, parmesan cheese & gochujang Caesar dressing. A responsible alternative to cod, fresh coley has a delicate flavour that pairs well with dukkah; an Egyptian spice blend packed with dry-roasted nuts and sesame.